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5/10/2016 c4 15NinjaFang1331
Okay I believe you should put Sui-feng in the harem because she is a student of Yoruichi and will have an understanding of what Ichigo has learned!
5/10/2016 c3 NinjaFang1331
Awesome job with the chapter!
5/8/2016 c4 Yoruichi out
So how exactly is yoruichi gonna be in the harem? I mean, during Quincy blood war arc, she uses lightning god, and starts acting like a cat, and she's all in "love kisuke mode", so I wouldn't think that she would have ichigo as a love interest, kinda not really working out in my head.
5/8/2016 c4 Question
When exactly is the hell verse? I have been led to believe that it is during the time when ichigo is losing his powers, because he has the new mask and old bankai, so the only plausible idea is that it is happening during that time period. What is your belief on the matter?
5/8/2016 c4 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
So wait, Senna will be in the harem?! YES! Awesome.

As for my vote for who should be in the harem with Ichigo, I say Harribel. Why? Because Ichigo sacrificed many things to get to where he's at now. Plus, when/if he rescues her from the Quincy or Aizen, she could slowly start to fall for him. Whaddaya think?
5/8/2016 c3 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Ha ha! Loved this chapter. I especially like how well you wrote Yoruichi. LOLZ.
5/8/2016 c2 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
SO AWESOME! Yes! Let Sora live! He has potential!
5/8/2016 c1 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Whoa! Fantastic start!
5/8/2016 c2 4the DragonBard
Considering he's going to be training, Ichigo will probably be at least as strong as he was at the end of the Soul Society arc at the time Rukia showed up. I don't know if he'll be at the level he was (as in splitting the clouds with a Getsuga Tenshou) after regaining his powers, because he got to that level from several life and death battles, which pushed him to his limits and beyond. Not to say it won't be hard training, but not to that level.

Will Ichigo know his father was a Shiba clan member if he encounters them this time? Maybe mention it?

Will this make Uryuu a bit calmer, the fact he'll have his mother around to temper his father? Same with Masaki and Isshin.

Will the twins learn about being Shinigami and Quincy? Did they inherit the powers as well?
5/8/2016 c4 3SakuraKoi
5/8/2016 c4 12Harbinger Of Kaos
Well my two options for Ichigo would Rangiku (the reason you give are ok plus she would get his support after his death should you choose to go cannon and have him die in the attempt to kill Aizen) and the other choice is Isane (my reasons for this one is: 1) you don't see many of this pairing 2) he can help her with her confidence issues since she seems to have them regarding her looks and abilities and from helping her she stars to care for him 3) plausible scenario for getting them together is he asks for lessons in kaido and she gets the job and a relationship could bloosom from that interaction.)
5/7/2016 c4 Bleached Guest
Argh, this is so awesome! How weird is it that I feel like I have both not much to say and a lot to say at the same time?! Some things I will numerically bullet point:

1.) I am VERY glad that Ichigo & his human friends are getting more involvement with each other and the spiritual realm. The fact that Kisuke, Yoruichi, etc. are being so open to letting Ichigo's friends become spiritually aware seems to me to imply that either a.) they do not want to burden Ichigo from having to keep different aspects of his life secret from his close friends and/or b.) that there is a coming threat so serious that they believe that they need as many gifted fighters as they can get, not to mention that they might want Ichigo to not burden himself with protecting everyone all the time and have his friends that his enemies might target to be able to defend themselves and others. I like that both Ichigo and Uryu's moms may still yet live. As for Sora, him living has as much potential as him dying, becoming a hollow, but then going on to become an arrancar...

2.) Pairings, let along harems, can be very difficult things to deal with. I don't often drabble in them as authors usually have their minds already set in stone on these things or other reviewers might drown out any suggestions that I might give. This, and that there aren't often Bleach stories with both Harems and epically-written writing. This brings up two other issues in regards to a harem: how many is too many and what to do with all the "unpaired" (usually male) characters?

a.) For instance, though you haven't gotten to it yet, many like to pair Nelliel and Harribel with Ichigo. Yet I have seen other authors pair Nel with Grimmjow and Harribel with Starrk. Honestly, I would agree with these pairings only so that you wouldn't have to deal with these characters interacting with Ichigo all the time (and I do personally kind of like the idea of the dad-like Primera getting together with the motherly Shark Queen). Since Arrancar 10/0, 9, 8, 7, 5 (Nnoitra/Luppi), and 2 (along with Rudoborn) are usually depicted as unsympathetic bastards that no one misses if killed off (let alone get paired with any females, ever), only Ulquiorra, the fraccion, and privarron remain among the Arrancar (barring Yin and Yang from the DiamondDust Rebellion Movie, for which I would only be for including due to these two and the background it gives to Toshiro). Without Orihime, and depending on what you personally think of his rather torturous character, what happens with Ulquiorra is up for debate.
I apologize for bringing up the Arrancar first, but they are very popular among fans (The Wandenreich are pretty far along in terms of canon plot, so unless they show up earlier, I doubt anyone will be lobbying for any pairings among their more "sympathetic" members).

