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for Fate: Gamer Night - SE

7/24 c4 Some Abandonned Account
Loving the level of growth.

I hope it keeps up and he isn't nerfed.

By the time the War begins, he should be an absolute monster
7/24 c3 Some Abandonned Account
This is so much fun
7/24 c2 Some Abandonned Account
Loving your writing so far it flows naturally.

I was kinda hoping he would have been more versatile than the sword mania of canon, but this is good too
7/24 c1 Some Abandonned Account
Always interested in reading gamer fics and this is a great start so far.
7/15 c37 AppleGrowth
Please write more of this and not that NTR trash. You can clearly write at great speeds. This fic is reallly fun!
6/29 c5 dooda7373
weird pedo trash
6/20 c37 patrickmgrimm
You've spun such a wonderful tale!
Keep Going! Keep Crafting your Wonderful World in the Vast ocean that is the Multiverse
May the Muses sing to you their song and help write the story you have drawn.
6/18 c10 LordAnimeMangaGame
You are stupid
5/30 c4 GhostEist
He’s ten! Wtf?
5/19 c1 1Teen Shallot
whoever reads this loves child pornography and rape
5/14 c4 ReadersCantRead
Oops I guess I blew a whistle and that's why icha posted here. Chapter 79 still available. What's next you gonna stop giving content to your patreon flat out?
5/13 c37 BMS
Awesome to see an update
5/12 c16 jimmy.oz
I don't remember if Archer had any concealment skills but i know he could disappear but that might have just been the heroic spirit part. well this is an au anyway so it wont matter if his skills change a bit on some things. the swords and blades are what really matter lol.
5/12 c15 jimmy.oz
Honestly thought the first time he would die would be when lancer stabbed his heart or around there. i didn't expect him to die from these people. that was badass though. however he probably could have just put the bodies in his inventory and dealt with them later.
5/12 c13 jimmy.oz
Really was hoping he wasn't going to fail that quest but guess he was bound to fail at some point.
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