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10/31/2022 c45 128ShivaVixen
Wow! This is amazing! I fell out of the final fantasy 7 fandom around the time you posted the chapter that had Cloud announcing his plan to be a weapon and went fandom hopping for a few years, just now coming back to old fics and I like what you’ve done!

If I may offer a suggestion for your rewrite- Reeve’s department of Urban Development is hinted as being as loyal to him as Cid’s crew is to him, there probably should be more urban development characters helping out, as well as some ShinRa infantry that stuck with Reeve simply for being the only director left.

Anyway, I hope to see more from you and I hope you’re doing well!
7/6/2022 c3 11oodball167
Six years since my last review, apologies are in order, are they not?

Life happened, got involved in local politics, yadda yadda yadda... So, considering I'm this close to not giving a damn anymore (I can't even remember if the site allows swear words in the reviews or not), I decided to review anyway, even if not so frequently. Silver lining: Oodball167 is back!

Now, solid chapter, just as I remembered you tend to deliver. Might have to go back and re-read a bit of "The Difference One Life Makes", to get a fresher grasp of the story, but that's on me, not on the chapter. Reeve makes a nice point with Midgard's location, wich in turn let's us see the hubris of the late president Shinra. The logistical nightmare of such a city can only be supported in fantasy/sci-fi. Loving the interactions between characters, and how you managed to weave a slight undercurrent of tension between them, especially regarding Reeve's last interaction with Zack. And that last line... Are we gonna see a little entourage of Cloud fanboys? Heheheh...

Anyway, glad to be back! Keep up with your good job!
6/12/2021 c45 himelove22
I really miss your writing. I absolutely adore this series 3 The difference one life makes and Rebuild of Gaia are my favorite ff7 stories. I always Come back and read it when I need a good fic and with ff7 remake out it made me want to read it again especially since they are doing more with Zack. I hope all is well :)
10/18/2020 c45 Guest
Keep up the good work! This and your next one.
9/22/2020 c45 14Kender20
Don't worry Irish-Brigid! At least you've got one supporter of this fic!

Ah, so our heroes just discovered that there's children involved with Deepground experiments, and have decided to call the Turks for help in the matter. Given as to what's going on in your life, take your time in the matter of what happens next. If you need to rewrite the whole thing, it wouldn't hurt, especially if the rewrite comes out better than the current version. In fact, if a rewrite is necessary, One good idea would be to split this fic into two fics, with the current Deepground saga being a sequel to the Advent Children part of the fic. Just thought it would be a good idea. In either case, keep up the good work!
9/21/2020 c45 TooEasilyDistracted
Glad to see this updated. Sometimes a break is the best thing to do. Thanks for another enjoyable chapter!
9/20/2020 c45 derekctomlinson
another great chapter aeris saying to tifa i am glad that zack is back work on your other projects
9/20/2020 c45 14WanderingStarmaster
Well, I'm glad to see more of this. If you perceive a general lack of interest, it doesn't come from me. I actually started reading your first story over from the start again. I think I told you once that yours is my favorite version of the Forgotten City.

Here's hoping you manage to get the story straightened out to your liking.
9/20/2020 c45 26Lluvia-the-Wolfgirl
I was glad to see an update on this, but you do what you need to do to keep on writing, whatever it is.
8/29/2019 c44 2NocturneX
Awesome! And I know how summer colds are. Get well soon!
8/13/2019 c44 14Kender20
Dang, Zack and Cloud sure had a tough time keeping Chaos under control. But at least they managed to do just that, at least for now. As for Cait and his investigation... Uh oh, look who's baa-aack. Why do I have thing feeling that things are going to get ugly very quickly? Keep it up Irish-Brigid!
8/12/2019 c44 Obsidian Elder Raine
Glad to hear you're not dead, and welcome back. Looking forward to your next update, as soon as your able to put it out.
1/17/2019 c43 38Sunny Lighter
After rereading the previous fic, I decided to finally get to reading this one. It's really good, and I can't wait to see how it ends.
12/30/2018 c43 Guest
Great chapter! Thanks for sticking with this
12/25/2018 c43 9Ivy Tante
This is the PERFECT Christmas gift! Thank you! And Merry Christmas to you, as well.

Hm. Cloud's hearing... mutters? Voices he can't quite make out? I'm wondering if it has anything to do with what's going on in Midgar. As Aerith says, he's got a lot of mako inside him. He could/maybe sense anything that effects the Lifestream, right?

So Kunsel's ready to try the cleansing. A part of me is glad, the rest is terrified. I'm rather fond of that book-loving SOLDIER, after all. And (snicker) is there a fight in the works with Yuffie over him? But she does have a point; he IS sick. How is the taint going to react to the cleansing?

Poor Reeve. Working so hard for the people while workers are disappearing. Cait Sith is an inventive way to figure out just what's going on. But what news does the animatronic have? And what's with Cloud's eerie comment and behavior?

Or is that even HIS behavior? Ah... the questions you've unleashed!
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