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for A Dark Obsession

6/24 c1 2pizzawolf55
Do you ever plan on continuing this?
4/10 c4 3loneknight1012
to bad this wasn't continued.
2/13 c4 Bio
It's a good fanfiction please make chapter 5
2/12 c4 Guest
I don't know what the review below me is yapping about
1/18 c3 reap2
Ya know, if you decide that Mikoto decided that her oldest son is the only past family member worth keeping around.

And decide that having a oldest son is not needed anymore, but a oldest daughter on the other hand would be better, especially after Mikoto decided to change Itachi Gender into being a female.

In which case, Mikoto will Re-educate Fem Itachi as a Obedient Older Sister/Servant/Tool/Slave/Pet for Naruto, who she will devote her entire being to Naruto, and to help reinforce her Rules.

And Fem Itachi will be apart of the Kunoichi Guards, a group of very powerful Kunoichi's who's one sole purpose of protecting Naruto and carrying out his and Mikoto will.

A good example of what Mikoto plans would be similar to a fic called: Indomitable Fox by Zero Arashi Uchiha

In fact, If there is such a supernatural existences, then she would conquer it, and make use of anything and everything she can find.
11/18/2023 c1 1bibink729
5/23/2023 c4 WhiteWolf 0609
hey there very good fanfic when is chapter 5 coming?
5/11/2023 c4 Doodledums
Please continue I love the story
3/22/2023 c4 Kreceir
Man I loved these 4 chapters, its rather sad that the last update was like 5-6 years ago.
Yandere Mikoto is really nice.
2/27/2023 c4 ForMyselfInTheFuture
Pretty great story, its been 5 years but following in case you feel like updating, seemed like you had at least another chp planned
1/27/2023 c4 153AkumaKami64
This was actually a fun read. You still around? You haven't updated in five years, but your author page did say you updated two years ago, so...?
1/9/2023 c4 Guest
9/30/2022 c4 Guest
I wish there was more cause that was quite good tbh
7/31/2022 c4 CookieCreeper
No! Found this to late. Well if you'll ever continue this story, know that there is someone out there waiting for the next chapter.
7/18/2022 c2 jayydasimp
I'm fucking W the Sasuke hate
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