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3/3/2023 c7 Guest
Great chapter but I’m confused about something. Why is Rigel suddenly uncomfortable and out-of-place wearing dress robes? Is it just because she had to borrow Draco’s? And the sudden commentary on her boots by people who’ve seen Rigel in formal dress many times, from the Quidditch match in book 1, meeting Rosier and Rookwood for the first time, the Malfoy’s parties, the Ministry Galas… Rigel has to get dressed up all the time and now suddenly it’s like she’s uncomfortable with it.
2/28/2023 c9 KrazyRomanceKitten
I love your stories and have re-read them more than I am willing to admit. I just noticed a slight inconsistency in this chapter. Hermione went first in the obstacle course, not Owens bit after the task they are talking like he went first.
2/26/2023 c15 5CreativeMode
Literally legendary story. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
2/21/2023 c13 BoggyB
I've finished my second read of this series a few months ago. It is by far my favourite fanfiction, and this is my favourite chapter, so I thought I'd leave my first review ever... After keeping the ruse intact for four books, the reveal in this chapter is SO satisfying. The switching points of view in this chapter are masterfully done. So many goosebump moments... Sirius slowly losing control, the evil gang revealing the ruse, Harry's heartbreaking confrontation with Draco... I can safely say that no piece of fiction has ever made me so excited. Well done.
2/11/2023 c11 You Matter
I love this book. It means more to me than I could probably ever put into words. Thank you.
2/4/2023 c3 4Kyralian
Recently, I've been reading a furious debate about UK's NHS and the American version of health system. St. Mungo's policy is rather like the American 'pay-or-die' obsession, but I suppose as the public healthcare is a thing of the 20th century it is understandable that an old-fashioned wizarding society wouldn't have progressed far enough to discover basic human rights. In that vein, the Lower Alleys seems like the first ray of humanitarism in the wizarding world.
1/11/2023 c15 pjcoldham
I was going to wait until I'd fully caught up to leave a review but I have to say something. Violet this book is just exceptional, I'm sure you were already aware while writing it and have been told since but damn.

I've been reading hpff for about 15 years and many stories have captivated me, usually though they have some flaws that I have to overlook, overpowered Harry is too easy or the author is determined to shoehorn in their lust or something. Here there's no so such thing, just story after story of riveting subterfuge, theory and drama. Book 3 was a little slower but book 4 more than made up for it.

Hot Beef
12/25/2022 c12 aki93
Third read for this too. I should remark that I greatly appreciate the characters wittiness and sense of humour
12/24/2022 c11 Emma McPhee
Merry Christmas from New Zealand
12/22/2022 c1 aki93
This is when I start liking Doom. Poor guy, never even had a semblance of a friend
12/18/2022 c15 8LadyGrimR
Holy jesus. THis had me on my TOES
11/23/2022 c8 Fable
"she settled on couple of rolls and a few slices of cured salami"

Isn't Rigel supposed to be a vegetarian?
8/16/2022 c2 You Matter
Violet. You matter.
7/1/2022 c15 Indigo Sterling
I've been zooming through this series, and so I haven't had the chance to leave a review on very many chapters (or, more accurately, I've been too impatient to keep reading to do so), but I wanted to thank you for your work on this story! It has been beautifully told. Things I've been too busy reading to say are, in the order that they occur to me:

1) Stunning conclusion. Watching the tension that has been building this whole time come to a head was absolutely satisfying in so many ways. Giving them a victory that they couldn't have gained without defeat was inspired.

2) I love how you portrayed their family interactions at the end. You managed to convey the tension, confusion, hurt, and anger palpably, but also without losing the thread of just how much they all care for each other. Though much more intense, it felt painfully realistic in terms of what I've experienced when I upset or disappoint a parent. (Blessed as I am to have a wonderful, loyal, yet imperfect family much like the Potters)

3) Thank you for writing Harry/Rigel the way she is. I don't have her ambition or cleverness, but I relate to her all the same. The way that she thinks and processes things is very similar to my own, only calmer, in a way. I love that she takes things (the ordinary things, at least) at face value and doesn't dwell on the past. I often use stories as an escape from anxiety, but it's not often that the escape lasts very long after I abandon its pages. For whatever reason, Harry's reassuring mental patterns have carried over into my day to day, which is wonderful. Not to mention that she has inspired me with the desire to do more with my time and opportunities than I have in the past. She's a wonderful heroine, and I'm glad that you've put so much care into her story.

4) A bit of a random note to bring up at the end of the story, but I've been thinking about it a lot- I very much appreciate how you approached the Harry/Draco thing. I honestly hate how many stories take for granted that attraction inevitably leads to romance, and more, that romance is always truer or better than friendship. From a purely plot-related standpoint, I'm grateful that drama didn't overtake everything else. From a character standpoint, my admiration for Draco has only grown, and I think it was a much more effective emotional beat for he and Rigel to part after doing his best to remain friends, than it would have been if he had been just a jealous/spurned lover.

Well, there are my thoughts. I'm so very interested to see where this goes next, I feel as though anything could happen. Harry certainly isn't out of the woods yet. It does sting that the ruse isn't as over for her as it is for Archie, and the fact that her family still doesn't- can't- know about all of the ordeals that she has been through. One last thank you, and I'm off to read what's out so far of the Malignant Masquerade! :)
6/29/2022 c8 Indigo Sterling
Ooooohhhh! I'm in the middle of the chapter but I just HAVE to point out the tragedy of a wonderful missed joke. (Or is it just that the joke has layers, and I didn't appreciate that part?)

It shouldn't have been "A gentleman never speaks to snakes and tells", it should have been "A gentleman never hisses and tells."

Love you all, love this story, I'm going back to reading it ravenously, but it was going to physically pain me to keep this to myself.
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