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for Gems Without Measure A Pirate's Treasure

1/29 c32 LukyBrad
Between all stories that i have read on this site. This Is my favorite! Peridot it's a fantastic character, and in this chapter, She had had a fanficion climax moment! But, my favorite character Is Jasper and i have ever dream that one day She could join to Crystal gems, now that dream can be possible. For this i don't want leave this fanficion dead, and if Drillmaster Is a good creative person, i know that he can understand
1/21 c8 LukyBrad
it's awsome! this aplication can me read the chapter very Better! Drillmaster i would that i had could read your story with this app! ohhh! if only you could continue the story.
But now you have other for the head, i hope that your daughers bee well. tell to the a "hello, Kids" by me.
12/18/2022 c15 LukyBrad
Aww! I love this chapter!️
Drillmaster, listen me.
I'm sorry for all pressure that i put on your back and if you wantn't be my friend, i have understand.
But, please, don't let this fanficion dead.
I have beauty remembrances of this story and i can't inmage how this will evolve with the new world and Steven universe future, and you should hear all ideas that i have created.
I beg you, Drillmaster and believe me i am not the same person of a year ago and i think that of you take a moment for take a long breath you'll find time for your fanficion with also the family and your job.
I understand that in this moment you need of time for fix your personal problems, but i have see a piece of your soul Tumblr, your positivity late, your inside children, the person that have create a dreams with only words on a digital page, and now i think that him Is suffering and i want help him.
If you need of more time,i can wait; i Want only that you be happy, and i thought that write this story with your friends was a thing that make you happy.

Thanks for listen me abd merry Christmas.
Good happiness to you a d to your family.
11/15/2022 c20 LukyBrad
I know that i promise that i won't write other messages but i must comment this chapter.
I love how Peridot have defear Rachet with her Mecha, afther a bit of re-read and your correction i have finally understand how she done that Triangle move.
And Is splendid because it's only chapter where Alessandryte appear, i'll hope of see her in the arc of Enies Lobby, but you have cancelled the story and this Is all.

I hope that you'll read this comment Drillmaster.
Goodbye, i Adore you
10/21/2022 c35 LukyBrad
Hey, Folks.
if someone is interst i wish show you some ideas that i create about the timeskip of this story:

When two year are passed by marineford war and Change your mind events, Steven and her family it's time to return on One Piece's world for help the straw hats to journey in new world.

The group is formed by steven, connie, greg, lion, garnet, pearl, amethyst, peridot, lapis, bishmuth, damian, petrea and jasper (she want a bit of fight agains people like Zoro for go out from her bored life to collect rock).

When they fight on fishmans island, the gems show their new ability: the crystal gems have learned the Rokushiki tecniques and the haki (observations and armament), Peridot have invanted a new armor for fight and build a new veicle, a plane similar to a pterodactil that if is combined with general Franky got to it the capacity to fly and a laser sword and a leser shield. Damian and Petrea have find new way for use their devil fruit's powers.

On Punk Hazard happen two events: Monet get saved and become prisoner on Thousand Sunny and Jasper fight agains Virgo and get defeted and when watch Law defeat him with a single slash of his sword there is a situaton similar to when Amethyst is been defeted by Jasper.

This will bring Jasper in a state of depression that will forge a sisters link for her and Amthyst in Dressrosa, where them will fuse togheter in Tanzanite.

