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for Fate: Gamer Night - SE

7/9/2022 c35 Ravenjuubi
Great chapter
7/6/2022 c35 no ntr
To read the next chapters go to kemono party search Neoalfa and then search ichaichasennin. this is a thank you for the ntr.
7/7/2022 c35 Mugetsu700
Great chapter, thanks
6/26/2022 c5 OutrightLiar
In the first chapter at the top you said everyone would be of age, yet he is ten years old with far older women masturbating about him now?

Fucking liar, done with this story. All horrible luck with this. To anyone else you are now warned. Oh, and reported.
6/26/2022 c35 flip flip2 electric bogaloo
this is amazing keep up the good work and I cannot wait for the new update
6/23/2022 c21 kevinthegoat0304
His age in this story is so inconsistent it hurts. I literally can’t tell his age. You got all the facts about when happened wrong.
6/22/2022 c15 4SkyChaser17
epitome of guts bitches... that's so deus ex machina, yet pulled perfectly for the sake of revealing such overpowered yet not skill at the same time. Fgo Lancer would be proud.

Protagonist privilege aside, that was one of the best pull of last moment gambit if I ever see one. Good job.
6/22/2022 c9 SkyChaser17
Ga...Ganbatte Taiga, you still have few years to turn the tables! and really? Ara ara'd by three female protagonist level strength? You're a god Emiya Shirou...
6/22/2022 c6 SkyChaser17
Who the F*ck are you!? even though Shirou is a hero wannabe, he's not a smooth operator! Who are you?! Kamijou f*cking Touma minus za hando?!

Darn ain't that satisfying but truly, kiss canon goodbye. At least you made it believable why this idiot not the emiya we know from main timelines.
6/21/2022 c6 Jay-Not-So-Gay-Eleven
Another Child Predator lol
6/21/2022 c4 Jay-Not-So-Gay-Eleven
Oh, a Child Predator
6/19/2022 c35 Ultimate Pervy Sage
Excited to see you back. Love this story a lot and I am really interested in seeing where it goes. Hoping we get to see Rangiku “thanking” our young hero properly given how unbelievable horny he currently is. And I’m guessing even one time with an escort like her and the buff Lilith gave will see his level in it SKYROCKET.
6/19/2022 c35 alexc123
great chapterA
6/18/2022 c33 Daimon Agafo
"Of course," he quickly agreed. - mistake/ her
6/17/2022 c35 1lannon27
It is great to see that you've returned to work on this story. I can't wait to see where you take the story from here
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