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for Begin Again

7/6/2016 c14 Guest
Anne/Gilbert...yes ;)
7/6/2016 c14 8Catiegirl
Breathtaking, K. I feel as poised on the edge as Anne does; I cried through Gilbert being a ghost, through Dorothy's awful news of Roy's threats and deceptions. And the simple last line made me cry the most, because it's finally the beautiful truth. I love what you have done here, the realities and hurts of this world, and the abiding love underneath it. Just wonderful!
7/4/2016 c13 Guest
Pleeease update soon! I love this story!
6/11/2016 c13 7Formerly known as J
Ah, kwak, the sky with the look of copper wiped clean had me sighing and smiling. That's what a truly great writer can do with a few simple words, right there. I loved it.

Dreamy Anne with forget me nots in her hair (replacing roses Roy?) wandering home in her midnight dress with starry eyes after a night's adventuring was more kwak perfection. But my favourite was darling Echo Lodge as the perfect residence for Anne to buy now.

And I was glad to see Anne having a crack at driving as her adventurous spirit rises to the fore again, even though perhaps Fred might not agree. Ain't it the truth that real life is harder sometimes than what we read in books?

Thanks for gifting us with this wonderful story. It's your unique talent and appreciation of these characters that makes me care so much about what happens to them.
6/9/2016 c13 LicDexic
You bet I'd have babies with Gilbert Blythe, but unlike Anne & Leslie, I'd marry him too!
There is the mother/daughter hear to heart we've been waiting for and how lovely it was at that! Anne's recognition of herself in Dido's turning down a Blythe boy made me catch my breath just as Anne did. Though Dido seems to have the jump on Anne at that age, as she is able to recognize that love doesn't come into ones life with pomp and blare but unfolds out of a beautiful friendship. Though she is not so grown up yet and mature that she doesn't have a little whine about Aderley. Not sure why, but I loved that bit! So well done and true to the character you've created.
Again I am torn about Jack. Even the slightest mention of the best island boy in this chapter, made me want to protect his heart, just like Diana, from ever breaking, and Dido like her mother before seems to have a particular talent for breaking hearts.
Will we be privy to the Gilbert & Anne camp out conversations? They had nearly 30 years of misunderstanding and complications to work out and some decisions to make as well.
Supremely glad for two more chapters, not ready to let the BA world go just yet.;-)
6/9/2016 c13 14mountainrivergirl
I feel bad for Will, but I believe that's right. She doesn't love him-and I'm pretty sure she loves Jack, but might not be ready for marriage.

I love Anne with the stars in her eyes that are missing from her dress. And the symmetry of Echo Lodge. May she and Gilbert end up like Miss Lavender and Mr. Irving! I love seeing Anne coming back to herself.
6/9/2016 c13 2HufflepuffMarie
Wait Gil has another child with another woman? I must have missed it. I was going to say pleeeeeeease get Gil and Anne together! I don't think I can take it if you don't! I can't wait to see what happens next! Side note: is Anne still young enough to have a child, perhaps with Gil?
6/9/2016 c13 19Alinyaalethia
You know, I think I've done this story a disservice coming at it through the medium of the books. I'm resolved to do my best to forget them in these last few chapters because you've made this world completely your own and it's fascinating. Dido and Anne have a much more complex relationship than I've credited them with, and it makes sense because both their lives are far more complicated than anything we ever got from canon. There's a tension all through their conversation here between what they want for and understand of each other. But they love each other too, that shines through everything, and they want to understand each other, and that makes for a lovely study in character that made for rewarding reading. I can't help feeling wherever we go next, you've put Anne and Dido both in a position to better understand themselves for having acknowledged the truths on display here, and am intrigued to see how this helps to ground the end of the story.
6/9/2016 c13 Rose
I am begging you to do a flashback of the preceeding night with the best island boy she knows! And how lovely to see the stars are back in Anne's eyes again. How fitting to that it all comes back to Echo Lodge and the scene of Miss Lavender's and Mr Irving's wedding. And how Anne and Gilbert are living out the same scenario as them...where Anne thought it was wonderful that they were finally together but Gilbert saying it would have been so much better had they had found each other sooner. This makes that scene from AofA very poignant.

Also, I find it interesting when Anne says that she would never have been satisfied with the life Diana has, when we all know that she would have been had her life taken a different path.
6/9/2016 c13 julie3113
I have been waiting for an Anne/Dido scene, and this did not disappoint. I loved their interactions and the openness of their emotions, even when not everything is verbalized. And it was funny, particularly at the end. I can picture poor Fred shaking his head at the "Shirley girls", and I thought, yes! Anne Shirley is finally back (and maybe - hopefully - Dido is on her way there).
6/8/2016 c13 PelirrojaBiu
Oh dear, Anne Gardner, you SO got laid last night! She was hilarious at the beginning of this chapter. I'm so so happy you gave both ladies a heart-to-heart, I've been waiting for a scene with both of them. I don't know what I am more giddy about, the idea of Anne buying the Echo Lodge or having two more chapters of this brilliant story to read. I'm so sorry about the flood though!
6/8/2016 c13 7wishwars
Ahhhhh yes, this chapter was perfect! Dido and Will have felt wrong for a while now, but in a very sad way because you can tell she wants to love him. I'm glad she knows herself well enough to realize she needs something, someone, else. I'll be a bit sad if it's not Jack (I've grown quite attached to him), but she doesn't need to find love right now. I think she just needs to learn to love herself again, and she seems on the right track, especially now that Anne - the real Anne - may be there to help her.
Also, I'm so glad you mentioned Matthew and had Fred call them the Shirley girls - it feels so much better than the Gardeners.
6/8/2016 c13 2Kim Blythe
Thank you for the gift you are giving us by writing two more chapters instead of the one last one that you had intended on writing...

What great lines these were : Camping out with the best island boy I know ! Coming both from Anne and Dido, which had me a little deceived, just a little, that in this chapter we didn't get to read this camping out scene with Anne and Gilbert, and how everything went, what they did, what they talked about ?

But, we do know that Anne and Gil went to Echo Lodge last night ! And that Anne want's to buy it and come and live in it, with Gilbert ? Alone ? What about Dido ? Will she accept her father's proposition and go to France or go back to Alderley ?

Now Dido knows for real and certain that she isn't in love with Will...

How do I understand and feel for Will so much on how he does not know what he want's to do with his life... Sometimes young people who aren't grown up yet, really grown up yet, it is not that easy to decide what road or direction you want to take and go... And I am sure Dido feels that way as well...

I guess that in a way, Will as the same kind of nature and personality as his faster, the way you said that he brought Dido back to life, was just... WOW !

When I wrote in my last review that since there is no Jem for Faith and that if there was a young dashing doctor back in the Glen, her fiancé or already married with her ? It got me thinking of another young men who could be right for Faith, if she is not already taken yet ? Because in this story there is a Will Blythe who could be Fatih's knight in shining armour...
6/8/2016 c1 8Catiegirl
(That was me, forgot to log in)
6/8/2016 c13 Guest
So excited I nearly screamed... Please tell us what happened! Those stars in her eyes, the forget-me-nots, the two cups at Echo lodge and CAMPING OUT! (Not to mention the sensuality of the pregnant belly, that was gorgeous) I love seeing Anne and Dido honest with each other, such raw and real mother/daughter moments. And Dido's feelings for Will make so much sense to me. I looooved this.
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