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6/23 c2 4Valkorion510
Screw Zero Requiem! Lelpuch is the true Emperor! All hail Lelouch!
6/23 c1 Valkorion510
5/28 c23 2CrysisWar1234
Bookmark chapter 23. Very nice story by the way.
5/18 c1 Desir Arman
I know this is gonna be weird (OR NOT). But I really wish that if possible. Milly should be included in Lelouch's Harem. Knowing her, she could easily fit right in and Cinder or even Kallen won't be an issue since milly is well... Milly Ashford. not too mention, she knows about lelouch's past and real identity for quite a long time.

And Milly (despite her playful shenanigans) knows lelouch's frame of mind and understands him more so than the rest of the girls. (Maybe more so than C.C. or lelouch himself). And she is well trained in nobility and should be politically savvy. she is wise in her own right and can handle internal affairs since the other girls won't or doesn't want too, Leila might, but being raised as a European for a long time and her past with her parents death's didn't help the matter. As leouch said, she is more suited with external affairs as she has overall influence in europe and being britannian by blood helps her if she becomes a prime minister.

And because if Marianne did not "die" and lelouch and nunnally did not went to japan, it's really a no brainer if Milly becomes lelouch's fiancée, with the ashfords being the strongest support to the "vi Britannia line". with Euphemia or Nunnally(really?) being the only competition, since while extremely rare, same bloodline marriages is allowed and even maybe encourage by some, too keep the royal family "PURE". but cornelia will interfere in euphy's case and lelouch only sees nunna as a sister.

And like lelouch, she is more than what she let's others see her. She too IS strong to survive in royalty. and since the small clue in the anime (Cupid Day, with her slightly sad but accepted her defeat against Shirley), it helps that she DOES have feelings for lelouch. (this can be included in the plot. and it seems that it already IS, when milly saw C.C. in this fanfic, she thought "or hoped..." that C.C. was just someone that's was willing too flirt with lelouch in public)
5/15 c11 Covid69
Reread this story and it was interesting since there were a lot of information that was skimmed over in my rapid reading. The relationship between Code and Geass is interesting, CC being able to sense Geass users and having a connection to her contractors is a weird thing but explainable. CC did sense Lelouch when his Geass was going haywire so it does make sense. Still it does add details on the relationship of C's world and the world of reality. Since this is a continuation of canon timeline not the movie timeline. The rules of Geass are different than the one seen in canon. For starters the possibility that Code and Geass could be obtained is a proven fact in the movies but in canon it's not confirmed. People often mistook movie timeline for canon timeline as the differences are small and unnoticeable but they are extremely important ones like Geass. Geass relationship with humanity is a topic that hasn't been fleshed out but it allows for diversity in how the topic is fleshed out. Just looking at C's world for a second reminds me a lot of the warp. In a way C's world is the source of Geass and individuals form contracts that eventually allows them to manifest their power in the real world. CC has gained her immortality from C's world and the powers are constantly regenerating her. For once Geass in canon was thought of as a mental power that affects the human mind considering that C's world is ultimately filled with the collective unconscious of humanity it does make sense. Then there is the immortality and Alice's ability to actually speed her physical form. Geass was a purely mental power that has powers that influence the human mind but Alice defies this notion.

Her power is purely physical able to accelerate her body to achieve speeds that are impossible in the real world. She draws upon the energies of C's world to increase the speed of her body unlike others who harness it to influence the human mind. Now it actually makes sense why VV called Alice's group as the irregulars because they are irregular in nature. It's a minor detail but it has mind boggling consequences as it means that C's world can enhance physical abilities. Now things like enhanced strength, perception and any other superhuman physical abilities are possible. Not only that but the fact that VV's research has allowed him to create this creates another important implication. Geass can evolve not just the user but how the basic rules of the power operates. Now the question is can Geass actually be hereditary, can multiple contacts be created to gain more Geass and is Geass evolving to actually continue to survive. In this story C's world completely destroys Charles and his code, with no new source of Geass is it actually evolving to continue to exist by having the power pass on in another form. It raises dangerous alarms as even in the movie timeline it is seen that Geass has become prevalent in the world with multiple users gaining Geass without the Code. Geass evolves as it is a power of the human mind and like humanity it evolves to survive and continue it self.

