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for Assassin: Simon Shi Damon

6/11/2018 c5 cain221
Need more this is awesome as hell hope you keep it up.
11/7/2016 c5 3DemonKingAlucard
This was amazing can't wait for the next one. I'm chomping at the bit.
11/4/2016 c5 Gingi71
keep it up :)
10/26/2016 c4 LaStAnOnYmOuSpRiNcE3XD
why? it was pretty stupid to bring ophis into the mix now shes gonna bail him out whenever things get tough and shes not gonna go back to Why
10/26/2016 c3 LaStAnOnYmOuSpRiNcE3XD
what happened to the Points from level 5-9. and its kunai not kuni
10/26/2016 c3 LaStAnOnYmOuSpRiNcE3XD
you should switch mp with chakra
10/26/2016 c2 LaStAnOnYmOuSpRiNcE3XD
you should make him use the shunshin like shusui
10/26/2016 c1 LaStAnOnYmOuSpRiNcE3XD
Any character with red eyes is BA
10/26/2016 c1 LaStAnOnYmOuSpRiNcE3XD
i red eyes. gotta love em'
10/25/2016 c5 Lazymanjones96
Good stuff
10/25/2016 c5 EyeofSoren
Fun story but would be great if you edited the skill log to look less crap. Also when he improves you don't have to post literally everything. If you want every chapter to have all his skills and stats maybe put it at the end.
4/12/2016 c1 4Derin Leviathan
Ok... I like this s story at least the premise. But did uu even pay respect to a goddesses blessing? That and your dialogue... Stop that... The way you have people speak is bad honestly. Don't want to be mean but it's choppy and takes away from the experience. However if uu buckle down and learn how to write dialogue that flows than you'll go far on this TTFN ta ta for now

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