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5/2/2016 c9 4Stillwaterrs
What a nice surprise! I enjoyed "The Listener" too. When you named your telepath 'Toby', I thought you were bringing in the guy they had in the first episode.
5/1/2016 c8 Stillwaterrs

I've just spent the morning blowing off some chores I meant to do. Your story drew me in and kept me there. Well done! The unique style you have of telling the story in both the first and the third person adds depth. It's a tribute to your talent that this doesn't affect the flow of the story; you're taking your time (I recognize this because I have a tendency to rush) without it being 'slow' - as in dragging. It isn't. It's balanced.

I look forward to seeing more chapters. My curiosity is piqued on a number of things; how Toby's interaction will affect Roslin, why her telepathy is fluctuating so much, wondering if she is developing some precognitive abilities, why Brennan resents her, even subconsciously, and where this thing with Jesse will lead. There are also the outside things concerning Genomex and Paragon, but I'm content with where you're focusing.

I envy you your writing time and discipline. I've been trying for that myself, but I also write murder mysteries for dinner theater, so that frequently intrudes and takes time away from my Counterstrike. I'll try to check in more often now to see how your story goes. Who knows - it might even spark my own muse to practice more discipline on my story. Anyway, keep up the good work!

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