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8/15/2016 c1 30KM2000
I don't usually like AUs but I love this one so much. :D Your writing is very beautiful and engaging, so much so that when I read I don't feel outright that I'm reading words on a screen. I feel just what the characters feel.

I'm already hating Roy. I thought he was a dull romantic guy when I read Anne of the Island, but in this fic you portray him as being such a jerk that it's hard not to hate him. I really feel for Anne so much.:(
She looks so lifeless in this chapter and it hurts to see her like that when she was always so full of life in canon. She doesn't look truly happy with the life she's living at the moment.

It's also hard to know that Anne and Gilbert aren't together at this point. :'( They are my favorite couple in the Anne series (and one of my all-time favorite couples in any series) and I can't stand the idea of them not being together. As Miss Lavendar says in AoI, they were born and meant for one another. :') Hopefully they'll meet and get back together soon!

This fic really shows the depth of the bond between Anne and Gilbert. In the books it doesn't really show as much, but here you can truly see that they love one another deeply and irrevocably and that they are meant for one another. And that, I think, is the true beauty of this story.

Well done on a great chapter! :)
7/19/2016 c15 2HufflepuffMarie
Lovely finish, I'm so glad you got them together in the end. Honestly I wouldn't have been very happy with you if you hadn't. But wonderful ending, truly, and I'm looking forward to reading your other stories too!
7/18/2016 c15 3IrishPrincess
What a wonderfully imaginative beautifully written story! I love the fact that after taking a few wrong turns on the road of love, Anne & Gil end up together. And, I love the way you incorporate Leslie Moore, Faith Meredith, and so many other characters that LMM introduced following Anne's marriage to Gil. Great job!
7/18/2016 c15 Rose
What a lovely and fitting ending. Very well thought out as always. I loved their future together, even though the thought of getting there was full of heart break and yearning. One thing I am curious about is the way Chapter 2 ended and the reference to Anne saying no to him at Bright River station. Did we find out what happened there or did I just miss it? I will miss this story. I know you have your next few planned but I'd love an anecdote to this, even a one shot which showed them being happily married for years as a middle aged couple... Like the Chapter in Call to Arms... Bells maybe?
7/17/2016 c15 2Kim Blythe
What a beautiful conclusion this was !

I am so happy that you made Will and Faith end up together... And I am even happier that Dido, sorry, Di his so very much happy for them !

This is so wonderful that Joy came to live at Ingleside with her husband, with both of them being doctors... And this way they are a few miles away from the House of Dreams, where Anne had been living along for some time and later, when Gilbert came to live with her has her husband... Hooorah, they finally have found their very own house !

And for which story you should write first, I would say how about you continue with your Make do and mend story ? I want to know what happens next in this story, especially if Gilbert O'Ryan will make a come back in it...

I am also up to reading the third installment of the Love letters and your The courting club story !

Kudos to you for having made Anne become the famous writer that she should have always been...

So, you live us with some scope for the imagination, with us having to decide and choose with which person both Una and Di ended up marrying ? Did Di marry Jack, Did Una marry Jack, Did Jack marry some other unknown women, did Di marry some other unknown men, did Una marry some other unknown men ?... It is such a great feeling to know that both Una and Di had had one or more child of their own, a daughter Daisy for Di and a son for Una ! And a son, John for Will and Faith.

Did Will become a doctor as well, just like his father and sister ?!

And I very much liked the ''What if'' paragraph at the end, because if it weren't for any of those, you wouldn't have been writing this story in the first place !
7/17/2016 c15 julie3113
Well, my friend, you have reached the end of this marvelous journey. After reading chapter 14, in which you turned Anne's world on its head, I was wondering how you would go about setting it right (and accomplishing this feat in just one chapter). Upon reading the first few sentences of the current chapter, in which you picked up the story in the middle of Anne's and Diana's conversation, I despaired that you would leave us hanging. But I shouldn't have worried, because in just a few scenes you managed wrap it all up in a satisfying way - particularly satisfying for Anne and Gilbert! ; ) Incidently, this is one of the most beautiful lovemaking scenes I have read in a long time, explosive and tender all at once - I love the image of Anne trying to pull the curtain closed with her toes and her little quip about loving "old Gilbert" at the end. And the exchange ending in "your ...you." And the reappearance of the little pink heart jangling on the lampshade.

