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6/12/2016 c9 2shubhendu dutta
This is a very well writter story.
6/12/2016 c2 shubhendu dutta
Generally when I am reading more than one chapter I only review at end. But this story is based on a idea that I really like and review count is less than expected for this well written story hence this review.
6/11/2016 c9 TheWolf87
Man the pacing in this story is well done, it flows just like the anime. Keep up the great job
6/10/2016 c9 justafan
well yoruichi confirmed for harem that ass will be hers haha i can understand tatsukis feelings being left out but she really doesnt have any powers right now atleast i hope next chapter ichigo can talk to them so they know he wasnt keeping the info away because he doesnt want there he kept away because they literally CANT help at least for right but i think tatsuki can use flames now like yoruichi with the lightning and i wonder if orihimes pins have transformed yet she needs to be able to defend herself that one fairy is badass but she needs more attacks.
6/10/2016 c9 Bleached Guest
As a minor add-on to the end of my previous review, another bullsh*t way Kubo might end Bleach would be Ichigo and Orihime defeating Yhwach, but finding themselves unable to become Soul King/Queen to prevent the re-de-stabilized worlds from collapsing.
In the ultimate twist of "exactly as planned", Aizen of all beings - somehow able to show up at the scene possibly still confined to his chair - is the only being that will be capable of taking up the role of the linchpin (possibly due to him or his zanpakuto being the "Mind/Will" of the Soul King or some other additional b.s. like that).
Bonus points if he not only says "exactly as planned", but also actually uses any god-like power he receives to make the universe a legitimately better place. He might even justify his troll-like killing of others like Tousen by bringing them back to life and saying "no hard feelings, I knew any crimes I would not have any permanent consequences as always knew I would be able to 'undo' them after getting what I wanted and/or planned for".

Conversely, Aizen does become the Soul King like above, only to discover that there's a good reason why a "proper" linchpin is confined to a single chamber and is often limbless (outside of mobile sentient body parts): He is forced to remain confined to his throne for all eternity, ironically/karmically not actually able to do anything he wanted outside of keeping the worlds together with his very existence. (Unless he planned for this as well!...)
The only problems with this version are Yhwach apparently still able to move around and use his powers as before despite replacing his father, and Yhwach/Aizen possibly being able to create sentient representations of their body parts (as if Yhwach doesn't do something like this already by placing portions of his soul inside every Quincy). In fact, perhaps the only reason the current/former Soul King was confined to a limbless state is because of his creation of sentient body parts. If he were to do something like Yhwach's auswahlen and "recall" his body parts from Ukitake and Gerard, perhaps he would be able to walk around and even fight on a power level similar to Yhwach and pre-chair Aizen (a.k.a. "chairzen").

Lastly, the freed/revived Soul King or Aizen could always reveal himself to be Kubo in disguise. :P

I hope nothing else comes to my mind and that this is all I will "have" to bring up until next chapter. Good luck and see you then!
6/9/2016 c9 3SakuraKoi
Wow so good
6/9/2016 c9 Bleached Guest
Thank you for the acknowledgement and new chapter! Things are going nice as usual with various peoples all around. Next chapter should certainly be exciting. It could just be me not being in touch with earlier details, but didn't Rukia already know about the Quincy in canon, or is this a change you have made?

I list some of the larger scale Bleach issues mainly just to get them out there. And while I do realize that they might not become relevant for a while, three things to consider are:
A.) Given how you've already revealed things to Ichigo & company from later arcs about Aizen, the Quincy, etc., who is to say that you won't bring in other things earlier than they came up in canon (if they even came up at all) as well?
B.) You need not directly delve into these issues on a large scale so soon so much as you could passively mention or hint at them in a form of foreshadowing that might be expanded upon later in the story.

Before I get to C., here is a scenario combining the points brought up in A.) and B.) so far:
[For instance, perhaps either version of Zangetsu might bring up certain issues about what things are like being a Zanpakuto on their end on things at some point. Like whether they spend all their time in their inner worlds, or if they can in fact manifest themselves in the outside world but only on a plane of existence where no other non-Zanpakuto beings can notice them or be interacted with. (Much) Later on, someone like Murmasa would simply remove this "invisibility/intangibility", with the question being whether or not this newfound ability can be made to stick around or not.
I think this idea was far too influenced by the amazing 5-chapter, ~73,000 word fanfic "Sight" by the profound author cywscross, who has a few other unfortunately-unfinished-but-NOT-abandoned Bleach works you might wanna check out sometime...
On another note you might find rather particularly personally appealing for yourself, finding a way much later on for various zanpakuto spirits to manifest and interact with others might open the way for future pairings involving them... heh-heh/wink-wink... meh, whatever.]

C.) So long as you don't get so many reviews that it becomes a pain for you to sort/sift through them, you could always go back to my previous "archived" reviews if you want to refresh your memory on them and draw from or at least refer to them. Just as well, I could always refer back to these myself in future reviews, or even repeat what I stated there. Just some thoughts.

Well, I think that's all for now. Just a few "extra/bonus" bits on where the Bleach manga currently stands and might be going:
I wonder what Yhwach will pull out of his a** or rather eyes in this seemingly-final manga fight? Same goes for Haschwalth and Gerard...

Either way, unless Yhwach, Aizen, or the Soul King delivers some final, mind-breaking revelation about the nature of the Bleach universe such that the trope known as "The Ending Changes Everything" comes into play -
(my personal headcanon is that the while the Soul King might be the linchpin holding the dimensions of the spiritual realm in place, whoever holds this position has the power to alter the way that these dimensions as well as their inhabitants work. Thus, Yhwach created the latest race of the Quincies, preceded by his father the Soul King who created Shinigami and perhaps even hollows, unless hollows were created by a being predating the Soul King, or if this predating being actually created Shinigami and the current Soul King actually created hollows for maximum irony's sake. Still, I doubt Kubo will think this deeply. Then again, with a being like Pernida representing evolution, perhaps his absence is the reason why Soul Society is so stagnant?
Imagine if the Soul King, Yhwach and Aizen are all destroyed such that Ichigo and Orhime must become the new Soul King and Queen, radically altering the entire afterlife system with the former's hybrid nature and the latter's reality-altering one? So many potentially-amazing-or-bullsh*t possibilities...)
- I doubt that whatever occurs will affect your and other Bleach fanfics for a while.

Good chapter, and see you around for future ones!
6/9/2016 c9 Guest
Awesome job
6/9/2016 c9 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Uh oh! Uryu didn't use any Hollow Bait this time, so what's causing all these Hollows to appear?! Update soon! I can't wait to see what happens next!
6/9/2016 c9 15NinjaFang1331
Great job! And yeah more fighting next chapter!
6/9/2016 c9 1buterflypuss
good chap
6/9/2016 c9 Mohit333Sharma
I really love the story
Ichigo x tatsuki x orihime x yuchiro x Matsumoto x mono x nel x haribell x retsu
6/9/2016 c9 3Littlest1
So the hundreds of Hollows attack happens again. Guess that means Tatsuki and Orihime have their official awakening and fight now.
6/9/2016 c9 krazimaurice
Wonder who set the bait
6/7/2016 c8 3SakuraKoi
Wow so good
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