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10/11/2020 c104 11Sultan Asil Arslan
Yes, yes we are.
10/11/2020 c104 Arraia
Perfect and update soon please
10/10/2020 c103 DemDazer
For some reason, this fic took me longer than it should be. Perhaps all because I paused reading, as there was simply too much of the story.
I'm still amazed at how old this fanfic is and how many chapters it has survived.
There were too many things in the last chapters that already began to pile up the story. The presence of characters from other mythologies is very striking and spoils a lot. If this had been introduced back in the early chapters and integrated properly, it would be appropriate. But then it would no longer be just fanfic, but a whole crossover.
The story looks really great, but it’s overly great at times, with so MUCH excess it’s not even that good.
This fic contains all the best ideas that could ever be, and they are TOO well put together, leaving nothing superfluous. Starting from the development of the characters' powers, to all the key events. And unfortunately, you didn't leave anything to the other author, just implementing everything for them. As someone who is also trying to write history, I constantly thought: “why didn’t I think of this myself?”, But unfortunately you are already using these ideas. (not that they were assigned to a specific authorship, but the idea that this was somewhere already depressing).
I can assume that Karin and Yuzu will be forced to take Yhwach's blood so that he can thus blackmail Ichigo and force him to surrender. Oh, that would be a very vile move.
10/4/2020 c69 26epic insanity666
he has an afro Chad be careful
10/2/2020 c104 Guest
I’d be fine with whatever for Burn the Witch, but for the dragon problem maybe have them be two entirely different creatures that just happen to share the same name.
9/24/2020 c104 2wallker
You can make bleach dragons different, like two different species

like hades reapers, asgard valkyries are different species, but they fulfill the same purpose, you could make valkyries and einherjar the same as shinigami and hela servants instead of Odin and rose is a special case of a group of Valkyries that act in the supernatural world

you can make God, hela, hades, morringan, and the other gods of the dead to be equal to the king of the spirits of their respective regions

and to merge the worlds, you can do that, the pillars of the spirit world apart, God, separated from the supernatural world thousands of years ago

so no supernatural being knows about the hollow or how the spiritual world and its factions work, apart from the sky that with the death of god is no longer part of the world of death

death societies, apart from Hades and Hela who have reapers and valkyries who operate in the supernatural world, do not know about the supernatural world

so ichigo, you can go to kuon and slowly reveal yourself as the king of the hueco world, just make the death of two of the pillars of the spirit world, God and the king of spirits, the spirit world gradually started to merge into the supernatural world
9/24/2020 c1 agentshark1200
Harem... massive turn off
9/24/2020 c104 3MetalHound93
Sent you a PM. I hope it was useful.
9/24/2020 c104 jabujabu63
In regards to your issues with dragons there are actually 3 types which can have sub types just based on physical appearance. The 3 main types are wyverns (2 wings, 2 legs)(game of thrones 'dragons'), western dragons (2 wings, 4 legs)(Eragon), and eastern dragons (serpentine dragons)(Chinese new year dragons)
DRAGONS Big 2 (ophis, big red)
Dragons those in sacred gears or deserve to be based on power
dragons lesser (mindless or not) dragons
DrAgOnS experiments or abominations
9/23/2020 c9 Kitsune Izuku Midoriya
Ichigo I pray for you..
9/22/2020 c40 recline
Best friend standardsonly needed to say his name to khow what he is planning.
Great chapter as always.
9/20/2020 c30 recline
... WHAT THE HELL . You go kenpachi. Still tho did not expect that. Bloody amazing stroy telling and character building. Mixed with world building this is just amazing.
9/11/2020 c61 1yiggdrasill
Ive been reading so happily ive forgotten to review. I love how it's not just ichigo getting stronger but the whole gotei 15. They really were lazily resting on the power they had before aizen rebelled in canon and here they have extra time and ichigo to push them harder then before. I also love the basic premise of this story. Isshin and ryuken both knew yhwach was coming, but i can only assume in canon their wives deaths crippled them emotionally while here the catalonia has driven both into action. Its really a small change but its got huge flow on effects for everything.
9/9/2020 c1 XXX777
9/7/2020 c29 yiggdrasill
That twist with urahara hiding his hogyoku is brilliant and youve done brilliantly so far. Only issue i can see is that i just cant see urahara going back to seireitei and losing the freedom he had in his shop
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