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7/16/2016 c15 Chinook-girl
Yep, even in this AU world, Anne and Gil have found the way back to each other :)
Set your modern Anne and Gil in Australia, but keep them as Canadian-born characters. There's still a link with LMM's Anne and Gil in that sense.
PS. I hated this story initially but I liked how you've concluded it.
PPS. It's formerly GoDons, Kwak ;)
7/16/2016 c15 27librarylexicon
Oh, I'm not the right reader for the lovey-dovey stuff that the Letters series is made of (though I did love Redmond Diaries), but if you explored the idea of a modern-day Anne set in Australia, that would absolutely make my day. I can't remember if you've heard of Green Gables Fables and Project Green Gables? They're two webseries on YouTube, both modern adaptations of AoGG that are unique in their own way (I have an especial weakness for PGG, which is superb). They're what my mind jumped to when I read 'modern day version of Anne'. Anyway, ta for now! Have a good day! I've loved Begin Again. One of the most interesting fanfics I've read. I love "what if"s.
7/16/2016 c15 7wishwars
Beautiful ending to a beautiful tale. I'm so so happy it ended with Gil and Anne together at last. I love the characters you created - odd how they feel so right, how I, for a few moments, can't imagine Anne's story any other way - and I'm glad it ended well for the ones I cared about the most. (Especially Jack.)
I've loved all your writing and I can't wait to see what amazing story you start next :)
7/16/2016 c15 Sunny Girl
I love this, katherine - with - a - k. And I would love to continue reading your writing. Looking forward to seeing what Anne gets up to in Australia! It's where I live :) ...
7/16/2016 c14 5rebeccathehistorian
So are Anne and Gil going to set up a home together?

"Do you think for one moment that anyone is going to buy the novels of a divorced woman?": Ouch, but she's right.

I'm glad you included the part that a woman could not buy a home without her husband's signature in those days.

"But Anne isn't crying for her daughter's chance to become the wife of a Sorrel or a Dudley-Davidson. The families of merit she is thinking of are the Wrights and the Blythes. Would they accept her, love her daughter, if she knowingly brought disgrace upon them both?": Yes! I'm so happy!

"You love Gilbert Blythe, don't you?": *Pumps fists in the air* Yeah!
7/15/2016 c13 rebeccathehistorian
"Anne's smile is tired but in her eyes are all the stars her dress could want for.": Gil!

If they're going in way to "the beloved bit of old forest in Grafton" are they going to Hester Gray's garden?

Oh! It's Echo Lodge then! Never mind. :)

"'I'm thinking of buying it.": WHAT?! :D Is she and Gil planning on living there?

What?! … Whoa. Dido was never in love with Will Blythe. That's a sock in the stomach.

Aw shoot. What has happened with Dido and Will's relationship seems to me exactly what it was like with Anne and Gil from Gil's perspective.

"Camping out with best Island boy I knew.": Oh my gosh, is Dido in love with Will? And I love that Anne's response to that is "Sounds like something I would do" which means she would probably do that with Gil.
7/15/2016 c12 rebeccathehistorian
"You can be a real pill, Will Blythe": That reminds me of the time Anne said that to Gil in the 1987 film.

Anne wrote The Tree Lovers?! Wow!

"My mother is an utter brick.": Even though Dido says that that sounds like something Jem would say about Anne or about Susan.

"Not many husbands would tolerate her need to always be working. Perhaps none.": I can think of one. :) Gilbert Blythe. :D

Gil had a child with someone else?! Who?!

Wait … huh. Gil had a fling with Leslie Moore and they have (had?) a daughter named Joy. Did Joy even survive? Also, normally I wouldn't consider Gil at all to have a fling with any other woman - especially not Leslie Moore - but considering in this story he met and married Katherine Brooke, I think this could work for this story. And did the whole Dick and George Moore story in House of Dreams get resolved too in this universe?

Huh. So I guess Joy is alive then.

If the engagement ring is Will's grandmother, does that mean it's Mrs. Blythe's ring? The one who married John Blythe and who got the advice from her mother to keep John close to her and feed him well?

I can understand why Dido doesn't want to get married now. But at the same time, it's almost like Anne and Gil all over again. Wait, are you hinting at something between Jack and Dido?

Huh. So it sounds like Jerry busted his ankle like Ken did except it never fully healed. So *that's why* he became a teacher then!

