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for Death of a Dream

4/21/2016 c1 Helily
omg, omg! This was hilarious! Why did I wait so long to read it!? Are you sure it's tragedy? It was gorgeous and so amusing. And damnit all, I adored little Palpatine-well, of course-even more than usual (and that's considering I hate children, but let's face it when has Palpatine ever been normal?).

(lol, can't even call him by his other name in this review because he wanted so much to go by something
else .)

And seriously, Cosinga almost started crying at the end? AHAHAHHAH! That was just too funny. I'm counting this as a win for Palpatine, good job you darling little baddy! (even though his mum messed with their struggle)

So, are you sure this doesn't have a ssequel? Suuure? It does, doesn't it? Right? A sequel? Yes?

But enough of that, thank you. What a fun way to start my day. With sugar and comedy _

Okay okay, rereading it from Cosinga's point of view I can sort of see how this might be a tragedy, but I'm just so deeply skewed in favor of all things Palpatine that I could not see it at first. lol. Also, I am still laughing, regardless. You write such lovely oneshots...but this is part of a series of oneshots, right? Riiiiight? Sequel? Seeeequelll?

(ugh, I am never forgiving that Luke Skywalker fellow. Messing up plans all over the place...)(that had nothing to do with anything-apologies)

Wait, what father/son tragic relationships have you read about? Why do I not know of them? Have I forgotten history? uh oh. Suppose it's not surprising considering I've never had a good history class or read many history texts...cough...at all...so bad. . So yes, good for you. And thank you again. Really love this fanfic.
4/14/2016 c1 19Azalea Scroggs
Ow. With such a family background I can totally empathise with him becoming the biggest bastard in the universe. Chilling. I actually feel sorry both for Sheev and for Cosinga. How messed up it is :(
4/13/2016 c1 10Lord Darth Yoda
You know I now imagine Cosigna somehow living long enough to truly see what Palps becomes even if it's Palps keeping him alive just to torture him.
4/12/2016 c1 31Girlbender875
Yeah, definitely dark. Poor Palpatine; you write both men incredibly well. I found myself feeling a little sorry for both, but their pride is definitely their downfall of the relationship (though it's more of Cosinga's fault obviously since he's the parent). I was a little worried for a second that Palpatine had actually starved to death; that boy is stubborn to a fault!

Very interesting and well written! :)
4/12/2016 c1 38Brievel
...and he still won't let me give him a hug. :S

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