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for Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent

10/27/2020 c1 21evolution-500
Interesting fic, but a little too much telling.
4/30/2019 c1 723mary.okeeffe.16
10/27/2018 c1 2Keyblade Writer of the Dawn
Definitely interesting to read this even, through I didn't saw the film. It interesting to see this Lex view on everything he found, and his mindset of planning to rid of Superman.

This definitely interesting, and hope you have a good week good sir, or madam.
9/6/2018 c1 35Car45
A great examination of Luther's egotistical effort to manipulate Bruce and Clark.
I wonder if he'll figure out that Captain Marvel is a fourteen year old kid.
7/30/2017 c1 20jettmanas
Great job showing the inner thoughts of Lex, and his network of spies to get info on Bruce. And even use of the press to influence Clark's opinion on Batman.

Lex recognizing Bruce's misconceptions about Superman was told well, including him thinking the alien was above the law. Nice detail on his using fires to try to collect insurance and get rid of people. Lex 's bit of dialogue at the end is ironic, and the ending ties up everything well. Good one!
4/27/2017 c1 11Loki God of Evil
He definitely wants to play god doesn't he, I can remember one of the great episodes from Smallville where in a altered reality he does become the president of the USA, and the scene cuts to a complete annihilation of the USA and likely the world too. Nuclear warheads arcing in the sky, Lex Luthor looking on with a devilish smirk that would rival Loki's.

His two protectors Kara and Kal-El made to do his bidding because of the kryptonite bracelets they wear. epic episode.

This was a good chapter and shows more about him maybe trying to tear a huge divide between the two, at least before the main fight ensues
4/9/2017 c1 7csg-III
Great job showing the "Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent" scene from the movie through Lex's point of view.

I like the fact that Lex was clever enough to guess something was off about Clark based on Lois Lane's interest for him and the fact that Clark's hometown was attacked by Zod.

Also, Lex's theory about Bruce Wayne financing Batman was very clever too.

(I guess this story is not in continuity with Justice League Begins, right? Since here Selina Kyle is a spy for Luthor, and there she doesn't seems to be the kind of person who would betray Bruce's secret)

Lex is truly a mastermind. Congratulations.
2/23/2017 c1 8brandend
Hi! I'm totally fandom-blind, so you know, but I read this anyway and thought I'd pop in and leave a review. It was a little hard for me to follow, particularly because, as another reviewer had mentioned, this read as more 'tell' than 'show', more like a summary for now than a story. That's one thing that could be improved, if you're looking to rewrite. You can set a scene (or several) and get some of those first paragraphs of retelling/info dumping in through character interactions, dialogue, internal monologue, etc. It would be more accessible for in-fandom and fandom-blind readers alike, I think.

One thing in particular that I liked about this was the dialogue; although there wasn't much of it, the characters sounded like real, distinct people (something I struggle with; kudos to you!), and your dialogue even provided some exposition/insight in the characters, like with the handshake being firm and that. Does that make sense how I phrased it? You could potentially watch some of the formatting of the dialogue, though; you've got a full stop before the comma in Lex's last line of dialogue, and it should be '"...with this person," he warned Bruce'. Otherwise, your SPaG is fine. :)
12/13/2016 c1 4thr4
I don't usually read fics from Lex's POV but I took the chance with this one and I really enjoyed seeing this scene through his eyes. Well done, cool take on this scene from the film.
4/22/2016 c1 8Mireilles3
Nice work :)

4/21/2016 c1 25HawkDramione
Is this a one shot or you plan to make it multi-chapters? Either way it's good. Love your writing style.
4/14/2016 c1 WAVEScarf
Interesting take on this scene. Maybe my memory is incorrect, buthe I don't remember the movies ever going over Lex's egomania being a root source of his distrust for Superman. Red Son had Lex Luthor be hateful/suspicious of Supes because in a non-Superman world, Lex Luthor would be the one everyone would look to for leadership and inspiration. But in a world where Superman, practically a god, exists, how can anyone, even someone as brilliant as Lex, even compete with that? And that's where the danger lies- Lex believes himself to be such a genius that left to his own devices would go on to be President or create a legacy that will long outlast him. But because of Superman's existence, none of that is worth it so long as he's around because Lex's accomplishments and contributions will be viewed as human and therefore, second-rate.

Well done.
4/13/2016 c1 76Literaturefangirl
Oh. This is good and refreshing. A lot of people have been wanting to know how Lex knew Clark and Bruce's identities and this story fills in the blanks nicely.
4/13/2016 c1 21La Vik
I like the idea of telling the scene from Lex's perspective! Great concept! I think it reads a little bit more like a summary than a story so far, because it seems like you are telling more than showing, so that's something that can possibly be improved on, but I love this idea, and I think this is some really good work so far.

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