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6/8 c5 aadilghaniwala2007
For a moment there I believed that Lloyd raped real people named Guren and Shinkiro lol
6/6 c30 LegendaryMob
only problem here is the fact that lelouch keeps pointing out charles personality when nobody in the room remotely knows him as deep as lelouch, c.c and d.s. all they know is some superficial knowledge of him with his speeches and stoic face. so what's the point of bringing it out when no one can really make a honest comparison?
6/4 c9 zealfrost20
good story even though the plot is predictable, like all important characters will not fall easily, plot armor for his enemy is so strong, and make his allies like fools who always fail because of overconfidence
6/3 c30 1Vegito is King
So Nunnally is getting some attention which is nice. I already like the alterations from the anime that in my opinion ruined her one and only quality that had her stand out from the other characters. She is supposed to be a paragon of kindness. Similar to Euphie but tempered with realistic outlook of life instead of a pampered princess. When Nunnally was made the Viceroy of Area 11 that was a joke and accomplished nothing. She had to have people hold her hand to get things done and she did not implement a single original idea, she copied Euphie. She is worse than Clovis because at least he had some knowledge about bureaucracy and running the government of a nation.

The fact that Nunnally decided to stand against Lelouch was not the worst thing she did. He purposefully orchestrated events to create the idea that he is a demon emperor. So naturally Nunnally would be against such a person. However, a paragon of "kindness" would not side with Schneizel who has a Fortress full of Fleijas and plans to use them in battle. Schneizel destroyed Pendragon, he lied to Nunnally about evacuating the citizens (So much for her ability to tell lies) but the buildings and homes were gone. Is Nunnally saying its okay to destroy all buildings and homes? Then comes the action that killed her kind persona; she decides to be the trigger person for all the Fleijas. In that final battle she certainly surpassed the kill count Lelouch, Suzaku, and Kallen had put together and then some. She was supposed to be a person who abhors violence and yet she proved she is no different from the rest. Then she absolutely betrayed Lelouch fully in this action because she had no clue what the targets for each Fleija where. She could have killed Lelouch at any moment. Even if a close family member becomes an monster to society, a loving family member would never desire their death. Having them incarcerated in prison most definitely, but not killed much less by their own hands. I lost all respect I had for Nunnally when those events took place. I didn't believe her crying scene when she cried over Lelouch's body. She was completely manipulated by Schneizel and Cornelia.

The Resurrection movie just put the nail in Nunnally's coffin. The first time I saw it I knew Lelouch would part ways with everyone and join CC in immortal exile (Lelouch becoming the Geass Order Director made him into a legend). As for Nunnally it was no surprise that she was kidnapped. I figured her rule would be found lacking by some other group and she would be unprepared to take action. Nobody of importance gave a sh*t about Nunnally. Jeremiah didn't show up, Sayoko and Kallen pursued CC instead of Nunnally, Schneizel didn't take direct command or action at all, Cornelia eventually gathered a few troops to rescue the EMPRESS but whatever. My biggest question was where the hell are the Knights of Round? WTF! Schneizel held a picture frame with the new members so we know they exist. Kaguya didn't send any extra support; Kallen and the two members of the original BK don't count. So everybody can't do anything or can't be bothered to take action.

Lelouch saved the day as we all knew he would. Kallen wasn't given the friend zone talk and his final conversation with Nunnally took place. I truly had high hopes that she would redeem herself by apologizing to Lelouch for trying to kill him, thank him for taking care of her and loving her when they had no one else, make a promise to create a better world with her own two hands, and finally set Lelouch free and give him her blessings to leave with CC. None of that happened. She threw Lelouch's sins to his face saying "if you are guilty then so am I". Then she states her desire to go back to the way they used to live together. Then she caps it off with wanting him to be by her side implying she wants his help to rule as Empress. There was no apology at any time. I was glad Lelouch left her there crying. But the after credit scenes show her smiling and having fun with other people so I guess it was a momentary sadness.

No matter what happens from this point on, Nunnally has already made some mistakes. So her judgement will be in question by everyone and that can't be fixed. Her talking to Charles, accepting the Viceroy position as a puppet, not using her ability to discern lies on Cornelia or Schneizel and believing absolutely everything they say, and let's add inciting citizens to take up arms to that list. Her only hope now is to stay true to her convictions as a peace loving person who shows kindness even to evil people.

The reunion between Lelouch and his group was tame by the way. I was kind of hoping for a Avengers Assemble feel but it felt lackluster. Hopefully the next chapter can make up for it by showing how out of their league Todoh, Xingke, and especially the plebian Ohgi are. I understand that Ohgi is a doormat and would not question it when Schneizel asks to take command but the other two would not allow it so easily. Once they lose then they would have no choice but to accept his help to combat the genius that is Lelouch.
5/27 c30 Guest
You are amazing with these updates. Love you ;)
5/28 c30 Jklimena
Great chapter. For Lelouch to tell the truth to others will definitely end up helping him in the long run, and I can't wait to see what order he gave to Cinder, it would be really interesting.

