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for Fate: Gamer Night - SE

5/12/2023 c10 jimmy.oz
Just thought about it but when he gets the ability to add swords to his reality marble and make them he is going to be seeing a lot of crazy weapons if the soul society swords are the same as they originally are. hell some weapons in his reality marble are already crazy from the fate series.
5/11/2023 c6 jimmy.oz
To be honest i thought taiga was going to be his first for a while. well as his exp grows at least then he will be able to put up a better fight sexually against the women unless he will always be submissive to them.
5/11/2023 c3 jimmy.oz
To be honest i think scathach would have been better to teach him but that is just because i like her so much in the fate series. then again Saeko is pretty cool too so i am curious how she is put into this story since she doesn't seem to be a normal human either. keep up the good work.
5/11/2023 c1 jimmy.oz
Well the story seems interesting. wonder how long it will take him to fix his magic circuits and if he will continue to do the nerves the way he does even afterwards.
5/6/2023 c37 ReadersCantRead
If IchaIchasennin fails to actually reply after magically coming back right after I posted.

Dm me, don't even need a discord to get 70 chapters.
5/3/2023 c18 Guest
Man what a fic killer, someone knows about the gamer through BS dues ex machinata
5/3/2023 c37 Guest
welcome back, nice lemon with rangiku. liked the small confrontation with waver
5/3/2023 c1 S0LARIS
I tried to message you on discord but it won't let me so can I get the discord link from here?
5/3/2023 c37 dev123playz
can i get the discord link pls
5/3/2023 c37 YinYang1902
Discord link pls
5/3/2023 c37 Gabriel Yuuygudtyt
hey, can i get a Discord link ?
5/3/2023 c37 codywhite162
Excellent work! Looking forward to the next update
5/3/2023 c37 TheReaper2004
I can't send you a friend request on Discord, maybe put the discord link in your bio on here
5/3/2023 c37 Warlord2303
Hey, can I get the discord link, it didn't work last time
5/3/2023 c37 2Terrorhunt
Hello there. I was wondering if you could send me a link to your free Discord server? I couldn't message you without adding you as a friend, and it seems that you're not accepting any friend requests.

Great chapter, btw.
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