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for Red is a Pretty Color (Being Rewritten)

9/6/2016 c7 42Isella of the wolf tribe
OMG this is cute but intense. XD Keep it up!
9/6/2016 c6 Isella of the wolf tribe
Nice job~! XD I love the nicknames~
9/6/2016 c5 Isella of the wolf tribe
Nice~ XD
9/6/2016 c4 Isella of the wolf tribe
These chapters are pretty short. Not complaining, just... :P
9/6/2016 c3 Isella of the wolf tribe
OMFG that ending though, it was great. XD
9/6/2016 c2 Isella of the wolf tribe
XD Already hyped for it~! XD
9/6/2016 c1 Isella of the wolf tribe
Holy shit that was fudging adorable. XD
8/30/2016 c12 TheAnonymousCommentator
I don't like how fast the romance is going out so I will say leorios pov. why not be unique. if this is unacceptable. perhaps Killua followed closely by gon
8/30/2016 c7 TheAnonymousCommentator
sorry for my precious post I meant chapter 7
8/30/2016 c7 TheAnonymousCommentator
chapter 3: Killua was way too ooc. he wouldn't care. just be a bit disappointed that gon failed. yes he would find gon as a friend. but that is more later on.. also not brother. chapter 1: what is going on chapter one is an entirely different anime than chapter 2 and 3
8/24/2016 c12 RedRaptor711
Pleaseee let it be killua! I just want to see him tease kurapika and being a protective brother!
8/21/2016 c9 Guest
When she called him pinhead all I could think of was sponge bob when sandy hibernates and they called each other pinhead and dirty dan
8/21/2016 c12 1NeKo19-94
Next Plis
8/12/2016 c11 NeKo19-94
Next Plis ;)
5/31/2016 c11 Alice
vivement la suite
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