There is plenty of "scope for imagination" in the future you have written for these characters, a nice balance between resolution and open-endedness. I did wish for a little more about Di(do)'s path; my heart ached for her as she emotionally relinquished Will to Faith. She knew that he wasn't right for her, but nevertheless Will was her first love, and she was hurting. It's the moment she grew up, I think. I'm assuming she found her way to Jack, and perhaps more meaningfully, found fulfillment in her work with the soldiers at Echo Lodge. I'd like to know how she got there - but I guess I'll just have to challenge myself and use my own imagination instead.

And Roy - nothing more needs to be said than the punishment fits the crime (or folly, as the case may be).

And now at the end of this circuitous journey, you bring us right back to the comfortable domesticity of Anne and Gilbert's marriage as envisioned by LMM. You can have your cake and eat it too. This story touched me deeply, and it joins a small handful that I keep bookmarked so I can return again and again. As for your next story, I have no preference - if you write it, I will read it.
7/17/2016 c15 1randomlazyperson
Is it too much to ask if you could write a follow-up story about Jack and Di, and the rest of the new generation kids? hahaha, because i love your writing...and your stories, but mostly your writing. I'm positive that I will read... and I already did read, everything you write. :)

So, the story, I love that you let Anne live in her House of Dreams. Echo Lodge is fairy-tale perfect but she doesn't belong to it, not like in her House of Dreams, which where all of her dreams did came true. She finally embraced her freedom from Roy, her work, and of course, Gilbert.

And Faith! I had a haunch when you first wrote that she is Will's nurse, and of course, their interaction in that chapter, that they are meant to be. I like Dido and Will but it doesn't strike me as something that would lasts long. I also love the bit about "perhaps only Jack will understand." I am really curious as to what happened with Jack now that Will is out of the picture.

I also wanted to know how will you write Roy reacting to Anne's decision to divorce him. Did he, I don't know, turned on the dramatics and italics? I also love that he married someone with as same age as his daughter! I wondered what happened to the movie? but with Roy there, i don't think that the movie did the book justice when the "author" couldn't possibly give insight on the story.

I am rambling, but really, I love the story. I love that Anne and Gilbert managed to get together without someone dying or any drama, it showed how they matured, and well, that they are really meant to be together.

The details in the story is amazing... I am running out of the words to describe what I really think and feel about this story, so I'll just say that I love it. I hope that you will never stop writing, and I hope that I could also read those stories too. :)

Anyway, I do not live in New Zealand, nor Australia, I live in a completely different continent, but based from the pictures I saw, please please set the story in New Zealand! is it possible for them to visit the LOTR set? ahaha,

Okay, I will end this review. Thanks again for another great story and I am looking forward to your future ones. :)

