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for An American in Westeros

2/15 c15 Manneratvag
Great story!
7/6/2023 c1 watkinap252
You got me interested!
1/26/2023 c1 3TheCyanNinja
Quite low quality
1/26/2023 c1 TheCyanNinja
Pacing as fast as how fast I pound your mother
10/21/2022 c1 Guest
House Stark may lose in the short term but will win big in the long term i.e King Bran while the Lannisters will probably go extinct.

Arya will be a Faceless Assassin, Bran will be an All Seeing Greenseer and Sansa would be a schemer to rival Littlefinger and Varys.

In the long term, I'd prefer to have those forces aligned to me and grateful for my services than irate at my betrayal of my vows to Riverrun.

You just have to build up your strength so the Lannisters cannot simply take Harrenhall and brush you aside, and hunker down for the endgame.
10/21/2022 c1 RedAlpha22
Lmao I wonder what tywins reaction was lol.
6/10/2022 c9 Guest
I tried reading after this chapter and just couldn't. Feels like the story really died here. It makes 0 sense to lose this battle. Afterwards it's clear that Westeros is actually in a worse position to fight the Long Night than it was without his interference. How can you possibly be so shitty that you make the situation worse?
4/12/2022 c1 Guest
they already have enough americans they dont need any more.
4/14/2022 c2 TheHarshApprentice
That sargeant part of the last chapter almost destroyed my whole suspension of disbelief thingy...
12/29/2021 c1 4iacopo.passerini
Ah ottimo vediamo che duccedera in questo nuovo mondo.
10/4/2021 c11 Guest
Lost interest in a cripple runs thru it...
7/30/2021 c9 Aredianx
What a shitty chapter. He had almost a decade to improve his meager combat skills yet he didn't. And how the fuck could he lose when has rocket artillery available to him?
7/13/2021 c15 Catsoties
I like it, it is good
4/19/2021 c15 WhyNotBacn
10/10 fucking amazing story
3/22/2021 c15 6JManM
Though it wouldn't have fit with the theme, I wish you had chosen to let him live and had the Vale Knights digging him out.
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