It seems that my vision about Nunnally and her promises is very supported by the comments, because it really would be extremely easy for Lelouch to be able to ruin each of the things that Nunnally promised with a few words, like showing how Suzaku was a childhood friend of them and therefore making others believe that Nunnally would arrange things for Suzaku to go free, or even simply ask Nunnally if she would agree with Suzaku's execution if he ends up being considered guilty and sentenced to death, because I doubt that Nunnally would accept for Suzaku to be executed, which would show that she is not really being impartial. The other point of decolonizing the areas that Britannia controls would be even easier, since Lelouch would simply have to ask what exactly Nunnally's plan is for that, something that she obviously wouldn't know seeing that it is Schneizel who really controls things, showing the world once again that Nunnally is not really ready to be an Empress and that she is simply being manipulated by her siblings, which would make Schneizel's judgment also questioned if people learn that it is he who has planned everything.

Cornelia is another point, because she was literally willing to raze ghettos full of civilians just to achieve her goal, and is the sister of Euphemia, who most consider a maniac who literally started a carnage. Nunnally doesn't really have the best support to look good, literally everyone close to her committed various crimes in some form or another, while Lelouch has shown various acts of kindness and none of his own followers are infamous enough to pose any problem for him.
5/28 c30 fahri.uchiha
I'm almost afraid Nunnally exposes geass Lelouch for mass panic, maybe it's for the trump card?
5/26 c30 8MosesArk Reborn2000
First and all, I can't help but applaud the fact that Lelouch actually sat down his people and told them everything. It's a real show of trust and learning from him as he already seen what happens when he keeps secrets, so he doesn't want to give Schneizel the chance to try it again. My only grievance is the fact that we didn't get to see Jeremiah's reaction to the truth, seeing how it happened off screen in chapter one as I can't imagine he reacted well to the news.

Everyone's reaction to the news also felt real as while Peter is the crazy uncle we all wish we had, he's not an idiot as and has his own opinions, him saying that he would follow Bishop on his choice is a great bro move, the two shared a cell together for like 8 years and Bishop got him out with him, if that wasn't enough to gain a bro, nothing is. Arthur's reaction also fit him as he had no connection to neither Japan, Zero, the Black Knights or any of the people who died during the two separate rebellions. He only knows Lelouch the emperor who not only saved his life, but gave him a chance to avenge his fallen friends as a Knight of Round. Cinder already knew so she just watched the others for anything suspicious. Bishop...he really needs some time to deal with this as yeah, he wants to remember her as she was, rather then is but it's alot to take in.

With that truth, I think that just about everyone there realized the purpose behind why Schneizel kept the truth about Nunnally secret as he knows as much as they do just how much Lelouch cares for her, so he's banking on that affection to make Lelouch less effective, for him to go easy on them, make a mistake, hesitate. Anything that can be exploited. Marry, Jeremiah and Sayoko might of has the most visible reactions as for one reason or another, they care for the girl so finding out that she very much alive, and aligned against them must be a big blow. It's only Cinder and Leila, whom have no love for the previous order nor a girl they never met, who started thinking on how this could effect thier plans going forward, and more importantly, how this would effect their shared boss.

Lelouch declaring her an enemy of the state along with their other rouge siblings was the best move, but a hard one to make as those who knew of her, or know her showed how they didn't wish for that to be the case. Marrybell might be happy that he sees her as only sibling he has left, but she too cares for the girl and isn't shallow enough to try and take that spot. Still, he found a middle ground he can live with in making sure they all know they aren't fighting to kill, only to defeat and captured where she can stand trial, which they all know would be lenient due to the fact she's only 15, a minor and wasn't the only that came up with plans, or pushed any big red buttons(yet).

With the girl in question, the sad truth is starting to dawn on her that she's not even considered a threat by her power hungry brother as he spoke over her and whenever she did try to speak to him, he dismissed her as unimportant. She sees this clearly in the fact that the very faction she's been tasked to lead doesn't see her as a leader, nor does she have the confidence to act like one as they did nothing when she spoke and only reacted when Schneizel walked in and gave his own words. Though this could also be because a large part of the faction they're leading are made up of hardcore Charles supporters that escaped Lelouch's purges earlier in his reign. They are people that grew up and believed in the old order so taking orders from a blind, crippled, political nobody isn't high on their do-to lists.

Then there is her international declaration of war against her brother, the emperor. Like Tamaki said, she will have a hard time getting anyone in Britannia to side with her as Lelouch has been nothing but a caring and effective leader so far. She may be right in that he wanted war with the EU to conquer them BUT she has no proof of this since as far as the world is concerned, he was on his way there to engage in talks to see if that couldn't resolve their issues without killing one another.

The fact she wants to give Schneizel and Suzaku fair trials is also suspect as not only are the two of them on her side, but she freely admits that the later saved her life which would be argued coloured her perception of the blonde prince. Lastly, Britannia prior to Lelouch as a menace which she freely admits so it would be very hard for people outside the country to care to see a 'fair trial' when they are already universally hated, they would just see it as her trying to save them through a legal system which everyone knows is incompetent and corrupt.

