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2/1/2018 c2 Mizukyrie
Umm.. Did you play some online game, but I'm sorry I review like this, but some of game had very different type for leveling, I've played so many online games and some of them have max lv 99 and another game have 150 max lv, but I can say they have same strength, and I think SAO have many disadvantages when they have a war with log horizon, why? Because :
1. Player from sao don't have a healer (this is fatal)
2. Player from log horizon have a magic job player they have aoe (area of effect), it means they can attack large area to kill their enemy
3. Player from SAO don't have a magic, so it means they all warrior type (warrior have a big HP (hit point) and def (defense) but poor MP (mana point) and mdef (magic defense)) so they're being attacked by magic, aside from their level, they will died

Ps : magic type has a large mdef, mp, and great magic attack but they lack at hp, def, and many of they have too much time for chanting their aoe skill
4/23/2016 c2 iZuikaku
You should rather nerf Aincrad levels rather than having them overpowered they are after all in Elder Tale so they should follow the rules of the world or, it would be boring to read if otherwise, maybe even using the power of those Advance Monsters in it,, Elder Tale is after all the world where strategy and techniques using timing are good for,, rather than SAOs simple switching and overpowering,, so Sao should follow Elder Tale rules
4/13/2016 c2 3gemmysaur
Its very much Aincrad's landing with different POVs. Nothing really much to say other than the OC is seriously broken and needs a nerf imo. She's too much of a mary sue, and one with powers at that, that she may as well be from another game entirely.
I suggest expanding on things that the Aincrad's Landing didnt touch upon like a real fight scene, Naotsugu and the others, building up a government for Aincrad, Kirito trying to figure out new skills since they are in a new world and that means new possibilities, which may or may not include Original Sword Skills, trade relationships like Aincrad providing combat trainers in exchange for enchanted weapons or something. So yeah, that's all for now. I'll follow the story and hopefully it gets better.
4/12/2016 c1 Mr Miliardo
Hmmm... the way this chapter started seemed a verbatim Of Aincrad's Landing, but halfway through takes another path. Good. Would have hated it, had it not happened.

Who is that Jun gal and why is she THAT OP, by the way? Up to now looks like a Mary Sue...

Keep it up. :)

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