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for His Britannia

9/20 c42 eniox27
Dude I’ve been devouring this story and Suzukis breakdown was a highlight.
8/22 c48 3Reiki27
man, rereading this fic in two days was a blast, and two sleepless nights and not paying attention on class. I don't know if I said it but your fic was also an inspirarion to mine, and your AN made me think that its really been a long time since i wanted to complete a fic.

Seven years... this is dedication, and your last chapters were great, the "world" of nunna was a nice touch, I can say that you are the best Code Geass fic author in this site, because you completed it. Writting one-shot is easy, but a fic this long with a decent and not rushed final? it is an achievement. hell, not even AAA game companies can deliever a finished project and you can so you can say that you are better than then.

Next step is harder, writting your own book. but you already have a legion of fans.
8/13 c48 HelloEver22
Its always a sad yet fulfilling feeling to finish a story as great as this. Ive been on fanfiction for a very long time and have read hundreds of stories. But this one is easily in my top 10, honestly this could have been a great novel! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, I truly appreciate it! Have a good life my friend, hopefully we see you soon!
7/30 c48 raymond21
Your idea of britannian empire is maybe inspired to Palpatine galactic empire,but instead of cruel emperor,the world got benevolent emperor. The government system of galactic republic in star wars is maybe not perfect but it is closest thing they have to democracy that didn't ruin their people. They have chancellor that voted from majority of king and queen of planet, and they only have one military to supervise peace in galaxy. The new republic that Luke created is the same as old but it give CIS state more funding and better treatment to outer realm. Lelouch ruling the world maybe not perfect but as long as the third world nation can rid of corruption,rebels, and unjust ruler from their country,the country will be fine and accepted of lelouch iron fist,because not many country want to risk bloody civil war to rid of their corruption. But lelouch in the future after rid of all of nations corruption,must relinquish his power and let other country decided their fate for themselves. Let Britannia military become the source of peace keeper that payed from Britannia people,as redemption of worlds suffering under Britannia relentless conquest of other indenpendent nations
7/29 c45 raymond21
This battle is engaging to me. To see all old knight of round fighting against lelouch knight of round. Shame that lelouch only have suzaku as his. knight of round in canon. I want to see marybel in anime fighting for lelouch regime.
7/27 c44 raymond21
Finally the final battle will is sad that w-0 squad is death but war is not without sacrifice. And for your OC,well your OC is fells like a real character in canon. For me,your story is very good. Detailed,have plot twist,didn't just repeat plot in canon. For me a great fic is fic that didn't repeat timeline I. Canon world,because what good is fanfic is only repeat what happened in canon?
7/23 c17 capitalist banter
" hear this, then Schwarzer most likely told you where is Schneizel."

Where Scneizel is?

"Sir, we heard an explosion and I'm already hiding there"

Heading not hiding?
7/23 c16 capitalist banter
"Not even Lelouch's only remaining sister held a position of such trust."

Isn't Genivere and Carnie still alive? Also some typos I saw in this chapter.
7/22 c13 capitalist banter
Looking forward to the meeting between Amber and Kallen
7/22 c11 capitalist banter
This fic is badass, I really like how you portray C.C and Lelouch.
7/20 c7 capitalist banter
"Ask yourself this, Kallen: If Master Lelouch used his Geass on you all to be unquestionably loyal to him, how is it that you were able to betray him?"

What a powerful line.
7/18 c47 LegendaryMob
Last boss nunnally is such an ass-pull...
6/17 c48 KingZeRoPL
CODE GEASS X DxD crossover might be interesting to read for fatuous reasons. From Lelouchs mind power to DxD body types :V.

TBH i half expected more wincest (Nunnally) but i think that's ending of Nunally is good enough for me.

I'm definitely Gona re read this story somewhere in the future not mentioning i think it's either first or second finished code Geass story I've ever read. And I'm honestly sad it's not cannon.

Also hoped theyll all become immortal cuz I'm a fan of this idea but it may be my kink so. Anyway I'm Gona lurk around your profile looking for something to catch my eye.
6/4 c11 Hiroton
This extreme plot armor is getting really annoying, really fast. All of the named enemies of lelouch always get away no matter how dire the situation. To be honest it's extremely irritating that the author is such a poor writer that he writes something so unrealistic. No one is THAT lucky and they should have been all dead long ago. This is absolutely abhorrent writing.
6/4 c9 Hiroton
This is seriously getting extremely ridiculous and REALLY annoying. It seems there is a growing trend here where all the named enemies of lelouch are always getting away from being killed or captured right in the nick of time. No person and I mean none are that lucky. Sure some can be lucky enough to survive, but NOT all. Very few are likely to survive, though, from a plan personally devised by a genius like lelouch. This is way too much plot armor and it makes an otherwise good story into a largely disappointing one.
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