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4/1 c6 jmcdavid
I think Chad was pissed at Screecher.
3/15 c1 Shirouzamaki
love the story
3/8 c54 Guest
3/8 c70 12Gold Testament
Meh. I keep forgetting about the bounts.
3/8 c69 Gold Testament
3/8 c65 Gold Testament
Of course the Kenpachi Love Shack would be far from civilization. Pretty sure even basic hollows would be disturbed by the savage mating between two being that are more brutal than rabid beasts.
3/8 c63 Gold Testament
Technically when Ichigo was keeping Rukia's hollow self occupied, I think she either tried to dominate an alpha or at least showed her loyalty to her alpha.
3/8 c49 Gold Testament
Since Aizen took over Shinji.
3/8 c46 Gold Testament
Yeah pretty sure a lot of ladies have betrayed Nanao for that book. Least none of Ichigo's girls can be fully mad because Yachiru Unohana's husband is there as well.
3/8 c44 Gold Testament
And kick their asses he did.
3/7 c42 Gold Testament
So I guess Nanao had some of the ladies do modeling?
3/7 c39 Gold Testament
Nanao was on top of the mountain and Uryu destroyed it beneath her feet.
3/7 c38 Gold Testament
Okay 1, I expect all the Sternritter ladies to go for Ichigo without kidnapping him through someone else. 2, When Yamamoto started talking about Ichigo's weak punch I started busting a gut before reading the punching board comment.
3/7 c36 Gold Testament
If it helps Uryu only bought them because he is genuinely attracted to Nemu.
3/7 c6 Gold Testament
Always hated Screecher.
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