Still though the fact that it's inevitable that a surge of geass users will come to Earth bodes ill for human civilization. Think of it what would happen if a mysterious power suddenly pops out and random people are getting it, sooner or later some of the power will eventually land to people with neverious intentions. Imagine politicians with Geass, a thought of horror as now the purpose of democracy for all intents and purposes is dead. War's are inevitable at this point, the risk of provocation of conflict suddenly spikes to a rate where it's likely to trigger a war. Is this what DS meant that there will be people that will stand in Lelouch's way and that he has to quickly conquer earth before earth descends into a new level of hell. She also says that the collective unconsciousness is holding them back, does this mean that the collective unconsciousness is holding this surge of geass until Lelouch fully conquers the world. Now everything makes sense why DS is helping Lelouch conquer the world and why she is trying to keep him alive at all costs. Lelouch is building a regime fit to adapt to this new environment as a democratic nations will fall into civil unrest which means that it will quickly be infliltrated by Geass users and fall into brutal dictatorship and those transition periods will be deadly as civil war will consume these nations and a lot of people are going to die.

Now I think I'm beginning to understand DS's motives for helping Lelouch. Since the creation of FLEIJA the idea of a warhead that can destroy cities in one blast now exist. It sets a precedence that it's possible and nations will try and develop it for their own gain. The Soviet union got their nuclear warhead in 1949 just 5 years after the US dropped two warhead at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This means that wars will become even more deadly and even if a mutually assured destruction policy was created that in itself will doom mankind. In the cold war humanity came into too many situations where it would almost trigger a nuclear war. There's too many that I can't tell every single one of them but the most notable part was the Soviet submarine captain that refuse to launch nukes out of a fear that nuclear war has started or when a missile alert system glitches and showed that nuclear missiles were in bound. Those example of
incidents are as close as you can get to total human extinction. With the spreading of Geass and the opening of Pandora's box, it all but guaranteed that once tensions escalate into a full blown war. A nuclear war is extremely likely no kit likely but an inevitably as all it takes is one Geass user with ulterior motives who just so happen had the right power that lands him in a position to destroy the world and therefore humanity. This is what the collective unconsciousness is trying to prevent, it's been helping Lelouch conquer the planet because the alternative is worse. At least under one regime the risk nuclear annihilation is greatly reduced and that Geass users can be hunted down much easier in an autocratic state.

CC now has a lot of opportunities to shine. In recent chapters she's been doing less notable activities except helping Leila advance her Geass and being a mental support person for Lelouch. Now she can actually be of use and form a new Geass order. She's a director for the Geass order meaning that she has the ability to actually do something. Warfare and piloting may not be get strong talents considering that other in Lelouch's entourage are way better than her but she can work with DS to contain Geass especially as a field agent. Leila's immunity to geass is due to her very own Geass but she can't go around hunting users as she is busy with Europe. Kallen and Cinder are probably working together to quash whatever uprisings that will happens and they both have military matters to handle with the Knights of the rounds. So she and DS will have to be working together to actually stop this Geass epidemic. Wow a geass epidemic never thought I would actually make that term but it's probably a lot better than COVID considering all the recent hostilities as of late. DS is working as head of OSI meaning that she'll have less time actually studying the effects of Geass. She should work with Lyold more as he will probably help her in doing her research. Still the level of research won't be as good as VV's though as that man whilst being childish is extremely intelligent in his field of study to the point where he created a Geass canceller. Basically a null to a pysker in Warhammer 40k if you want a clear idea of the comparison. It does beg the question how much has Geass evolved, it used to only be restricted to mental abilities and now has evolved into physical and null like abilities. Leila with her power may actually be a Geass null and if the trait could be passed down will bode well for humanity. Still she also has the option of giving Geass to Lelouchs users and since Bismarck probably got his Geass from VV it's a good idea for the KOR to actually get Geass and for Lelouchs future consort to do the same.

