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8/7/2019 c4 3CVSPRbatman
I think kinda of sad. But it is great.
8/7/2019 c3 CVSPRbatman
8/7/2019 c2 CVSPRbatman
man, he's more than angry.
8/7/2019 c1 CVSPRbatman
She's dead?
3/19/2018 c4 9DaddysLiitleGirl
7/12/2017 c4 24rosa lunae
Daaaaang, so sad. So good.
6/24/2016 c4 21ElphabaCanFigureSkate
This was so sad oh my god. Like no cheese only pain. That and, and you didn't fridge Diana, she made her own choices and died for a cause she believed in, Kyle's gf died because they needed a catlayst. Diana was a climax, not a cause.
Also, if it makes you feel any better, you didn't bungle up the nuclear stuff too badly. That blackout probably may have caused a bit of a mess (as an EMP would take out the multitude of backup generators, unless they were shielded, so even then you're pretty accurate). Sorry I'm a physicist with no life lol.
5/23/2016 c4 13annaoi
I... I cried. Like literally. I was reading this at work and thank goodness I was all alone when I started with the waterworks. And no, you didn't fridge Diana, she was perfect. Bruce was perfect. Everyone was perfect! Gah! I just... got so emotional from this.

And it wasn't cheesy. Emotional endings aren't as cheesy as most people think. Characters react the way they always do because that would most people react in real life if the same thing happens. It's just another case of art imitating life IMO.
5/22/2016 c4 12DaisyJane
Sorry it took me a bit to review, had to stop crying and take a day to recover from my grief :). Very good short story and very in character for both Baman and Wonder Woman. No you didn't fridge Diana, her death was just a tragic part of the story. She died completely in character doing what she believed was right. So very poignant but beautiful and emotion writing. And for those upset by her death they can just pretend that her gods took her to Olympus and eventually will restore her to her former life. I really still wish you had written all of Pale Horse so I could have had a longer story that showcased the interesting dynamic between BM and WW.
5/22/2016 c4 Brenda992
Bravo ! I'm speechless ...
5/21/2016 c4 ALEKILE
Well that was heartbreaking. Great conclusion to a wonderful story.
5/21/2016 c4 40Black' Victor Cachat
Very strong scene at the end at the White House
5/21/2016 c4 2Mortalsapien
okay, when character dies it's certainly hard for writer and readers. But still I felt things ended fairly well. Diana's death meant something that's what counts in the end.

Even though I hate sad ending, yours seems more genuine.
Good Job, Frnd. Keep up the work.
5/21/2016 c4 TralfamadoreUndone
While I get what you mean by providing hope to Batman with Diana 's death, I don't know if Bruce is stable enough to see it that way. At this point, he's just too damaged to take another loss and not lose faith in the mission and in humanity, especially when a teammate dies like this- by betrayal or just a mistake.
Still, I absolutely loved the differences in their ideals and view of the world. Very few writers have been able to demonstrate it so eloquently. Diana's line about Bruce not knowing her completely was true.
Thanks for writing this piece.
5/21/2016 c4 Judy
It wasn't about killing Wonder Woman. It was about hurting Batman forever. You took away the light from Batman. The only woman that understood him and accepted him. Saddest part you took away the woman who could truly love him for what he was. Cruel to be Batman in this story.
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