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for A Song of Ice, Fire and Lightning

9/8 c56 Theodore Linardakos1
8/13 c1 Guest
How did this inane trash make it past a single chapter...
6/27 c56 adi5294
Wonderful, wonderful plot! Don’t give up on this fic. Good twists. You will always feel like you could have done better. But that is what fate feels like. Mention the points you want to change as character thoughts about doing better. I feel like you can get this fic to a conclusive end if you keep going at it. Seems like you can add atleast 30-40 more chapters to the fic with what is left. Add points as to why Jon feels the name Stark is more to his liking than Targareyen to show his thought process. Could add a bit more of Arya being wild, show a bit of Sansa maturing and handling the administration of the north. Maybe a flashback of Bran requesting Robb that Jon is needed at the Wall. Maybe a conversation between the Seven and their decision to stand with Harry. Lots of avenues to pursue. Would love to see how you go proceed.
6/22 c1 Guest
Update this dam story
6/17 c56 AngellJ18
Hola, si pudieras continuar con tu historia te lo agradecería mucho. Tu narrativa me cautivo tanto que termine de leer tu historia en dos días.
6/11 c6 3maskedkeeper
kinda a dick move, I get he based on another fanfic I haven't read.
But Harry shouldn't be such a dick about winning, when he is literally using magic to make himself fast. One thing is if he won by proving he is more skilled as he continues to claim , instead he buffs himself then acts (in his mind and talked down on Jaime) like he is better trained like those knights somehow were weak because they can't use magic.

one thing is showing off to gain fame but not actually being a dick, but as we can see what he is thinking. we know he is just a dick to characters he meets for a second.
6/3 c20 Onion-00
hoping the dragon breathes lightning somehow tbh
6/3 c36 lucifyr04
Soooo...a tourney?
6/3 c14 lucifyr04
Hmm the logical way to go about is that Varys would find a comrade for himself in Harry. Since both of them were afflicted by Dark Magic users.
5/10 c46 hearthyguy
No problems with how you plot your story but with the way you presented it. This might be a late review and the author might not care but I agree with the other reviewers. The Euron power-up was a total BS. It made the following plot progress pretty much forced(the drama and angst). Rather than Euron I would have been more receptive it was a more elaborate scheme by Rhollor, another demon summoning mayhaps, it might felt repetitive but at least it makes more sense than Euron smh. But hey I still thank you for the past 40-something chapters of entertainment(excluding this free city battle arc). I hope the author took the criticism for the previous chaps as an encouragement to improve, as indeed that was an L on the author's part.
5/10 c45 hearthyguy
this chapter full of BS
5/7 c56 Guest
what a amazing story
4/28 c56 6Mando-Vet
This has been an outstanding story, and I hope that you return to finish it one day.
4/17 c1 Guest
Dude can you please finish this story please before you start another one
3/30 c56 Guest
The story needs a rewrite too many plotlines because of the Gods in the world.
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