So, do you believe that might it will be a good program of ideas?
4/13/2022 c35 Painter3x
I hope which you have see my message.
If i can write a single review on this chapter, i Want say that i'm very sad.
Be a father of three daughers it's more difficult and now i understand because you can't write more.
But...also with this, i wantn't let this story dead.
In the Life must saw when let go and when don't let go and now i believe which it's Better still hope for this Fanfiction.
You have your reasons for don't write, but i have this sensation that there Is hope for this story.
So, if you see this review, you can send a PM.
2/5/2022 c35 15Vanessa Masters
Awww I'm sorry to hear, but you live your best life and know your story had a heavy good impact on my life
2/5/2022 c35 1HardcoreLoreWriter
dang, i had a really fun time reading these 2 fanfics, sad to see it die. cant say i didnt know it was dead when i started reading it. but i always did kinda hope it would miraculously be updated and id get to read Steven and the gems befriending Franky and Brook. it could have been a really could foil for what the gems went through with the war. Good luck woth everything, you got my prayers.
2/4/2022 c35 lucerok002
I’ve have so much mix feelings for this, I’m really sad to see it go like this but as much as I really am sad about it I know you have your reasoning, I can only hope to wish you the best and for your kids as well. If anything if they’re into anime and stuff it would be wholesome to have them reading your story that you made so very well with it.
I bet a nicklw that they would be asking for what happen next lol.
Anyway best of wishes to you
2/4/2022 c35 19magical fan18
I liked that very much, it's a nice way of letting those who have enjoyed the story go; I do think of this story often and I've really enjoyed it a lot.

Hopefully, someone in the future, with your permission, will adopt or make a story based on this one.

I am sad but I understand your reasons for no longer writing this story or continuing it as it is.

I wish you a very good day and if you ever decide to return to writing Fanfics like this one up then I will give you my support.
2/4/2022 c35 12Cyan Quartz
Heyo! I've actually thought about this story a good deal more than most. And I wanted to say thanks for the heads up! It's always a little disheartening seeing that a story is dead, but it's infinitely better to know FOR SURE that it's over. I can't remember how many times I go through my author list only to find they've deleted all their stories. Or worse, they change their name to 'dead' or 'deleted' or something, and now I don't even have a SHOT at remembering what the story I knew them from was. It's very sad.

But yeah, this story was a great read, and although imagination of what happens next can only take one so far, I believe simply allowing people to naturally get introduced to this story has merit. It's a time capsule to many things for many readers, you as well. A story doesn't need an ending to be enjoyed! And I'm very grateful that you faced this situation with honesty and grace.

To be honest, I was going through some bad times when this story was coming out as well. I really sunk into this website to escape, and when it was over alot of things changed, hobbies completely abandoned and my viewpoint on life was a lot less happy (but I was a buttercup before so who cares). Five, ten years down the line? I'll probably revisit this story just to revisit those times. I've done it plenty before. There were some nuggets of good in those wretched months, and I won't forget that. So again, I'm grateful you didn't delete this story. It is yours, and I'll understand if you change your mind down the line, though I'll probably spend another day ripping my hair out in the future thinking I'm remembering the name wrong, haha. Really, there should be a notification that a story you're subscribed to has been deleted.

What else... I can't remember how detailed I was in my reviews up til now, might've been detailed, might've been a stumbling weirdo. But I really appreciated your use of the characters and alterations of the plot. Nothing you haven't heard before I'm sure, but I hope you know this isn't hollow complimenting. I think you're talented, whatever you do I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what you want from it. You're smart enough :)

And like everyone else, I loved the baroque agents you've selected! Everytime I see them pop up in another story (or even the anime) I'm kind of disappointed they don't do your kick ass thing. Really good work with everyone, honestly.

I guess that's it. Thanks for the memories, the consideration for your viewers, and even your time to read this review. I wish you many great years with your daughters, sunny days when you need them, and rainy days too. Obviously hail can go screw itself. Ob-vious-ly.
2/4/2022 c35 1Ultimatrix bearer
I’m gonna miss this story but yeah your kids take priority.

2/4/2022 c35 4Gamelover41592
Sorry to see this fic go but thanks for it :)
2/4/2022 c35 SargentEpsilon
Shame about the story going unfinished. I was really looking forward to reading what came next. Still, real life takes priority. And cares not for personal whims. Ah well. Nothing I can do about it. Best of luck with your family, good sir.
2/4/2022 c35 5BbK2442
As someone who only recently discovered this amazing fanfic, I would like to say "Thank you" for the amazing story you've written, and for that just-as-amazing short little snippet you've left for us to remember you by. I'm sad to read that this story won't get an ending after all, but at least it's been fun while it lasted.

Take care, man, and hope you do just as well in real life as you have on this story thus far.
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