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3/7 c5 12Gold Testament
Thanks to Kubo we know that Orihime ends up with Ichigo. Just wish he elaborated on how their relationship began before he sank a bunch of ships.
3/3 c42 galancasey
This author is weird. Probably didn't get any fame or recognition from his published books!
3/2 c36 galancasey
Your so fucking weird making the girls love ichigo a lot. Your a shitty author for that but the story still good but that still is Hella weird it's unrealistic.
2/25 c106 20SSJ3 Kyuubi Gohan
One certainly winding journey with just as many twists, funny ending though.
2/22 c107 Guest
I'll buy one
2/11 c98 5RFDN
This story is a mixed bag for me. To start with the writing is good. Initially character motivations and their development paths make sense.

The storyline was beginning to show issues once we got to the end of the soul society arc. Ichigo was beginning to become too powerful and the interpersonal relationships between characters began to stagnate as the trend of new characters being introduced making a connection and then being put to the wayside occurred over and over again. A prime example of this is Rukia.

Then came Aizen's defeat. After that happened everything basically unraveled. We have Ichigo at this point crushing enemies like Ants under his boots. To this point we have had 2 arcs about Ichigo having to be forcibly pulled away from the action, effectivly in time out for others to develop. those developments were just power ups that honestly barely contributed to their characters. Chad is the only one to have real meaningful development during this.

I am not a fan of the cross overs personally but I can see why you used them. I personally believe that having Ichigo do control training while learning he to actually trust and delegate responsibilities as his friends also continued training and faced credible threats to themselves would have been more effective. And given more time for Ichigo to show his character development and his relationships. It also would have felt more natural as Ichigo continued his progression to becoming the next leader of soul society.
2/8 c107 luv boy
2/8 c107 adam3565
that's awesome.
2/7 c107 Ryan Lui
That is great new! I loved this series and maybe I’ll buy your book. I’m kinda broke though, but I’ll see if I can get it!
2/7 c107 Guest
Good luck man , hope your book sells .
2/7 c107 1ABeaupain
2/4 c39 Gamma-X
That ending! Pfffft!
Uryu and Nanao would make a great couple. XD
2/4 c38 Gamma-X
Oh god! That ending! XD
Candice Catnipp is a great gal! X3
2/4 c34 Gamma-X
Bro! Wth!? Why you dissing my man Hisagi like that!? That's just mean!
2/4 c33 Gamma-X
Ichigo! How dare you leave your girlfriends behind while they're doing the naked apron event! HOW DARE YOU! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡
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