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for The Bonded Heir 2 - The Professor From Hell

7/24 c27 Harry Malfoy9397
Harry forgave Ginny too quickly for my liking after all the hurt she had coursed. In my opinion, it was unrealistic and should have been dragged out for a few chapters.
3/7 c1 Celestial
Will we get so see harry meet the Lily and James Potter portaits?
11/13/2021 c20 LordKnight007
Dumbledore and Mcgonagall?! Idk why but it amuses me!
11/13/2021 c18 LordKnight007
"This is the 'mystery"
The author doesn't know how either
11/10/2021 c8 LordKnight007
Them usinf Fred as bait was unrealistic as they wouldve never risked it in real life. And as you can see, Fred was quickly stunned so if it was real life he wouldve been already dead.
7/6/2021 c1 Guest
So how come Ginny didn’t tell Harry about his parents portraits?
2/1/2021 c31 Daryl Gragg
Thank you. I enjoyed the story line.
I have marked you to follow you and be
notified when you put up your next story.

Daryl Gragg,
11/18/2020 c10 Guest
when will u reveal ginny birthday wish?
10/3/2020 c31 nightwing27
what a stupid series this was good thing I'm doing a story better then this crap where that stupid toad will never set foot at hogwarts in fact her and fudge plot against harry will be known before the 3 rd task and meet their end
9/15/2020 c31 Guest
Pls continue the story it’s to good not to ️️️
6/7/2020 c31 1Relentless Dragon
I think I broke my nose on that wall of an ending other than that it was ok not the best but still readable and enjoyable
3/10/2020 c31 pix25
Great story, tho it was rather rushed towards the end, I don’t understand why it took so long for Ginny to come back to Harry and why she had to break it off with him, she had to be cursed or drugged in order to do that, other wise it wouldn’t have made sense, the punishments for the Slytherin gang should have been worse due to the repeated attempted attacks and should be monitored or even expelled
2/3/2020 c26 gdecon
Ginny's severe extended irrationality has only two possible explanations. One, she is under some curse, in which case it's revelation has been delayed way too long to make sense of the role of this chapter or, two, neither the chapter nor the rest of an otherwise good story is redeemable . In either case the 'CHO" is evil theme is grossly overdone and I see no way to redeem the story without substantial rewrite
12/24/2019 c31 HikariMoon
Loved this series. Although it ended kinda of to abruptly for my tastes
12/3/2019 c31 1blwhpenguin
The Best. This is my favorite story ever written
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