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11/18/2017 c1 3NPC Stories
I love this story. It's so cute, both the kitten and the mercenaries' reactions to it. It's also very well written and I really enjoy reading it again from time to time. Thank you for writing It.
4/20/2017 c1 31penny4him
Cute, with some very amusing lines! Loved it when Jarlaxle expected the kitten to be like a miniature version of "Drizzt's panther." ;) And Entreri's thought about how perhaps Heliogabalus rats were less competent than Calimport ones. LOL.
11/20/2016 c1 6Daxxers
Enjoyable story. Nice to see the other side of the 'bad guys'.
4/13/2016 c1 2SnippetsRUs
This was positively delightful. I'll admit that the preview image served as excellent clickbait! I simply adore cats.

Well written, although I think it should be "took a few, fumbling steps forward". The characters are well-depicted and you describe perfectly the chaotic nature of cats (why Jarlaxle and cats are not a thing in canon, I don't know). Also, the dialogue is quite enjoyable. This really made my day.

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