Now you're making me curious since Dido doesn't want to leave Jack….
7/15/2016 c11 rebeccathehistorian
Ugh, this is so weird. Now that I'm just getting back into this story after a long while, it feels strange to me to see Jerry's name and know that he's A) Not Jem's best friend and B) Not marrying Nan Blythe.

The "old Carmody schoolmaster"? How old is Jerry in this story? Because by my calculations, he should be only 25 or 26.

*Gasp* Una! Wait, is Una in love with anyone? It can't be with Walter because this is a completely different universe…

Hey, is Mrs. Billy Andrews the Nellie that's mentioned in Anne of the Island? The one that Billy decided he would marry if he couldn't have Anne?

Haha! Oh my gosh. :D Faith is here too, and of course, she's still a nurse in this AU except she's in Charlottetown. Is it possible that Dido and Faith met each other over in Europe? Oh wait, Faith would've been in England while Dido was in France; never mind. But who is Faith going to marry in this universe? One of the Glen boys? And if Jerry, Faith, and Una are there, then does that mean Carl is too? And does he have only one eye like he does at the end of Rilla of Ingleside?

Huh. Faith was Will's nurse. Interesting … :) … considering I think of Will as being kind of like Jem….

Mentioning that Gil and Fred moved the piano that morning: Sooo, the Avonlea gang is back. If Anne, Diana, Fred, and Gil are there, does that mean Jane, Davy, Dora (especially the first and last ones because they are Andrews by birth and marriage respectively), Mrs. Lynde (if she hasn't died yet), and anyone else we know from Avonlea from the books were there? Hey, was Moody the minister/officiating the wedding?

Wait a minute … I thought children of ministers aren't allowed to dance? Then why are Jerry and Una going to? But I guess that doesn't count when 60 miles away from home?

"Her Jack": Um, Dido, that - that's not good. Um … are you in love with Jack now?!

Will Jack and Una potentially get married someday in this universe?

If Mr. Harmon Andrews is alive, is Mrs. Harmon Andrews alive?

"Fred to Diana, Billy to Nettie, Ralph to Dora [Yay! She's here!], Joe to Minnie-May, John Meredith to Rosemary.": Who's Joe? Which Joe is this? Please, don't be a Pye. Please. Is he a Sloane/a cousin of Charlie's? Also, the minister … is … *dancing*?! I'm surprised and a bit shocked.

"Just a song at twilight": *SQUEAL* I KNOW THIS SONG!

Yay, Carl's at the wedding too!

"'You should talk to my father. You and he would get on splendid.": Yeah, in the AU of this story (aka post-Rilla of Ingleside), they definitely would.

That's great! Gil, somehow (though I wonder how), knows the phrase "the race that belongs to Joseph!"

Ok. That proves it. Gil definitely knows that Anne wrote The Life Book.

"The same ones they lingered on when Diana married Fred": Lover's Lane :D

"The Life Book … or me.": Wait, WHAT?! Oh my gosh, Anne! That jolted me upright!

"'Roy chose The Life Book.'": WHAT?! … On one hand my mind is thinking, "Roy are you crazy?! Pick Anne!" but on the other hand, I'm thinking, "Thank God. Now (hopefully) Gil and Anne will be able to be together finally." … Oh wait, this could become a public scandal - especially if word gets out that Roy is divorcing Anne. Divorce wasn't as common then as it is now and if I remember correctly, Roy wouldn't need to accuse Anne much of anything to get the divorce while Anne would practically have to fight tooth and nail to A) instigate and B) divorce Roy. Oh shoot. If I'm right, Dido's 19, which means that she's under the legal age of adulthood (which I think was 21 in those days). Which means that I think Roy would become her guardian, not Anne.
7/8/2016 c14 PelirrojaBiu
SO worth the wait! It's so great to read "you" again!

The moment I read about those smart coffee pots and potted palms I knew things were about to get ugly... Poor soul, she was so overwhelmingly, completely in love one moment, to have the whole world fall down upon her the next. It's a good thing she hasn't started on that plumbing at Echo Lodge...

As always, what's best in your chapter are all those details. Paul the pilot! Will in Marocco (but won't he go back to the uni come September?)! Fred's precious car still ruined! Hardy references! Anne and Gil looking up at the patches of damp when 30 years earlier they watched the sky and stars... And that second best saucer acting as Dorothy's ashtray! You don't deserve anything better, Dorothy!

