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for Fate: Gamer Night - SE

10/4/2022 c36 Serpent Of Lore
may I have the discord link please sir? this story is eating my brain
10/4/2022 c36 Rakster
Once oni were brought up in this story I had a feeling Shuten might show up. I'm looking forward to seeing how you'll use her character moving on and I'm looking forward to your next update.
10/4/2022 c36 Jajur von Hohenzollern
shuten being one of my mainstay assassins i approve
10/4/2022 c36 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
9/27/2022 c4 1kailol
This amused me greatly
9/27/2022 c1 kailol
I'm good with most of those things up there chief

but please at least tell me that ntr is a small percentage of those thing up there...
9/23/2022 c12 Master-ofmanga
“It’s sort of a sword too, you know?”

I saw that joke from a mile away, and it still made me laugh when you made it an actual thing. This fic is great, thank you so much.
9/19/2022 c4 krkovichsa
I think putting any emphasis on romance in this way at this age is pretty bad for the story. An unnecessary distraction from more interesting and tasteful things.
9/7/2022 c6 Guest
It had a good premise, until the pedophilia kicked in
8/31/2022 c5 Guest
Lol this is great, I love it, and chapter 5 has great as well with the post n*t clarity lol keep it up it a fun read
8/12/2022 c5 1tsun
So all the other girls are older? Wtf. Drop. I hate shit /shota/shIta.
8/1/2022 c28 Guest
Fuck this shit. He should have just killed that butch. She tried to either capture and experiment on him or straight up kill him, not to mention hurt saeko just to get to him but no he be like oh she did it for saving someone else so she is right , no matter why she did it this bitch deserved death and torture only according to me.
8/1/2022 c6 ashylabto
8/1/2022 c1 ashylabto
i love a good read of some neto tags. this is really fun to read so far
7/16/2022 c35 AngryOmelette
Brilliant story
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