Geass is not as deadly as before as with the creation of a Geass canceller most people won't go insane or go to paths that will end up with them being dead. Problem is though that there is only one canceled in canon and Jeremiah may die meaning all technological advancements in the field of Geass is rendered moot. This is different though as she has CC which can remove some of the effects and Leila that actually has a natural geass canceller. Allowing greater flexibility for Lelouch to use his power rendering the one order limit nulled as in her and Jeremiah's present he can order as much as he wants as long as he maintains eye contact and meets them in person. Considering Lelouch is the emperor and a given that an audience invitation is likely rejected. A Geass user can be eliminated much more easily with Lelouch being in the throne. This actually makes Jeremiah a great choice for Lelouch's bodyguard as he not only protects Lelouch from physical threats but also Geass threats. Someone like Mao won't even get close to Lelouch as that person will most likely be blocked by Jeremiah. Still the thought elevator poses an interesting weapons. Lelouch geassed the collective unconsciousness to obey his wish and since Rai actually used that to get people to forget him by geassing god to remove his memory of ever existing. It does make Lelouch extremely powerful as with the thought elevator he can easily remove the collective memory of all humanity in one particular subject or Geass the CU to remove someone from this plane of existence. That is like God like level of powers but I think Lelouch hasn't realized this or is unwilling to ungeass the CU with his order. Still if Schneizel is close to winning well there's a thought elevator in the Nemesis and Lelouch has an instant way to remove him if things get too desperate. Still that actually is incredibly risky, who know that order may actually be keeping something at bay so it's a last resort option.

There's also the question on how Nunnally got her pseudo Geass. In canon she was shown as being able to detect lies if she touched someone's hand. I thought that was skill but being able to detect a lie just out of a touch of one's hand is unnatural and supernatural in nature. It does beg the question as Charles is someone who hated lies and considering that Nunnally inherited a lot of traits from Charles, did she inherit this ability because her father hated lies? It's why I think that Nunnally's pseudo Geass is somewhat hereditary. With the Ragnarok Connection going forward, did the plan going forward mean that C's world as we know it is changing due to the Ragnarok's effect. It's why I think that ultimately Lelouch's children might inherit Geass, since his bloodlines connection to C's world is great with Charles, VV and Marianne being a few examples. If the Geass epidemic were to ever occur it's also likely that due to Lelouch's bloodline having been in contact with Geass a lot and for a long time, his children may have an increased likelihood of gaining the ability. We also see that the rate of which Geass has evolved on Lelouch is unnaturally fast and this is why CC is shocked by Lelouch at the SAZ. This may be due to VV's meddling but it also may came as Lelouch is simply more potent with Geass and this is why CC has been looking for him as she probably thought that a child of a person with great histories of Geass is a perfect contactor. With Lelouch being one of the few to have his Geass envelope both eyes and with it happening in only 2 years. It's alarming as most Geass users take at least a decade if not more to have their Geass envelope both eyes. If Lelouch children gains Geass will it develop at a rate similar to Lelouch or will it actually be faster than him as Charles developed his Geass over a few decades and most likely enveloped it in both eyes in a couple of decades and Lelouch completely surpassed him.

Please don't discontinue this fic it's quite a good read with a lot of thought ending questions especially the ones related to Geass. Still the critism of a lot of Deus ex Machina is inaccurate and I fail to see it or word it out correctly so it's my mistake. We see characters getting away without a shred of consequences with only their Knightmares getting destroyed. We don't see them suffering any damage mental and physical still the key problem lies with the fact that we don't see their planning or how they came and developed their plans. Wizard got away from Pendragon without any consequences but that was due to good planning, the problem lies as we do not see him actually plan his attack or how he actually cut off Britannia's communication's. Was it Rai? Or is it secret channels that Schneizel left who know but if the writing made an effort to highlight this then I'm sure the critisms would die down. Every battle needs an objective, it doesn't matter if it's false it just needs a goal where the plan is created for. Next we see how the plan advances whether it fails or not and then this leads to a conclusion where we see the impacts of the battle and plan on a tactical and strategic level. More thoughts should be given to showing the result of combat and troop movements along with how many they are. The troop movements are enough as in a battle we get tidbits on where the battle is progressing. Troop quantity now that's difficult to say as the author dies use correct military terminology to represent the amount of troops but that's not common knowledge. Maybe you could have Bishop explaining new experimental formations and unit composition and have him compare it to old formations so actually get to know something. So my primary advice is show the stages of planning and highlight them, don't reveal everything just on what is enough to get the readers mind thinking on all the possibilities.

