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7/13 c4 greatzane16
Wait so is Gohan still a Half-Saiyan or is he a Human with Saiyan abilities?
8/5/2019 c1 ballzyacnoch
I can't believe you updated this goddamn story without me even knowing.
6/24/2019 c13 4dark flacon
For Story
That was a good fight and I like how is imply that attacks like Kamehame-ha and Gatsua Tensho drain the aura defense.

For Author
Is good to know your doing better man and good you found something to help you with your inspirations.
6/24/2019 c13 X3runner
Gohan straight up felt like captain America right there with a touch of by boy Thor thrown in. He also pulled off this TOP goku thing in the end there I wonder will gohan ever pop a golden form or a kioken ?
1/29/2019 c11 Guest
Yeah is official this author quit to bad I like JTD3 work.
2/11/2018 c9 omnitus
2/10/2018 c9 omnitus
pair ichigo with ezra but make it a long time ago
10/9/2017 c11 6Ultimate Black Ace
So, ultimately, what I really like about this chapter is that you have Team GEKI getting involved in Team RWBY's own plot. While perhaps not vital for each team to solve the team dysfunction issue, it does well to show that the two teams live in the same world and interact. That said, I imagine that this is a gamble given that both teams have some degree of internalized dysfunction, so things could easily worsen within GEKI.
Also, going off of the team structure parallels I noted in my previous review, the match ups are fairly one to one. Gohan vs. Ruby, the leaders with the legacies of their parents. Erza vs. Weiss, the disciplinarian elites. Kakashi vs. Blake, ninjas dealing with loss. And Ichigo vs. Yang, the enthusiastic powerhouses.

The one thing I dislike is the Gohan/Ruby moment in this chapter. Just... Ruby is currently concerned with other matters, so it seemed out of place for her to get *that* lost in his eyes.
9/25/2017 c9 Anime Fan Girl
I feel sorry for Gohan. Gohan is my favorite anime character. But with his team Ichigo and Kakshai and Ezra. Yup that gonna be hard to strengthen those three especislly Ichigo. I know how he acts and stuff. Kakshai he's just a funny guy to me and smart. Ezra I don't watch Fairy Tail but the sound of this book she's kind, sometimes stubborn, strict, and funny too me. I got good teams names for them nicknames in my option Gohan (Leader), Ichigo (The Grump), Kakshai (Funny/Smart), Ezra (Strict/Cool Girl.
9/23/2017 c11 4dark flacon
Well team RWBY vs GEKI are going to face off, that's going to be fun, and keep up the good work.
9/23/2017 c11 128Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, well looks like Gohan is planning something involving his own team and Ruby's in this match he favored Glynda to do. Let hope it goes well.
2/1/2017 c10 6Kenpachi Zoro
Come on on continue also bring kenpachi as a teacher that would be so hilarious and he would probably be the favorite teacher of nora,yang and ichigo also he is my favorite bleach character ALL HAIL KENPACHI FROM ZARAKI.
12/22/2016 c10 Guest
12/22/2016 c10 128Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, intentions are getting a little over head for Gohan's team and seems that things will get more interesting for them.
12/21/2016 c10 4dark flacon
1. I like the how they interact with each other, especially when Gohan got mad at them
2. GEKI reactions about food was funny
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