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for Fate: Gamer Night - SE

9/11 c37 2Xerzo LotCN
Good smut gamer fic even if I read it on qq cause i didn't know it was in ff

But i mean it be really nice if this wasn't so far beyond the pay walls

Like I get it hustle is the hustle and all even if technically not legal but such is life that what the hustle isno one popping the bubble yet and all

But like why years and massive gaps between uploads and like 50 or more chapters behind like
It be nice if it was only 5 to 10 or something
not double or triple the fics length and more content

It's kinda disheartening for broke fans that wait years and end up forgetting or leaving because the wait or the ones that don't rereading when it updates to actually remember anything
8/22 c6 Mr-Luca-Wolf
Hahah wow i did not except that hahah
7/26 c37 Orchidbunny
Normally, I wouldn't care for a Gamer Fic, but this one's really well done and I have to admit, I want to see more.

Can I get an invite to your Discord?
7/25 c12 Some Abandonned Account
As always your writing is masterful.

The ideas are not revolutionary, but your execution of them is frankly impressive.
7/25 c11 Some Abandonned Account
I really like how you made the Gamer system work with his abilities.

It's not what I expected at the beginning but it's not as nerfed as I had feared it to be.

Wonderful work so far.
7/24 c10 Some Abandonned Account
So many times in this story, you do something completely unexpected and almost everytime so far it's a full on 10/10
7/24 c9 Some Abandonned Account
Man I really like this take on Shirou's character.

I am new to the fandom, but I really like the thoughtfulness you have given him.
7/24 c8 Some Abandonned Account
Interesting crossover, definitely wasn't expecting it.
7/24 c7 Some Abandonned Account
Nevrmind, if this is the angle for the age, I am all for it.
7/24 c6 Some Abandonned Account
I hadn't realized Shirou was made younger for canon or that everyone else had been aged.

Not sure I am a big fan of that particular decision...
7/24 c5 Some Abandonned Account
Fate is such a wacky world and you are writing it perfectly
7/24 c4 Some Abandonned Account
Loving the level of growth.

I hope it keeps up and he isn't nerfed.

By the time the War begins, he should be an absolute monster
7/24 c3 Some Abandonned Account
This is so much fun
7/24 c2 Some Abandonned Account
Loving your writing so far it flows naturally.

I was kinda hoping he would have been more versatile than the sword mania of canon, but this is good too
7/24 c1 Some Abandonned Account
Always interested in reading gamer fics and this is a great start so far.
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