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for Fate: Gamer Night - SE

11/8 c17 VamPyr00
Didn't he originally have the ability to sense magic based off smell or something? That seems like the way to go, honestly. He also needs to utilize his Projections better imo.
11/8 c13 VamPyr00
I find the idea of an 'intimidating face' coming from a 10 year old kid hilarious. All I can imagine is a cute little pout/glare lol. I AM glad to see he is losing some of his submissive behavior though. Catering to the whims of a sexy sadist girl is one thing but Shirou is TOO submissive for his own good, imo. It is one of the things I dislike about his character even in the Canon.
11/8 c11 VamPyr00
Glad to see he's FINALLY making some progress on his magecraft. Not utilizing or even LOOKING at all the options his new powers bring him until now is extremely dumb. I guess it makes sense with how stupid Shirou typically is but not even knowing what Inventory did is pretty absurd, even for him. Almost any game EVER has some type of inventory, so it shouldn't have been a new concept to him even if he only lightly played games.
11/8 c10 VamPyr00
I'm glad this won't be an actual Crossover with Bleach, at least. I like Bleach but that would have added a LOT of unnecessary things to the plot for Fate. Imagine how much Sosuke Aizen would wreck the Fate series entirely. Most Bleach characters are already stronger than Servants, so I'm glad that won't be happening.
11/8 c8 VamPyr00
Yeesh...I thought you were just throwing in crossover characters for fun but it seems that this is at least a partial crossover with Bleach, possibly more. Crossovers are listed in a different section from non-Crossovers for a reason, since many people don't like them. Judging by the background info Yoruichi just gave, this should probably be listed in the Crossover section rather than the Fate/Stay Night section.

On another note, I don't mind smut but the fact that he seems to be ignoring his magecraft is pretty annoying. As far as I can tell, he's made no progress at all with his magecraft since he started learning/fucking with Saeko. Adding Yoruichi and a Bleach crossover into the mix is just going to hamper the already slow pacing even further in my opinion.
11/8 c6 VamPyr00
His Charisma seems TOO OP in my opinion. Any woman that sees him will basically become obsessed with him at this point and the idiot wasted his 15 spare points for MORE Charisma!

With how fast everything is rising, he would have been better off putting those points into increasing his stamina. Since his Magic Circuits are basically going to be ignored for the Nerve Circuits, enhancing his base Stamina is the next best choice in my opinion.

I hope he starts focusing a little more on his magecraft soon though, since sword skills will be almost useless against Servants and basically any decent magi. Though with the pacing it is doubtful that the story even makes it to the next Grail War or Servant summoning.
11/8 c4 VamPyr00
Meh, I think you should have aged Shirou up to at least 13 or so before going into this lol. It would have seemed a lot more realistic, considering the body grows much more around that age than it would at 10 years old. I like the system, but I just found the low age thing kind of weird. It's not like it would have been hard and a few years timeskip would have actually done very good for the pacing so far.

On another note, why isn't he Projecting, Structurally Analyzing, and Reinforcing swords specifically so that he will get that 2000% bonus? Seems like an easy way to level those skills. Even Cooking could probably be helped by utilizing projected swords or something for chopping things. A 2000% boost just seems like something that should be thoroughly abused IMO.
10/14 c4 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
9/11 c37 2Xerzo LotCN
Good smut gamer fic even if I read it on qq cause i didn't know it was in ff

But i mean it be really nice if this wasn't so far beyond the pay walls

Like I get it hustle is the hustle and all even if technically not legal but such is life that what the hustle isno one popping the bubble yet and all

But like why years and massive gaps between uploads and like 50 or more chapters behind like
It be nice if it was only 5 to 10 or something
not double or triple the fics length and more content

It's kinda disheartening for broke fans that wait years and end up forgetting or leaving because the wait or the ones that don't rereading when it updates to actually remember anything
8/22 c6 Mr-Luca-Wolf
Hahah wow i did not except that hahah
7/26 c37 Orchidbunny
Normally, I wouldn't care for a Gamer Fic, but this one's really well done and I have to admit, I want to see more.

Can I get an invite to your Discord?
7/25 c12 Some Abandonned Account
As always your writing is masterful.

The ideas are not revolutionary, but your execution of them is frankly impressive.
7/25 c11 Some Abandonned Account
I really like how you made the Gamer system work with his abilities.

It's not what I expected at the beginning but it's not as nerfed as I had feared it to be.

Wonderful work so far.
7/24 c10 Some Abandonned Account
So many times in this story, you do something completely unexpected and almost everytime so far it's a full on 10/10
7/24 c9 Some Abandonned Account
Man I really like this take on Shirou's character.

I am new to the fandom, but I really like the thoughtfulness you have given him.
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