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8/25/2016 c1 Nobody Smurf
Interesting concept.

She might be going through hell herself, but she still owes Iemitsu a hug.
5/27/2016 c5 skidney
Awesome chapter!
5/19/2016 c5 Cushy
Holy cow molly! This fic is awesome! Love it!
5/8/2016 c1 Evanescentfacade
Okay. I'm going to shamelessly confess that I squealed in excitement when I saw the summary for this and that it's a crossover between DOS and KHR. I'm looking forward to seeing where this happy ending lands.
5/8/2016 c5 1Nitmi
gods! im so curious!

really interesting story!

pura vida!
5/7/2016 c1 4CosmosQueen
This is a brilliant fic and I'm so happy to discover it.

Honestly, I have always wondered at Shikako's new family and the unfairness of it. Because I always imagined that should she meet Shikamaru again, she would care more about him and the Naras than her new family. And this fic will finally address that because I always wanted to see what would happen should Shikako's new and old family were to meet. Angst will most likely occur.
5/7/2016 c5 4Greatazuredragon
Very nice work so far, well done.
5/7/2016 c1 Greatazuredragon
Interesting, nice intro.
5/6/2016 c5 15donahermurphy
Oh man, I love this. I NEED to see Shikamaru and Shikaku reunite. I need it with a burning passion. Wonderful chapter.
5/6/2016 c5 Madam3Mayh3m
Oh , I'm confused. Guess I'll have to wait for the next chapter to understand. Fingers crossed they all get reunited and get along with vongola 10th generation.
5/6/2016 c5 110th Squad 3rd Seat
This changes everything! Since there is a Naruto side to the KHR.

So Shikamaru gets a little sister?
5/2/2016 c4 Burn-in-the-sun
I'm so glad you told us straight up that there would be a happy ending, because otherwise, I would be balling my eyes out right now. I love the changes in POV and how the story is being developed. Thank you for posting!
4/30/2016 c4 15donahermurphy
Just reading this- ooh, I'm excited for the happy ending. I especially liked reborn's PoV. His practicality, I think.
4/27/2016 c4 5TamashinoSuzume
Ahhhhhhhh! Cliffhanger! No! Why? I just want to know if she can make it back to her family, if Tsuna will understand, and who the heck her guardians are! Can't wait for the next update!
4/25/2016 c4 110th Squad 3rd Seat
I did not expect Kawahira to know. I'm happy he is helping to!
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