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for Pure Ecstasy

12/28/2018 c8 Guest
Cool story, not the drugs though...
Don’t do drugs kids.
5/19/2018 c7 Guest
So will you be updating this because you left this off on a cliffhangers
12/4/2016 c8 gonekrazy3000
It's been almost half a year. I truely hope you come back someday. Love your stories.
7/9/2016 c8 28Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
I was wondering how your trip went since you mentioned you'd be gone for a while and holy cow! It sounds like it was intense! Did the rest of the trip go ok at least if you exclude the dog attack and broken hard drive?
5/22/2016 c7 Dghjgh
Please update, I love this story
5/16/2016 c7 Tsubaki
Okayyyyy... this is getting weirder by the second... I don't know how to react on this.

Let me just have a minute to commend how fabulous Margaret Plants is? She's a whole different rabbit than Judy Hopps (but still, Judy's the best bunny gal there).

This plot is a lot more blurry than the other one since it doesn't have a ... uhnnm... like, a platform yet? No definite clues in the present time.

So yeah. Hope you could update this. Good luck! [_]
5/16/2016 c1 Tsubaki
This. Is. Dangerous.
This. Is. Edgier.
I fear that this is would not go well... I don't think.. Oh what the hell, on with the next chapter! I LOVE Judy and Nick's undercover identities! I'm just gonna be out for a while.

Logical self: yeah, but remember you still have that exam and you don't even have the handouts yet

Me: surrreeee. There are only seven chapters to go. No harm done, right? Right?
4/25/2016 c7 kevinsaid
damn son! what a fic... its all weird and contrasting from the movie but oh so its original and a really good read, nice fic!
4/25/2016 c7 1Mayun
Hahahah! Your one of my favorite authors now! I love your fanfics, alot! This one proved it!
4/20/2016 c6 7ADeadMissionary
Huh. This is like a vision quest. Discovering something profound about themselves and their feelings for their partner with every experience. Its a really very interesting idea and the visuals you describe really bring it to life. Excellent work.
4/19/2016 c4 ADeadMissionary
I am not sure what to think of this. It's not the drug use, per se. More like I'm unsure of their reactions. I mean, I guess I can see how a con artist like Nick might have used recreational drugs, but I'm having a hard time imagining it.

Inspite of my confusion I do find this very intriguing. I love anything unique and I am sure I have not read anything else that touched on Judy ever trying drugs. Except for Nighthowler, of course.

Anyway, I guess what I am saying is I am looking forward to more.
4/18/2016 c3 theseventhstar
i like it a lot. its very original
4/18/2016 c2 Maxy Waxy
This is going to be brilliant
4/17/2016 c2 4retro mania
Keen underwater sequence.
4/15/2016 c1 retro mania
Excellent beginning.

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