Now that I think about it Leila's unit managing to get away five times makes sense. First one in Paris was because she ordered a retreat. Second one was that CC was overtly arrogant and wanted to play with her allowing her unit to get away as Jeremiah is busy with the stratospheric launcher. Third time was because Anya made a plan that managed to bring down some of Britannia's anti electronic defenses by using a downed Vincent Ward as a way to hack into Britannian communications and that CC was still slightly arrogant. Fourth time was because Lelouch didn't actually want to fight Leila but rather because Lelouch wanted to lay the seed of doubt which he will exploit in the future and that he is testing the new AI hounds. The fifth time Leila didn't get away as she became the target again only this time Lelouch wanted her alive so he could use her to help him in public and private matters which is why she is captured, the W-0 got away because Lelouch sent them to the federation so he could convince Leila to willingly side with him intertwining her fate with his. So it actually makes sense but some are complaining about it because we don't see a clear objective and that planning was just so sudden with a lack of build up, we also didn't see how arrogant Lelouch's forces were as CC deliberately told Jeremiah to play with the Red Ogre whilst she deals with Leila and Akito. Cinders fight with Suzaku was lost because we get a sense that she is arrogant so we know how Suzaku managed to flee and with the fact that reinforcements are arriving and that she is running out of energy making Suzaku's victory believable unlike Wizard. So another advice is do extra build up for battles and in recent chapters it's been going well with it so I have high hopes of seeing this. If you actually want to make Wizards being able to get away far more believable and maintain the suprise then a better way would be to show how lax Britannia is in guarding its capital or show reports mysterious incidents that get the tension up. That's why I was generally surprised that Mount Fuji blew up, we knew Rai is there and we know that he is up to no good and the fact that he is fleeing Japan shows the scale of his actions which got the tension up and surprised us with its explosion. Repeat this, its an example of good writing and shows how the author has gone that far in his skills of writing in eight years.
5/7 c39 xaxiel1572
Did the chapter really have to end there? It was really getting fun.
5/7 c38 xaxiel1572
Boy do I not envy Lelouch in that situation.
5/7 c37 xaxiel1572
Well isn't Nunnally the little schemer.
5/7 c36 xaxiel1572
Well, that was a fun read.
5/6 c35 xaxiel1572
Wait, does that Kallen is gonna have a situation line Suzaku with his live order?
5/4 c23 Quang Duc
it's been over a month and the new chapter hasn't been updated yet. how are you, author
5/2 c1 4DaDragon562
I am interested, curious to see how this plays out

I always thought it too nonsensical that Lelouch trusted Suzaku after everything he did to him, let alone fight the world with him on this bs zero requiem plan
4/24 c31 santiagomatthewjulian
I hate that hedgehog!
4/17 c13 Desir Arman

is it possible that a part of the plot located in the link I provided can be adapted in "His Britannia". Kallen is with Lelouch now as the "Knight of Zero". the scheme here is highly possible. and amazingly ingenious.
4/14 c1 Covid69
- Air ships guns have high ranges that can shoot from high altitude. Fighter jets are replaced as they become obsolete how they became obsolete is never explained but there is an explanation to it. The Vincent Ward has the ability to move in any direction whereas fighter jets have to move forward and point the nozle to actually move the aircraft. A Vincent Ward can move in a direction that is backwards and up which is impossible for fighter jets. As soon as the missile is detected the KMF will move upwards and in a backward direction forcing the missile to bleed lots of energy that it becomes easier to shoot down. The assault rifle of the KMF can actually shoot down long range missiles and Britannia isn't usually fielding a Vincent Ward alone, it's usually accompanied by an airship and other Vincent Wards and Gareth's that can shoot it with lasers. The combination of airship and KMF makes a kill zone where any ordinance or aircraft that enters it will be shot down. Vincent Wards are far more durable and maneuverable as if hit the Vincent Ward could direct it to its arms or legs ensuring it is still able to fight unlike aircraft that gets killed in one missile hit, it's also possible for it to dodge it at a right angle. Hell you can even stab the missile with a sword like how Tohdoh does it with 12 missiles from a Gareth, so a master vibration spear can be used to stab the missile or you can throw the spear at it and catch it back if you are desperate.

