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7/12 c55 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Not that strong at all if you keep your minds unbending concerning the rules. Some rules are meant to be bent or broken in certain situations… also, make sure next time that you have ALL the FACTS concerning an action C46, unless you want to remain with a reputation of being idiots?
7/11 c29 Planar-Walking-Entertainment
DAMN! Aizen just got TRICKED!
7/11 c10 Planar-Walking-Entertainment
So the vandereich has initiated that swarm of hollows to scan data. How mean.
7/11 c8 Planar-Walking-Entertainment
With this lesson learned, he will refine his craft. He will learn the true art of exorcism and help the spirits pass on. Wonder what would be his signature weapon for his new redemption path in life.
6/7 c106 8Fanficlover2017
This story was fantastic however, what was the point in making Rangiku a member of Ichigo's harem if you were just going to kill her off anyway. Maybe you could find a way to bring her back in a sequel if you choose to write one.
6/6 c91 Balckcns
It was ruined for me when you turned it into a crossover but it was still a good fic
5/11 c107 Arashi Uzukaze
It's a pity you won't do Naruto fics. Gotta ask on why you hate Kushina though. Why hate her that much that you dispise the entire series after that?
5/11 c85 Arashi Uzukaze
:'( Poor Reigi Hinamori! She needs to be saved!
5/9 c7 Arashi Uzukaze
Not Kon! He's awesome!
4/28 c3 Guest
The premise of this story is promising, but I see a few issues that indicate enough flaws to make me unsure of whether I want to continue reading.

For example:
"...and he was now only as strong as Tatsuki was before his kitty teacher got her paws on her. Enough for five but not enough for eight, at least he knows how to fight."

This scene was drama for the sake of drama, and it sacrificed story consistency. How? Earlier on, the story both showed and told that Ichigo was holding back against Tatsuki. That's the exact opposite of what is being told here.

Furthermore, there's the issue of character progression and characterization being a bit off: Ichigo is a natural when it comes to fighting. In fact, Kisuke Urahara said as much earlier on, and he's been training harder than Tatsuki for years... yet suddenly Tatsuki is his superior? She must have a more monstrous growth rate than Ichigo then. But that isn't really believable, considering Ichigo's growth rate is already unheard of in Bleach until he comes along. The odds of finding a second person, who is even faster at learning, is like exclusively winning the largest lottery in the world, the next draw being bigger, and then exclusively winning that one as well.

This doesn't make sense for other reasons as well:

Ichigo is 12-13 here, and in canon, Ichigo first beat Tatsuki when he was 12. She never caught up to him afterwards; this was despite Ichigo quitting karate and only learning from his father's attacks and street fights. So telling me "Tatsuki is stronger" doesn't cut it from that perspective.

Beyond that, Ichigo is also physically and spiritually stronger than Tatsuki, the latter by quite a margin (since Tatsuki seemed to dismiss that Ichigo could see spirits earlier, which means she doesn't have enough spiritual power to even see spirits). There is no equalizer here, so I have trouble believing that, and as I pointed out, an equalizer wouldn't make much sense at this point.

Basically, there is no reason anyone Ichigo's age keeps up with Ichigo because he's been properly training for so many years already while also maintaining his canon training/fight schedule.

Also, Chad's first name is Yasutora. His last name is Sado.

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of parts I like, which is why I do want to continue reading... but I also fear my suspension of disbelief will be shattered after getting further into the story, which always ends up leaving me feeling like I wasted time I could be spending doing other things.
4/23 c2 Guest
There are a couple of issues:

Isshin is said not to have his powers here, and in canon he doesn't even have the ability to sense spirit energy. So why does Isshin see the spirit energy light?

Less of an issue if it's intentional, but Isshin was the head of a Shiba branch family, not the main one. He would never have been clan head at any point in canon.
4/22 c99 nathan.tan.whcl
What the heck
4/17 c7 Kuro.435
Well that’s not only 4th wall breaking but also funny how Orihime put it
4/17 c6 Kuro.435
Keigo is too hilarious, I’m glad you portrayed him well
4/17 c5 Kuro.435
Gotta say that it was a classic Orihime saying that to Tatsuki
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