I love, love, love the intricacy of the Leslie and Joy narrative. When Will told Dido about them, I got the impression that Leslie was just dying to live the life of a single lady, no matter the cost, now that she was free. Then this chapter comes along and Leslie is being perceived in a totally different light. It's not that her unhappy marriage had developed in her a sort of hatred towards men in general, it's not that she didn't want to marry again - she just didn't want to marry Gilbert, or rather that ghost that was left of him. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

And Diana, sweet, wise Diana, who, unlike Dorothy, knows Anne to her very core. I loved it when Anne was thinking about her reputation, Dido, lack of money, all those practical stuff, and then Diana was again "the romantic one" and said just the right thing.
7/7/2016 c14 7Formerly known as J
Believe me when I tell you this was well and truly worth the wait, kwak. I loved every little detail, from Dorothy catching the new omnibus to Avonlea and the return pick up from the milk stand to the pink door behind the palms. Don't get me started on the Thomas Hardy refs.

No wonder all thoughts are leading to Gilbert, with his presence everywhere at Echo Lodge, and Anne's feeling that she will see him again made my heart ache a little bit. But his tale of Leslie Moore and Joy, along with his ghost admission made me just so incredibly sad for them both, even if they were lying on the rug in front of the fire at Echo Lodge when they were having that conversation.

And now Anne's whole world comes crashing down around her. How's Roy's form sending Dorothy to do his dirty work for him and *buying* Echo Lodge! ? Good grief, it was tricky to be an independent woman in those days... But thank the gods for Faith Meredith to save the day and get Anne back to Lone Willow Farm and darling, dependable Diana.

I'm soooo looking forward to that final chapter after that last line.
7/6/2016 c14 2Kim Blythe
I won't accept this... Can't Gilbert buy Echo Lodge from Roy ? That way it would really and completely belong to him and Anne ...

There are two good things that came out from Gilbert's brief love affair with Leslie, first, her freedom and second, even though he found out about it later in life, a little baby girl named Joy was born... I wonder if Joy still has a little part in her daddy's life ? Like if they see each other from time to time...

No matter what Diana-Dorothy says about her name and how she wants to be called now, I like Dido best ! But hey, I can relate to the nickname thing...

I am sorry, but having to live on this time and era really makes me angry and makes me want to scream at every men/husband who thinks they can control every movement, every penny, every life career of their fiancées/wives ( Thank goodness for men like Gilbert, Fred and I hope that Will, Jack will be like their fathers when they will have a fiancée/wife of their own ) !

I am waiting for this final chapter, because really, Anne and Gilbert needs now all the happiness that life can bring and has to offer them...
7/6/2016 c14 julie3113
Wow, I was not expecting this. Just when Anne's world is about to fall into place, it comes crashing down around her. And she almost gives in to a life that is good enough, maybe "more than enough", but is strong enough in the end to walk away. Loved the contrast between Dido's two namesakes here - and how Dido presciently picks "Diana" as the name by which she wishes to be known (although as anyone who has asked to shed a childhood nickname can attest, it rarely takes). And what a brilliant emotional manipulator old Roy is - to pull Anne's dream out from under her and return it in the form of a gift. And Diana the elder - I absolutely love how in her simple goodness she cuts right through the drama and gets to the essence of the situation. Definitely worth the wait, my friend. I read this multiple times over when it first arrived in my inbox, and I have been mulling over it all day. Paul Irving was not missed (although you most certainly were).
7/6/2016 c14 18Alinyaalethia
The image of the patches on the ceiling flickering like clouds was a beautiful one. It was good to hear a little more about Joy and Leslie too.

Dorothy feels much harder than I remember her, but my impression is that in this reworking the world has been hard on her. It hurt to see her so pragmatic though, because I kept wanting to reconcile her to the young girl in AotI, and it's an unfair comparison, she's obviously grown since then. But it added to my increasing sense that Anne's world is collapsing inward on her -seeing it happen made for almost claustrophobic reading.

I loved seeing Diana's simple intuitiveness, but I have to say, my favourite scene was the one with Faith. This world is so askew that I clung to her competence for an anchor. She was so warm and generous that I couldn't help thinking that she was more than making up for the absence of Rosemary. Certainly -always -worth the wait. It's good to have you back though :)
7/6/2016 c14 Guest
Thank you K love the story I would love for Joy to appear however breifly if possible thank you again xx
7/6/2016 c14 7wishwars
Yes, it's so good to have you back! What a perfect chapter - heartwarming, heartbreaking, lovely, and desperate. My heart constricted with her pain and I need Anne to be free so much it hurts a little. And may I just say, everyone in the world should have a Diana.
I hope you are feeling better!
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