PS. will reread this story. Again. haha
7/16/2016 c15 8Catiegirl
Congratulations on how you ended this, Kwak, I was completely speechless! there is so much I loved here.
Loved Di revising what she knew of Anne at that time, and her own realisation that she was the lucky one- I actually loved those glimpses of Di and Fred as a truly happy couple.
I liked you finishing Roy off, his ending really does fit the crime- 'giving tedious lectures about a book he had neither written nor understood, while he attempts to keep hold of a wife who doesn't want to be held onto.' Ouch, Roy; but you had it coming.
I love Faith and Will, I was hoping that would be the outcome! His words in the letter were so honest and humble- GORGEOUS. Loved Dido's looking through windows like her mother, her release of Will and the resolution she has here. I loved Phil's daughter being there, but the crown on THAT moment was for Doctor Joy! I loved her profession, her attachment to the Island, Gilbert teasing her and his love for her, and LOVED how you made us wait to see where Anne would settle: I didn't dare blink while I was reading.
As for their coming together, it was perfect. Completely satisfying(!) and perfect. Love the beautiful payoff (can I just say, after 30 years, it's about damn time) I loved the embracing of age with no restriction in passion, and the oh so gorgeous details. You know we wanted them...
I am so glad at their new beginning, and I love that you actually had me in this story not regretting their separation. They are loving and healing each other, those they love are close by and happy. If I could I would stand and applaud you!
Congratulations, and I'm excited at both the letters to come and a modern Anne! You know I'm an Aussie girl, but wherever she's from, I'm along for the ride!
7/16/2016 c15 14mountainrivergirl
I'm so glad. I was afraid after her conversation with Dorothy-who, by the way, I never thought I could dislike so much. I'm glad Dido dropped the do after that. When I was younger, I would have hated this story. At the age I am now, I like to see that happy endings can still happen, even if the happy middle doesn't.

I do have a couple questions, just: Dido and Jack? Una and Jack?
7/16/2016 c15 6HopeValleyGirl
Best AU Anne-fic I've ever read! As backwards as this was, I loved it!
7/16/2016 c15 7Formerly known as J
This was simply divine, kwaky. Starting with Diana having to revise her memories of Anne with the revelation that she's always loved Gilbert. But it was the details that Diana hadn't been at Anne's wedding in France, and Anne describing Roy as a husband that would 'tolerate' her that broke my heart every bit as much as I imagine it did Diana's. It was absolutely perfect that Gilbert was at Ingleside with Joy and Anne wound up at the house of dreams. To paraphrase Phil Blake, Echo Lodge wouldn't have done at all, at all.

Let's not forget that little scene with Di (FKA Dido) and Faith. I loved that Will Blythe has turned lyrical for Faith but was quoting the Life Book to Di. Just beautiful.

There's far too many delicious moments to pick out favourites. As usual, I would just have to write out the entire chapter again if I was to tell you my faves. However, Anne and Gilbert at the front door, 'I want to see you', young Gilbert vs old Gilbert (! ! ! !), their wedding at the lighthouse, enamel hearts... I told you, the list goes on. I don't know what I was expecting at the beginning of this story, but I can tell you that this is the most satisfying conclusion I could ever have hoped for, kwaks. Thank you for telling it.
7/16/2016 c15 meriwether30
How glorious this was. There were some surprises, but they didn't detract from the overall delight.

I feel sure that a modern-day Anne would find kindred spirits in New Zealand. We have warm hearts and pioneering spirits here, and just like in Avonlea, everyone knows someone you know.

I have a feeling that Barney and Valancy from the Blue Castle would also fit right in here: we have lakes and islands to rival those of Muskoka, and most of our cars are worse than Lady Jane. If you felt inclined to weave B&V into your next story, you would win yourself a lifelong Kiwi fan.
7/16/2016 c15 5rebeccathehistorian
"I knew there could never be anyone for me but him": Oh my gosh! :D That's Gil's line to her in Anne of the Island!

"It was the way she described her husband as tolerant, as though that was all she prized in him.": Hmm. Ouch.

"Not when there was love in her home and in her husband's eyes.": Thank goodness Diana gets at least that in this universe.

Is this the first time Gil's been back to the Island since his sophomore (second) year at Redmond?

Wait, Roy married the other girl? So … does that mean the divorce has gone through or does that mean that Anne can sue him for adultery and therefore get a divorce (I think)?

*Happy gasp* Wait, so Faith and kind-of Jem (aka Will) are in love with each other?! Yay!

