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12/28/2023 c3 lirel.tamora
Best fight scenes ever loved that Remus got to be there for her too. Love when her secrets trickle out bit by bit and the view that her loved ones have of her continue to evolve.
11/25/2023 c6 heffronma5
Please find a way to remove that psycho (RIDDLE) IT should never have been born or drowned at birth. The world would have been a lot better off without IT!
10/12/2023 c15 Guest
Holy fucking shit.
I don't even have words at this point, I'm so fucking gripped and I'm in love with you as an author. I'm reading these at the pace of about one a day, and have downloaded a new browser on my phone bc chrome stopped working.
God damn.
10/12/2023 c6 chess
10/11/2023 c4 chess
it has very much just sunk in that the triwizard tournament is going to be, to lightly put it, and SHITSHOW
oh god what the fuck is gonna happen
I suspect Archie is a mite bit fucked
7/28/2023 c3 swiftie23
an amazing chapter again violet!

so many cute moments with Harry and Leo ;)

i have to admit, Hermione’s internship made me anxious…

love u, love all ur books, characters, writing, etc.
u r amazing please finish the 5th book
7/24/2023 c15 Qi Eclipse
so glad I found this again!
Some very interesting developments have happened
7/15/2023 c15 Piletorn
This story somehow keeps getting better and better.
Ill start the next book with the hope that you won’t take years to finish XD

Thank you for writing this and sharing your talent with us all!
7/5/2023 c5 John Ciaccio
Thank you for this story. I have read this series straight through...
5/2/2023 c5 Guest
In fairness, Harry IS sixteen now, technically. So the age difference isn’t as weird
4/6/2023 c15 Guest
OMG I read this years ago before this section of the story came out and I am absolutely mind blown. This is amazing. I’m literally trying not to scream rn over the end of the ruse. I can’t believe it’s all finally fallen apart and in oh what a spectacular way.
3/20/2023 c13 ArachnidHiveMind
Finally the ruse ends
3/20/2023 c13 ArachnidHiveMind
Did Ulrich Albright make a Doctor Suess reference? He totally did. He called Rigel thing one. As in Things one and two
3/14/2023 c12 You Matter
So... On my FOURTH solid read through of this series... It has only now occurred to me that Owens and Riddle were probably speaking in PARSELTONGUE! The sly hints at it with descriptive words such as "subtle and soft" were very clever.
3/7/2023 c6 Guest
Hold up, does Rigel speak French like a house elf speaks English?
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