- The role of 7th Generation KMF and airships. Modern tactics include air support coordinating tanks and Infantry equipped with various amounts of tools to take ground. In CG that has changed as the advent of 7th Generation KMF and airships. An airship is a large air craft the size of a destroyer that acts like a naval air ship. It provides point defence canons so in conjunction with other airships, create a flack zone where CIWS from these ships can easily shoot the missiles down. There will always be blind spots though that's where the Vincent Wards came in as they cover their blind spots and the airships in return cover their exposed angles from enemy guided munitions. The KMF in CG is not a mech but that of Infrantry. The Vincent Ward is classified as RPI-212B Vincent Ward that translates to Royal Panzer Infrantry. Panzer means armour so Knightmare Frames are in their essence Infantry. This form of infantry can also fly with a float unit equipped and can be armed with assault rifles to anti tank 150mm Giant cannons. That's why tanks and aircraft have become obsolete for the Vincent Ward carries weapons that out gun them and it has the maneuverability to hit and run. It's also possible for a KMF to take cover either in terrain or an airships blaze luminous. Surface to air missiles become obsolete when Vincent Wards can land on the ground and attack from there. Tanks can be out flanked and hit from an angle that guarantees their armor will be penetrated. A 150mm round from an attack angle that is 90 can easily pierce the top part of tank armour and kill the crew. Combat Aircraft are rendered obsolete as Vincent Wards have the ability to render long range missiles innefective when rounds from an airship can achieve the same thing. So as a result Vincent Wards can be compared to infantry and airships to tanks in a modern comparison. Once that mindset it applies the possibilities of this is unlimited. Airships can be armed with hadron cannon and with the correct targeting equipment could hit entire airfields and aircraft from extreme away. Meanwhile Vincent wards can screen the airships from any vulnerability and clear its path by switching from to ground combat to deal with SAM and going airborne to deal with tanks and they have the armaments to do so from 25mm assault rifles equipped with 105mm grenades to giant 150mm artillery. It's even possible to equip missile launchers and spam missiles from a range.

- Due to the Britannian super heavy artillery canon that can shoot up to 500km or more. Any airfield within that range can be easily destroyed and raids from Vincent Wards are easy as they can switch from land to air. Vincent wards are just modular efficient infantry that can fit any role that is needed by a modern army. From anti tank duties to anti infantry duities and anti capital ship warfare. Due to this the Gareth is developed to destroy airships as the hadron canons can clear bass swath of KMF. It's also evident that if you hit the right parts in an airship mainly it's float system then you can bring down an airship. The guns from the Don La is actually bigger and has higher range which explains why cruise missiles aren't needed as forces in CG have guns that fire at distances of 600km or more. The shields of an airship are also different. Britannia Blaze Luminous are designed to block the rounds from impacting while Federation Radiant wave shielding destroys the round by melting it. The shape of radiant wave shielding is always in a circle so the energy expense is incredibly high compared to Britannian shielding that can shield only the areas that are needed. This is why the Nemesis is ultimately better than the Ikagura as that air ship can block as needed and fire enough hadron shots to destroy multiple airships at once. In fact if the Nemesis got to fire first at the hadron canons of the Ikagura then the Ikagura wi be forced to shield and cannot fire. The Nemesis hadron canon has an angle of 270 while the Ikagura only has a front facing 90 angle to actually fire it. This means that the Ikagura will be quickly destroyed as it will run out of energy and cannot return fire, any air ships that tries to assist will be destroyed as the Nemesis has multiple hadron canon that can attack multiple targets at once.

- it's preferable for Lelouch to modify his Caerleon class battleship by replacing it's 5 hyper velocity canon with hadron canon or a VARIS variant of it and an absolute defence field shielding. It's also advisable to redesignate the class to an air destroyer as the Caerleon certainly act the type and battleship goes to the Loglas class battleship. Also recommended to add missiles as while the CIWS night intercept these missiles. A mass missile fire of say 20 missile per ship could leave an opening to allow his forces to advance. The missiles can loaded with different munitions from cluster bombs to direct impact anti capital ship weapons. If possible in the future KMF assault rifles will be replaced by lasers or plasma in the form of VARIS or rapid firing mini hadron blasters.
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