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for Red is a Pretty Color (Being Rewritten)

12/30/2019 c1 lucasLmac
Listen here you creepy stalker, do you think you fooling anybody? Going back to fics comment under different name, are you insane or what? You are not welcome, so go back to hell, I am sure they look for their runaway.
3/17/2019 c16 AnimeFreak71777
1/5/2019 c4 Vici
Nice story so far.
By the way Frack IS an actual word in german, it means tailcoat. XD
8/12/2018 c16 1Foxie3366
1/16/2018 c16 Sarah
God I love Mai. She’s awesome xD

Also what about KuraMai?
5/4/2017 c15 Sarah
4/10/2017 c15 1NeKo19-94
Next plis
4/6/2017 c15 Vere
OHHH...HEY THERE. I just thought of some pretty ship names for them like...Aika, Aipika, Kuraika, and...Maika(?)...hehe...welp thats all i get so far. Kay then! Ja!
4/5/2017 c15 Vere
Hey there! So i've red your fanfic and it's AWESOME. Cant wait to read the next chappie. AHHH and watch the characters develop. Hehe...anyway...i hv one (or 2) or maybe more ship names for them like: Kurai, Maika, Pikai
Which to me, in a way they sound weird. But anyway, update...soon. kay. I kinda dont like a cliffhanger and i hope you wont leave your story just like that cause ive red dozens of dis or uncontinued fanfics and i kinda still am waiting to read them tho. Anyway, thats all. Kay then! Ja!
4/3/2017 c15 Rina Dragonfly
4/3/2017 c15 42Isella of the wolf tribe
Usually the 'man' in the relationship's name goes first. So it'd be either KuraMai Or MaiKura depending on who's the 'man'. :3
4/3/2017 c15 4WrittenWithPride
How about KuraMaika
4/3/2017 c14 Arisu003
1) Just wondering, was the 'so, what did I miss?' a Hamilton pun? If so, thank you SO MUCH
2) I'm pretty excited about the love triangle! I wonder who the third person will be? Tho I always feel bad for whoever ends up alone, I wanna see how you develop it
3) i'm glad I was able to (somehow) help you with your writer's block! And for giving me credit- you just made my day! I'm serious!
4) I've been thinking about a shipname for Kurapika x Mai but all I can come up with is KurapiMai and KuMai- anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing a cute [insert ship name here] moment next chapter when Kurapika gives one of the eggs to Mai! :)
4/2/2017 c14 42Isella of the wolf tribe
Ahhh! You need to update this again soon!
4/2/2017 c13 Arisu003
1) Congrats on getting the blue belt!
2) I swear, I love it when Killua is like I don't give a f!ck but actually cares for Mai like a sibling would, it's just so cute- actually I'd like it if he got jealous/over protective when Mai and Kurapika have a (more official) thing going on, so yeah, i'm looking forward to another Killua's pov!
3) Just found out about this fic, and i've been binge reading it since! Great job! Looking forward for an update :)
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