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21h c106 sonichero29
honestly I've been reading this for quite a while and there was One reviewer who said something that really resonated with me and I had to stop and think about it then that person asked what was the point of even putting rangiku into the harem if she was just going to die and I can wholeheartedly agree with that rangiku it's quite possibly one of the most shafted characters when it comes to FanFictions, she's either treated like an idiot, killed off and trust me this is not the first story that I've read that's done that, or she gets completely shafted in the romance department this character is probably one of the most underutilized characters when it comes to fanfiction writers because I don't know maybe it's because they don't know how to write her character properly into a romance setting, and if so I'd say marry her off to someone else don't even bother because at the end of the day all it's going to do is feel like a waste of time
5/11 c31 Adam Michael Daw
Ok that ruled. I really love a smart Ichigo
5/9 c88 7Wally991
I'm gonna be honest here, this story is a complete recap of canon, like, everything happens the same, the only difference is that Ichigo wins some fights instead of losing them, but those fights are completely irrelevant.

The main difference with canon is the harem, and that difference is what makes this story become worth while, since it adds a comedic essence to the fic. Apart from that, everything is the same as canon. Same bad guys, same fights, maybe a different enemy here and there, maybe a character that died in canon survived here, but that's all.

honestly, I don't get why people complain about the harem, the harem is practically the only reason I kept reading this
5/6 c77 Wally991
I love how Aizen save him and then regretted saving him in and instant
5/6 c70 Wally991
Poor Yoshino
5/6 c71 KiraiZero
it'd be funny seeing salem and ozpin react to ichigo
5/5 c1 jbadillodavila
5/5 c34 Wally991
As soon as I saw that Bambietta and Candice are going after Ichigo, my first thought was "Oh no"
4/18 c30 1AlexanderTheGrey
Oh my god!

What just happened with Zaraki was gold!
3/17 c29 1Pinkypi
wow. very forward planning if that was the idea from the start especially since most people only go back and use something like that as an afterthought.
3/17 c26 Pinkypi
The addition to a pre-existing sword that makes use of his other abilities was kinda of inspiring. Expanding him beyond just the Getsuga Tenshou by adding a punching variation and then giving him more sword types to work with giving him flexibility. All of which can probably launch his infamous attack.
2/20 c27 LittleDemon47
isn't uryuu pure blooded Quincy? Both of his parents are quincy
2/9 c26 PrimordialGod9
This is a good story and I have been enjoying it, but I think you need to work on your fight scene.
1/28 c63 1Nevarus
I really hope you don't copy the bullshit bankai that kubo came up with for the finale. cause that's what it is... stupid bullshit.
1/26 c9 Nevarus
I do find the reason behind why no one thought to make a device like this strange... for the soul society, I would imagine it's due to resentment. for urahara... I can't imagine a single reason why he wouldn't... good or bad. although regardless the Quincy king simply decided that he wanted to rule and it devolves into madness from there.
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