b.) As for the Living World members and Shinigami, there aren't many of the former so I'll deal with them first. Barring other high school students, we only really see Ikumi Unagiya as a "non-powered-up" source of consoling during the Fullbringer Arc. Whether you have any plans for her I have no idea. This pretty just leaves the main (mostly) human characters and their loved ones. Given how both Orihime and Tatsuki seem to be desined for Ichigo, this presents a rather interesting scenario for Uryu (listed in the very description as a main character) and Chad. For the former, the only two females outisde of Orihime and Tatsuki that he was shown to interact with (and is often paired with by fans) are Nemu and Cirucci. If the former is utilized, then it would be due to her feeling sympathy for the tortured Uryu and him possibly feeling sympathy for her abuse. The latter is often less pulled off due to OOCness that one may have to induce in the battle-obsessed Privarron, though it still probably leaves her better off than being captured by the Exequias, bottled up in cryo by Szayel, and experimented upon by Mayuri. For Chad, I can't really recall who he has interacted with and/or is commonly paired with considering how he is one of the lesser-used "main characters" in Bleach fanfiction.

c.) Ichigo's sisters bring us to the Shinigami of Soul Society. Honestly, this area is a doozy. One of the most "contested candidates" is probably Toshiro, who is equally paired between Rangiku, Momo, and Karin. While Rangiku might have Gin or Ichigo, the latter two only seem to have Toshiro as I doubt anyone wants to see Momo go all Loly/Menoly with Aizen. Then again, given Karin's young age, she may not need to be paired with Toshiro, leaving Momo the way to go if Rangiku is other wise paired off (though if you do, make Momo less stupid as to blame her "childhood best friend" for Aizen's murder by a letter of all things). A second contested area involves Rukia, Renji, Byakuya, and Kaien if his actual soul takes over Aaroniero. Part of this really depends on who you want to pair Rukia with. I've seen stories pair Rukia with Renji and even Byakuya (who isn't technically her brother by blood and does share a blood connection with his late wife Hisana). Alternatively, I saw one fanfic where an older Yuzu of all people ended up with Byakuya. If you do bring focus onto Rukia, then I think it would be neat to bring in her childhood friends from the movie "Fade to Black", though this can be under an entirely different context than the movie if you want to avoid plot/timeline issues.

d.) For the remaining captains and lieutenants, I honestly can't give any real answers. Bleach has a LOT of characters to keep track of, and many are more memorable than others. I've seen "nice" Unohana paired with Ukitake, although the mange did reveal her connection with Kenpachi Zaraki. Yoruichi has been paired up with Ichigo, Urahara, and SoiFon (idk about your opinions on Yaoi/Yuri, I for one don't care much for pairings in general, though I would not shed a tear if you're against it). I might want her paired with Urahara because she has been with him for awhile. I'd rather NOT have you pair SoiFon with her lieutenant...

e.) I guess the last subset might be Gotei exiles, namely the Shibas, Visored, and anime-only-and-often-forgotten-Hueco-Mundo-exile Ashido Kano. Again, I don't know much for this one. The Visored are probably close to one another and could be paired with each other. I'm not sure if Kukakku would be too into Ichigo given their relatively close familial relation. Ashido may serve to be paired with any female due to his relatively blank slate.

In the end I suppose I have only vouched for a few non-Ichigo pairings to various degrees (Yoruichi/Kisuke, GrimmNel, Starribel, Uryu/Nemu, Retsu/Ukitake or Retsu/Zaraki, and Toshiro/Momo if Momo is better and Rangiku is paired with Gin or Ichigo, just to name a few). The rest I've either outlined the equally-choosable options, with anyone else not mentioned being fair game.

3.) I can't say much about the other arcs (though I'm all for Senna, Hell, and Zanpakuto) as well as some other fundamental philosophical issues that aren't often dealt with by many fanfic authors within this review, so I'll just leave that for another time.

With that, assuming you read all this, I'll wish you well on your way and look forward to future chapters!
5/7/2016 c4 Guest
Harem? FAVED! Orihime & Yoruchi as lovers and Tier and Nel as FB
5/7/2016 c3 Guest
The goddess of flash is comedy gold! Lmao
5/7/2016 c2 Guest
So far this fic is perfect, cant wait to see where this story goes. Thank you for posting this.
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