That last bit though, about wishing to decolonize the empire is both wise in the short term, but foolish in the long run. Wise in the short term as it could lead to revolts springing up across Britannia in support of Nunnally, which will weaken Lelouch and stretch out his resources as he would need to deal with it, and this is not a assured thing as again, Lelouch has done nothing but help both commoners and the numbers, giving them rights and representation in government so as we saw in Japan, most wouldn't have a reason to fight only this time it's not out of fear.
Foolish as history has shown us that such a process would take years if not decades decades as some colonies have been part of the empire so long that they might as well be part of the homeland while others might have the infrastructure and resources to operate as independent nations and would heavily reliant on aid from others.(There is also the fact that the 'homeland' is implied to be the entire Americas, so we have no which parts of the map are areas to begin with)

With his concerns with the UFN, I don't know. He's right to assume the leadership will want to exploit this time to try and give Britannia a decisive defeat, but the people in the streets might not want another war as Britannia is under new management, and this new contender for the throne is only worth a damn because of her two siblings, both of whom are branded as war criminals. Schneizel can try to reach out to the Black Knights, but after the blunder that was Europe, I can't see Kaguya or Xingke being convinced to aide him.

Lastly, don't change a thing about Cinder, unlike RWBY proper, she's a fully flushed out character here as you did a great job in characterizing her. Plus this take on her is a perfect match for him as while she's not a blind zealot that follows him, but she's honest in that she doing so because its for her own benefit, even if she does care for him as a person and as the one that destroyed the old order she hated as well as gave her the chance to get her own vengeance.

The ending through, that was top notch as Suzaku might have been cleared of the geass command, so this is his way of showing his favour, by giving her something similar and if he has the time, help her make it her own much like Suzaku manages to do near the end of the series. Another reason why she follows him is like her cannon character, she is not hero nor a good person so she can commit some pretty messed up stuff without feeling bad about it. Also, I can totally see Kallen taking this as him choosing Cinder over her and losing it.
5/25 c30 Blaze1992
the game is afoot.
5/25 c30 MordredVisor
oh my God, I wanted to read that last command line geass, what type of order is he using on Cinder.

excellent chapter indeed. looking forward to the next one
5/24 c30 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
5/24 c30 3Jam-Man265
To be fair the RWBY was always a nitch product. What gave the series it's charm at the start was it's creator/animator "Monty Oum"... then he died and the series lost it's key piece that made it unique.

That said, I do like how you've portrayed Cinder in this Fic~.
5/24 c30 51Shadowwriter01
Okay. I can only hope the Black Knights and the UFN will not be stupid enough to believe Nunnalys/Schneizels claims about freeing the colonies and bringing "peace".
Especially after Schneizel was the one who lied to them about having the authority to free Japan in exchange for Zero in the first place.
If they are still willing to buy any of this after that, then they are truly too dumb to exist.

Regarding the last chapter. The confrontation between Lelouch and the others was very good. I just wish he would have said something about the geass command on Euphemia and the SAZ massacre never being his plan.
If he had said something like:
"To be honest, actually I am myself not completely sure why this happened. My plan had been to geass Euphemia into shooting me in public to paint the SAZ as a trap.
During our talk I just mentioned the possibility of Japanise getting killed and then my geass suddenly activated and the next moment she was running amok and I had no way to stop her beside shooting her..
Maybe it just went out of control, maybe someone (V.V.) was manipulating me. I dont know."

After spending the whole time painting Lelouch as the evil mastermind behind that massacre to justify themselves, there would have probably been no greater slap in the face for Cornelia and Suzaku as Lelouch just admitted that he had absolutely no control over what had happened.
5/24 c30 Sai Venkatesh394
will we see the sakuradite kaboom again just like the show?
5/23 c30 1fearofvengeance
Well seems we are at the war part of the fic now between Lelouch and Schneizel featuring the UFN.
Right now, I don't really get the Stance of Schneizel in terms of what Nunnally demands other than the arrest of Lelouch. I mean Suzaku basically murdered a million people, his fate is definitely assured to be either imprisonment or execution while Schneizel's directions created those weapons in the first place. While they could be given a fair tri, it ain't gonna work especially with what Schneizel has planned. Her decolonization thing is another thing, while ideal in nature, people should be more hesitant supporting or aligning with her since her allies were the damn oppressors in the first place. Cornelia was the general that massacred numbers for the sake of the EMPIRE, Schneizel was definitely one of the people behind getting new areas for Britannia as well and the Knights of the Round, well they all obeyed Charles and were oppressors as well. Even with Nunnally's image, no one would believe that Schneizel, Cornelia and the Knights of the round would actually willing go along with this. Also Nunnally can be branded as a pawn and puppet given the fact that she is one for her siblings since she doesn't have anyone who are followers of her with the people in their camp being either with Schneizel or loyalists of Charles, so can really spread doubt if her decolonization demands could really be done. So this is gonna be interesting especially with the next chapter and also what the UFN will do, especially once the public would find out that the Black Knights sold out their leader to get Japan which even then they failed in.
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