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6/27/2017 c1 yupgoodbye
Ok. Ok where to start. This is great. This is so so so amazing, and I love it. I think that you really captured Clint's character well, and this was SO well written. I love this story. Also, I checked out your profile, and I'm very happy because I am a huge fan of every fandom that you've written for, and I'm planning on reading and reviewing for some of those tomorrow. (Just a warning in case you have about ten new emails in your inbox ;) ) Anyway, you are a fantastic writer!
6/9/2016 c1 8Dani9513
Well done. I've been trying time find a story where Buck is in character, IE not evil, and this is it. He was so important to Clint. I love the advice too.
4/23/2016 c1 5techtchr
Well done - thanks for sharing!
4/22/2016 c1 guest 17
This is awesome! Hope you write something like this again :D

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