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2/9/2019 c18 BeautifulSamurai
Ahaha your writing is so heartwarming and funny! Much like Fairy Tail itself 3 I love this new therapist! He is getting them to dig deep! The Cana-Lucy moment was so sweet!
2/9/2019 c17 BeautifulSamurai
So funny!
2/5/2019 c26 1Dragonslayer-secret a
What a fic really, brilliant ! Look you made me cry with these emotions...
2/1/2019 c22 1MysticChemyst

Natsu is being COMPLETELY unfair and bigoted and idk, I feel like the "Natsu freaking left" hasn't actually been discussed ENOUGH (surprising, ik).

But seriously. Even if Lucy is super nice and forgiving along other things, I think it's totally fair and reasonable to hold some, or even a lot, of residual anger for what his leaving did to her and how she had to live through a year without the guild or any companionship, really.

I'm NOT trying to imply that she needs a man or anything, but humans are inherently social creatures, especially people like Lucy, so for all of her friends to leave and go off in their own journeys must have been incredibly painful even though she only wanted the best for them. And for it to start with for closest and freaking best friend, who only left a fucking NOTE...

Anyways, while I know that it's not WHY Lucy needs to leave on extended mission, I really think it would only be fair for Natsu to get a taste of his own freaking medicine.


Lol, okay.

Back to reading.

Thanks again!
M. C.
2/1/2019 c17 MysticChemyst
I haven't finished the chapter so maybe my anger will fade by then.

But NO MATTER WHAT the "reason" or her misguided facts Cana had NO RIGHT to do that and that...that...monster should be locked in jail for her impersonation.

Sorry, I'm trying to rant without giving too much away for future readers.

Doesn't matter if it was court ordered. It is STILL CONFIDENTIAL and deeply personal and this makes me furious and makes me cry. I have been to therapists. I have considered becoming a therapist. And it's never easy on either side of that damn "couch" it's just as much a breach of privacy as doctor patient confidentiality, if not more so.

So Lucy has EVERY RIGHT and frankly SHOULD be livid. And I hate to think that Cana would ever do something like this, but if she did, I don't think she would be forgiven for a very long time, if ever. She does things generally in the open, even if "sneaky". But this was downright underhanded and super secretive and frankly, imo, cruel, EVEN IF the marriage had been a sham.

I could go on, but I won't.

Other than that, I've VERY MUCH ENJOYED your story so far! Critiques here and there, but maybe for another you for ALL of your hard work! Keep on writing and growing!

Best wishes
M. C.
2/1/2019 c26 10AlaskaHolmes90786
One of THE most amazing things I have read. This, this is straight up a beauty of a work. Love you so so much. Coffee A Day, Takes My Heart Away is also one of my all time favs but this just exceeds it and aaaaaa. Love you so much 3
11/20/2018 c1 morganalafeye
"wendy had marveled" lmao. dorky i know but that made me literally laugh out loud. (cuz her names wendy marvel) XP
11/7/2018 c26 ABT4Life
Amazing story. I know it’s been a long time since you finished it but I wanted to thank you for such a well thought out story. I can definitely tell you put a lot of thought into it. Thank you again.
9/20/2018 c26 Adonisx
omg this was INCREDIBLE!
9/2/2018 c26 MaraDragneel3113
I absolutely loved this story. I laughed so many times out loud. Especially all the pick up lines and when Lucy told the guild about their marriage. Lol. Awesome job one of my favs.
8/7/2018 c26 Amour toujours
So this is my second time reading this story but first time seeing the epilogue and I have to say, nailed it!
I love how you have kept Lucy and Natsu so in chatacter while adding so much humour! Well done!
7/12/2018 c26 Guest
Awesome story, please make more like this! You are an amazing writer!
7/3/2018 c8 stphie
I have to say I had a smile stuck throughout the story, I love how they interact, they are so cutte (sigh) I love this nalu
6/21/2018 c16 17RoyaldragonSevgisi15
Beautiful adorable amazing cute sweet addictive awesome amazing perfect just ... masterpiece! I love every single freaking chapter you're an amazing author and the way you write these two sweethearts makes even my heart skip a few 100 beats! It's too perfect! And natsu ... I don't have words for the way you show off my little sexy innocent baby boy he's sooooo adorable and perfect I want to marry him myself! He's my most favorite character ever anyway hahahaha! Please please please please please please write more stories about these two I love it! Take care!
6/2/2018 c12 1kittenofmusic
If you're still looking for a proofreader, let me know! I am a 23 yr. old student of English Education who has professionally tutored grammar and not, no worries! (and when I say professional I don't mean I'd make you pay me. I just feel the need to clarify that)
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