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for Petrify or Energize?

5/14/2017 c6 1AodanSaoirse
Just a clarification, is 'Geoff' the ferret from the previous chapters? Wasn't he 'Doug'?
10/23/2016 c6 Zdraco
Plz update soon I love this story and sumi is so cute I would love if sumi karma n Nagisa r together in a threesome that would be so cute I'm assuming that karma is sumi brother n sister maybe and I still like if karma n sumi r together anwya enough of my rambling plz update ASAP
10/23/2016 c6 121TheRoseShadow21
'You know your life was screwed up when you were relieved someone was stabbing another person instead of patty-cake'. OH MY GOD. That line made me laugh out loud XD...but also, do you mean pat-a-cake?
Anyway, it seems like she was speaking German this chapter? Or at least, something vaguely resembling German. I only recognise some of the letters and such because my sister has to learn German at school but...I take it that if she was speaking ACTUAL German then it shouldn't have been so difficult for anyone to figure out...Hmm, I don't know. My best guess at the moment is that it's an obscure dialect.
But anyway, great chapter! It's good to see you back-the chapter was better than you think it was, and I enjoyed it a lot. Keep up the good work!
10/22/2016 c6 1looonsie
I repeatWhat the hell is going on? '. But nonetheless this is a great chapter, and welcome back.
9/18/2016 c5 fifi550
THIS IS AMAZING! Cant wait for it to continue
9/12/2016 c5 LunarWolfDragon
Please update any chance u get. Sumi is very cute and interesting character. I hope u introduce karma soon for him n sumi to be together. Or sumi n Nagisa maybe sumi Nagisa n karma together isk I'm a fan mostly of ocs with karma lol anyway I'm waiting for a next chapter so update any chance u get
9/12/2016 c5 Guest
Plz update soon I want to know what happend to sumi chan I'm sooo curious and the story is soo good I hope karma. Is introuduced sooner or later for him n sumi to get toghether or sumi n Nagisa or Nagisa , sumi , karma together soo cute anyway plz update ASAP I'm waiting
6/25/2016 c4 ThePirateQueen367
this is a weird fic but I'd like to see more of it!
6/19/2016 c5 RavenRivia
I think I know who could Sumi eventually be. Or my brain is just stupid xD but anyways good chapter!
5/8/2016 c5 looonsie
Oh Scissors! I love the way Sumi-chan cares about Nagisa! And I so love the way you made the language barrier between Sumi-chan and Class-E!
5/8/2016 c5 121TheRoseShadow21
I like what you're doing with the italics in the speech, it's a simple yet clever way of showing the language barrier (and how it is gradually coming down).
5/6/2016 c4 1looonsie
Oh No! I hope Canada's gonna recover soon! As much as I would like to help but I can't. Sorry hope Canada's gonna be alright! Which means I'll be here for support!
4/24/2016 c3 121TheRoseShadow21
Noooo why don't people like Sumi-Chan :( ? I can kinda understand it with Terasaka...but Rio? Anyway, this was a great chapter too. Apart from those who dislike her, she's becoming quite the class-baby-sister, isn't she? I think Korosensei should try doing magic tricks or something, to get her to be less scared of him. Though he needs to keep a better eye on his cupcakes if he wants the chance to eat them...or he could just make her some! (sorry, I am babbling. I have basically metaphorically adopted her now)
And her efforts to understand what's going on are great generally, I really like how you portray them :) Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see more of Sumi (I really like the reason you made Nagisa pick that name,by the way it's such a pretty name)!
4/19/2016 c2 TheRoseShadow21
Well, this seems like an interesting premise. Confusing, but interesting. Sumiye is so cute, I already want to protect her! And I'm curious about what language she speaks if even Korosensei has no idea about it. But yeah, I like the look of this story so I can't wait to see what happens next. Keep up the good work!
((Out of interest, what is the reasoning behind her being called 'Sumiye?' ))

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