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for A Song of Ice, Fire and Lightning

22h c26 6Primus2021
So Daenerys Targaryen is called "The Mother of Dragons", Hestia calls Harry Potter "Father" guessing that would make him "The Father of Dragons" and the endgame pairing is Harry x Daenerys, I can see the irony in their romance already, lol
5/4 c44 HighF
Dang I want my OP protag back :(.
5/4 c43 HighF
Enemy's to OP please nerf!
5/1 c5 Guest
This is where i give up on your story. You are making Harry weak just to fill in for the plot, it's lazy and annoying to get attached to a character then have them loose all their power and be weak. The whole reason i started reading this was because i wanted a OP Harry, not some little cry baby with a crush on jon snow. Ruined the entire series for me, im not even going to keep reading your other story now.
5/1 c4 Guest
Is Harry gay? why is he so obsessed with jon? it's super creepy and kind of wierd.
5/3 c24 HighF
One of the best fanfiction that I have had the pleasure to read so far.
5/2 c9 HighF
Love the way this is going :).
5/2 c8 HighF
Wow love OP protags!
5/2 c6 HighF
Love it!
4/29 c25 Colt Cobra
It would have been funny if Harry noticed a resemblance between Walder Frey and Filch, considering they share the same actor.
4/26 c50 Kuman
Finished binging this awesome fic. Damn it's great. I came here after reading LDS after the Azkaban arc. Great fic all around.
One thing I wish to see is an intermission with different povs. Maybe Jon's or Robb's
4/24 c50 M1stymix
giving Valheim a homage by the title hearth and home?
4/22 c50 The.Last.Prophet.123
why man why!?
i mean its not just enough that ya nerfed harry and made the others and the fire god stronger ya HAD to introduce a new villain and do so much shit come on!
ya know i felt so frustrated and angry when he fought that euron greyjoy guy arghhh!
seriously and here i thought that harry was finally getting somewhere!
sorry for the rant but this story is frustrating me a lot
just hope that by the time he finds hestia harry becomes better and at least strong enough to fight cuz right now i aint seeing him win with all that ya have shown
4/12 c46 redmen6blight
You could always go a bit darker Harry make these waste of flesh truly pay for their actions no mercy no quarter a page from Vlad Tepesh and others.
4/12 c45 redmen6blight
No more nice Harry death to all for what this fool has done would b e nice to see Harry start accessing a bit darker magic due to this.
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