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for A Song of Ice, Fire and Lightning

16h c45 Kapteyn34
Don't like it after the last two chapters. A shift in the power dynamics of the story that makes it unappealing as compared to what it started as.
5/26 c27 55ShadowPillow
It was a good move Robb made, in many ways.
5/26 c26 ShadowPillow
With Harry hanging out with the army like this, and having so much power, and gaining respect, and also hatching his own world-scale plans with the confident assurance that he can make them happen and does not need to get these plans approved by anyone else first ... it's not his intention, but he basically has all the power right now. The only thing that gives power to Robb is his legitimacy, general competence — and then the fact that Harry calls him friend and is, obstensibly, under his command. It's all to clear to see that after what Harry has done, the power of the Northern army now heavily relies on his whim or decision or feeling, rather than the conventional hierarchies of law.

Many people have also more willingly worked with the North, I believe, or the Lords came calling faster, due to Harry's presence and the dragon.

Having Harry as an ally is a huge boon to Robb, but Harry not does not even consult Robb with his plans. Instead, he talks to Jon and Tyrion, making agreements, and then Robb hears of them through Jon, /then/ asks Harry about it before giving in, because he trusts their friendship. When there comes a point when Robb disagrees with Harry's decision, there may come trouble. Harry isn't really good with having a liege. And I think Harry definitely doesn't see Robb in the same way as Ned yet, Ned who had his loyalty and who he'd serve—Robb is still that boy he'd practice swordsmanship with, a boy he had sympathy for after he lost his father and had to step up, not the new liege and great lord of the Stark family who his loyalty should now be bound to after his oaths. If Harry cared about that kind of stuff like lorddom and leiges in the first place; one of his whole goals was to make people more equal in this world, or at least in his territories. Harry only followed Stark, as a bit more of a follower than an ally, I believe, because the man himself had a great presence of character. Robb, despite the good job he's doing so far, doesn't quite yet have that presence of command.

... We'll see how things turn out.

This story is pretty good so far. Keep up the good work.
5/25 c53 AnthonyR89
grrm is going to die before the next book comes out. assuming he's even trying at this point. don't really care either way for the new show.
5/25 c46 AnthonyR89
also, if water magic was so powerful, how did the Rhoynish lose to the Valyrians?
5/25 c45 AnthonyR89
for a minute i thought you were going to have him enslaved by euron. which...yeah, that might have made me stop reading. Harry isn't the type to accept enslavement, under any circumstances.
5/25 c44 AnthonyR89
to be honest, I probably would react less negatively if it had been warlocks of qarth rather than euron. at least they have a history and tradition of magic.
5/25 c40 AnthonyR89
...Dany absolutely did do something wrong when she decided that she was going to hold Harry prisoner.
5/25 c37 AnthonyR89
...I'm pretty sure Moro was never part of Drogo's khalasar. or else he would have immediately recognized Dany when he captured her and wouldn't have been planning on raping her before realizing whose widow she was.
5/25 c34 AnthonyR89
I'm not a fan of the dothraki. fucking slavers
5/25 c29 AnthonyR89
Tywin is more dangerous as a politician than as a general, though he's competent as a general.
5/25 c27 AnthonyR89
I pretty much expected you to try and recruit Jaime when you replaced him with Lancel in Winterfell.

also surprised that you didn't have Robb knight Jon, as well. even as just a Lord Paramount, he has that power.
5/25 c25 AnthonyR89
...not really getting Harry's distaste for the idea of becoming a noble. while I am a fan of stories that make being the head of a house actually mean something in Harry Potter, even putting that aside, the dude is British. you know, the place with a Queen and a house of lords. it's not like Harry is American, or something.

also, much as I hate the Freys, it's not much different than what Hoster Tully did during Robert's Rebellion. the only difference being that Hoster actually had the honor to keep his word after giving it.
5/25 c22 AnthonyR89
...assuming he can. beat any faceless man just because he could beat one is rather idiotic. for all Harry knows, the one he fought was a rookie, or journeyman, never mind the idea of facing multiple faceless men at once.

though personally if I were going to name the dragon after a Goddess it would likely be Athena or Artemis. maybe Ammit.
5/24 c19 AnthonyR89
and that posted before I intended. I was going to point out House Blackwood, one of the strongest houses in the Riverlands.

also, Ned could have solved a lot of problems with his wife by proclaiming Jon as his brother's bastard.

also, who hates Harry enough to want to pair him with Sansa?
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