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6/3/2019 c16 Guest
I hope Cersei get poisoned and gets super ugly
6/3/2019 c5 Guest
Unless she has plans to double cross Littlefinger she is in dangered by this course.!
6/3/2019 c16 OneWhoReadsTooMuch
Tywin Lannister is just nope nope NOPE NOPE NOPE! No. I mean the man is a master manipulator, great strategist, and all over creeps me out more so here. I don't think he'd take too kindly to Cersei's plans for his new good daughter. Saoirse is absolutely KILLING it when it comes to being a badass Lady. She's not just a pretty face with perfect Lady manners and people should really remember it.
6/3/2019 c16 sasori231
5/1/2019 c15 Hydrangea Wine
I just found your story a few days ago and have been reading it since. I must say that I have enjoyed Saoirse. She is the type of character which I like in stories. She is smart and powerful, yet is not what some would call "overpowered" or a "mary sue". She has her weaknesses, which makes her relatable. Good job on creating her character!

I do wish however that the people of King's Landing weren't misogynists. Although Saoirse still maintains a position on the small council, I believe she could do much better as Hand of the King than Ned. Ned does not have a mind for politics or the Game after all, while Saoirse, as much as she does not wish for the position, is much more suited (in my opinion). I fear Ned might cause issues later on - even if that isn't his intention. Even if Saoirse is there to help guide Ned, the very fact that Ned is in the south creates risks.

Thank you for taking the time to write this story! I have enjoyed what you have written so far and will look out for more updates!
4/25/2019 c15 Gemm13
4/1/2019 c15 Nicolaclair
Wow, I have to say that I truely love this story. I started reading it two days ago, and I couldn't get my mind off it, I just had to know what happened next. You have a true talent, and I can't wait to see what you'll do next with this story. :)
3/26/2019 c15 Dianne060807
I really appreciate your promise that you have no nefarious plot lined up. Thank you! Really loved it.
3/26/2019 c15 OneWhoReadsTooMuch
Very interesting. To be fair to Robert and Ned, I can't blame them for wanting Saoirse to just flat out accept Jaime's proposal. To have Tywin forgive the crown's debts is a really great incentive for the King and council. I appreciate Saoirse attempting to emotionally remove herself from the situation and imagine/plot out all possible outcomes. There's really no outcome where everything is going to be rainbows and magic and she knows that. At this point I feel like she just wants love, family, and happiness for herself. Though I kind of forgot that Oberyn might be just a little bit upset over this announcement...Cersei too...
3/26/2019 c15 Laura201112
Keep up the good work and I cant wait to see what will come next.
3/26/2019 c15 Bella-swan11
Saoirse loves Jaime and this is not going to change, you were sincere with you this was the best you will not allow Cersei to destroy your happiness; she may have been Jaime's lover and the mother of her bastard children. But you will be the legitimate wife and the future mother of your legitimate children, Jaime it is better that you have not pushed the brother of Saoirse because she will never forgive you. Tywin now your future grandchildren will not only inherit Castely Rock but they will be the heirs of the Valley, you must eliminate the power of Cersei you will not let him ruin this marriage because of realizing the power of the Lannister family would increase
3/25/2019 c15 5Artemis Persephone Jackson
Please keep updating
2/6/2019 c14 Dianne060807
I can’t wait for more jaime and saoirse moments! Now she knows! I really want some grovelling on jaime’s part. Update soon
2/5/2019 c14 2lolasskicker
Love your update girl! Can't wait to see if the Dornish people are gonna shake things up with Saoirse!
2/4/2019 c14 OneWhoReadsTooMuch
My heart still hurts so much for Saoirse. To lose so much in quick succession is really starting to take a toll on her. It really does feel like she's alone in all of this even when surrounded by others who care. As for Cersei, there's a couple of thoughts there. Either she's gambling that Saoirse knows for fact that Cersei is Jaime's lover or that by outright telling her that Saoirse wants revenge more and loves Jaime too much to see him killed. (That's what will happen if Saoirse does go and tell the king about his illegitimate children.) Or maybe she's hoping revealing this secret will repulse Saoirse so much that Jaime has no choice but to return to her. Either way Cersei is again banking on believing herself to hold all the cards and able to outplay everyone in the game of politics. If there's one thing she loves most it's power and she'll do anything to hold onto it. I'm really curious to see what Saoirse is going to do with this new knowledge. Will she play into Cersei's hand in her grief? Or will this spark a new fight in her and become a stronger player? So many questions.
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