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10/11/2022 c36 Alas
Any and all potential of this has, indeed, been spoiled by a number of details. Buh- bye
10/11/2022 c31 There
really is so much spoiled potential in this...
10/11/2022 c31 You know
I would rather express Mikado like in
A Maelstrom's Princess
by Wolfspane00
Then your weird version.
At least that’s kind of cute,
Seeing Iruka with her.
10/11/2022 c30 Totally
unnecessary to go into an account of others (especially of a possible future love interest to the protagonist) in the midst of very private activities.
Honestly, it’s disgusting
10/10/2022 c27 Head-it
Pervert trash.
Clean up the unnecessary, reprobate unnatural affection stuff.
This is not Mikado.
10/10/2022 c26 Head-iting
The Mikado stuff.
Just going to see her with Shirou.
Plus, her wanting to restore some loved ones.
Not an indecent unnatural affection.

Also, huh. So he will age quicker from usage of the “hyperbolic time generator”? Nice. Now could physically be thirteen quicker.
At least that would make me a little more comfortable...
10/10/2022 c25 Ah
I’ve got it, now.
I prefer to think of an insert of a Shirou from the start of the story
The Fake Player
By 7th Pride.
Just before Kiritsugu passes,
Zelretch drops that Shirou into this present-Shirou.
Thus, he is an old veteran, and (technically) much older then his girls. With the exception of Yoruichi.
Combo-ed with the circumstances, makes sense.
Although, minus being able to “shift” to an adult Shirou-Archer form, it would be very awkward for him to “be” with his ladies in this fic’s circumstances...
10/10/2022 c25 You know
If he just contrived the idea to shape his circuits (bleh) into sword-shapes, and use those to make more points, to make more sword-shaped circuits, to make more energy, and ad nauseam,
he might be able to do kind of like the idea from
Projected Denial
by The Distorted Shadow.
That is a hilarious fic.
10/10/2022 c24 When
I think fishmen...
I think
10/10/2022 c24 Forgot to add
As per the Danmachi/ RPG questing, this Shirou now needs a party of members/ followers/ companions.
10/10/2022 c24 There is
just so much potential.
Just have to head-it the stuff that is nasty...

Now, I see even more Danmachi-isms.
Mixed/ borrowing from Fairy Tail Guild/ Skyrim and Dragon Age questing.
10/9/2022 c23 Fate
is really dumb.
The people of it are a bunch of mad scientists, whose lives are wasted on mad science-witchcraft.
10/9/2022 c22 Although
I will never advocate actual slavery,
Shirou could possibly do an idea, sort of like scarface101 did in a story about Nar being bought a slave, and finding love in his precious “slaves”.
Namely, Shirou could devise a lock based on sword design, using his DNA as a key, which made Mikado Ryouko into his bound servant.
Couldn’t harm, couldn’t do anything without his say.
10/9/2022 c22 For the defenses
/ Fields,
He could involve swords by including sheaths into the idea.
He could literally place swords into points around the property, for the fields to work with.
10/9/2022 c22 When
I read Nurse, and skimmed the first of her description, I thought
Mikado Ryouko.
Funny how it was.
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