Of course. Phil's daughter would do mission work somewhere. :)

So we have an equivalent to Nan Blythe in this story?! :) So let's see here: We have all four of the Merediths plus John and Rosemary; Anne, Gil, Diana, and Fred of course; all three of the Wright children; Leslie Moore and Owen Ford (except no Persis) with a nod to Ken; Jem Blythe (aka Will Blythe), Nan Blythe (Nan Blake), Di Blythe (Dido - no Di - Gardner), Walter Blythe (I think Will Blythe), Shirley Blythe (Will Blythe), and no Rilla Blythe (maybe that's Di Gardner?). Good job kwak, you've hit almost every single person in the four main families that's in the series in just fifteen chapters!

Who are the doctors who going to take over the practice in Glen St. Mary? Is one of them Gil? I can't imagine him doing so in this story … or Will doing it for that matter. I also can't imagine Dr. Dave would still be alive at this point; the doctor of Glen St. Mary would have to be the doctor that took over right after Dr. Dave.

Yay! Gil's taking over the practice in Glen St. Mary! Finally!

Haha! I love it that Joy married a doctor. I guess it runs in the family! This James reminds me of a combination of Jem (his name) and Carl (the entomology). And the fact that he lost his leg is a nice nod to book!Jem.

"'It's the high-minded pronouncements of the MacAllisters and the Elliots you should worry about.'": Haha! This is reminding me of the (paraphrased) line from House of Dreams, "From the pride of the Crawfords, Elliots, and MacAllisters, Good Lord deliver us!"

Oh my gosh! Joy's the doctor! That's awesome! Although I think, while the women of Glen St. Mary would/will be shocked at first, I think, come in time, they'll appreciate it. Also, does Miss Cornelia live in Glen St. Mary in this story? Or is she known as Mrs. Elliot? And the Merediths live in the Glen too, right?

Huh. :) So Anne is living in what we would call The House of Dreams?

"I mean the birthday of our happiness.": I love it. :D

Yay! Anne and Gil finally get married! And at the lighthouse too!

Just curious: Who did Una marry?

I really enjoyed this story! Thank you so much for writing it! As for what to write first, on one hand, I want to say that I'd prefer you to write the Letters first because I'm eagerly anticipating them but at the same time I want them to be second so I can savor it like dessert. Also, if I may ask, what happened to the idea of how AVIS became known as the Courting Club? I'm just curious.
7/16/2016 c15 PelirrojaBiu
What a fantastic, adorable, delicious way to end that emotional roller coaster of a story! I loved all your "real estate" choices in this chapter: Anne in the House of Dreams! Joy the doctor setting up her practice at Ingleside! Echo Lodge as a retreat for the soldiers! Di, Faith and Nan Blake living together! It's wonderful how you tied the loose ends concerning all the young ones in just a few short paragraphs (though I did mutter, so help me god if she doesn't get to Anne and Gil soon, when reading about Roy's new investment in Charlottetown, haha). But when you did get to them... Wow... Chemises have become quite the staple in your stories, I see! :D

The enamel heart as a finishing detail was so full of meaning!

It was a trully fantastic, fiercely original story, so difficult to encounter around here. The writing itself was spectacular in its rawness and conciseness. I loved so many things about it: the young characters and their problems, fantastic use of Katherine and Leslie, all the gorgeous scenes on the Island - but there were two things that stood up for me especially: I'm so glad that you were so courageous and original and wrote about 50 Anne and Gilbert, along with their old bones, stretch marks and years of, well, not being together. But what I particularly want to thank you for is the Life Book and Anne's writing career. Thank you for bringing that creative part of Anne again.
7/16/2016 c15 18Alinyaalethia
There's a breathlessness to this chapter, even an exhilaration that propels it forward. It's a good ending, more than that the right ending for this story. I love the glimpse of the could-have-been world (that is really ours and Maud's), the nod to a Di, Faith and Nan living together, our glimpse of Joy as doctor and capable young woman. The pink enamel heart and the final peek at Anne's future. So much to love, and not a thread out of place -high praise from me because you know my love for the open ending. You've threaded that needle though, everything in its place, a place for everything and a world bursting with possible futures. Well told, well written, and a treat to read.
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