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for Fate: Gamer Night - SE

5/3/2023 c37 Rakster
Nice to see a new chapter for this story. I'm looking forward to seeing more with Shirou and Matsumoto next chapter and I also look forward to how the group deals with Shuten-Douji. Looking forward to the next update! :D
5/3/2023 c37 Gyhfyuyg
Hey, can you send me a link to your discord channel via email? I have no idea how to message somebody on discord without a common channel or adding them as a friend. Anyways, nice chapter, really excited for the smut next chapter
5/1/2023 c36 ReadersCantRead
It's unfortunate that this fic really seems to go down hill around chapter 66. The oni arc was fine as far as original plot points go, but the Yoruichi backstory arc? You tried waaaaaay too hard to both incorporate canon names and still make it make sense for this verse. Sui Feng (soi fon) being yoruichis grandmother, yashiro and not Yuushiro. It's just cringey.

All the while the power balance has gone out the window, Saeko uses shunko as if she's a pokemon that learned self destruct and everyone's getting reinforced so they are all very stronk, but only as stronk as the enemy in front of them? Shirous mana count never made sense but was compensated with seggs slaves but even so now it just feels like he'll run out of mana when the plot demands it.

What has remained semi consistent, is the character depth. Taiga, Saeko, Rangiku, even washboard shirou all have defining personalities and it shows especially with Taiga.

Additionally reading it through pdf to word so I didn't have to squint for the words on mobile was an effort, the chapters on fanfiction look so much cleaner (but they still hold many various mistakes that can lead to a double take of whats going on, especially during the whole double twist aizen stuff). But at the end of the day I didn't have to pay a cent or join the discord you baited, so thanks for the read!
4/11/2023 c36 UoDuh
Is there a discord link anywhere?
4/5/2023 c36 New-Bridge
Can I get the discord link?I really like this story.
3/29/2023 c35 HelloEver22
Hey man could I get the discord link? I just found this story again after a while
3/10/2023 c36 Guest
Discord link?
2/23/2023 c36 xDingo
do you have a discord 4 this story?
2/22/2023 c36 sadrex
might i ask for the sauce discord link?
2/20/2023 c36 1Saki Utopia
Me podrias invitar al discord? Me interesa mucho tu historia
2/10/2023 c36 Barbatus Lupus Rex
Hey, I icha can you give me your four digit tags
2/7/2023 c5 Gilgamesh50
You say he has observe skill (structural analysis)
But the game should give him the original ibserve skill no?
2/7/2023 c2 Gilgamesh50
Does hsirou have gamer mind?
If yes then wouldn’t his emotions be muted ?
Like at least bad ones?
Thatwould make him even more stunted
2/4/2023 c1 1StatStick
been reading since 2019. would love to read more. might i ask for the sauce discord link?

also shuten

12/21/2022 c27 Barbatus Lupus Rex
Oh yeah here we go
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