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for Once Revived, Twice Broken

11/6/2020 c26 1DarkAngel3597
please make another chapter its so good I love it but cried a lot and i wanna know if dean makes or not
9/19/2017 c21 9LHisawesome4ever
Jesus...do you hate dean or something? Dude's been through enough.
Now, it's getting comical.
5/11/2017 c26 Guest
Please finish this story! Really good
4/15/2017 c25 13Sinfully Sined 2
Hell Yeah! I love this story. I stay up two nights to read it to here but I can and will be waiting for ore. this is getting good. Luv Sin!
3/2/2017 c25 32Debwood-1999
Wow, nobody's reviewed this chapter yet?! That sucks, LOL. I'm convinced still that Bray's gonna use Dean for his own benefit. Both he and the Shield want to take the Authority down, they're just gonna do it in different ways. It'll be cool to see how Bray plans to use Dean. And, I'd love to see just how much of a tyrant the Authority will be once they "destroy" the Shield once and for all;)
1/29/2017 c24 Debwood-1999
Oops! I meant The Angel of Destruction! Don't want to be morbid;)
1/29/2017 c24 Debwood-1999
Wow, this screams, SEQUEL! I don't know if can tie everything up in a big red bow in two or three chapters without it sounding abrupt.

Besides, Hunter needs to give himself enough rope to hang himself!;)

I predict that Dean "dies" at the end, and while Hunter gloats over his supposed victory, Bray grooms Dean as a loyal soldier for the eventual defeat of the Authority. But everyone has to think that Dean's dead, even Roman and Seth. Maybe call it The Angel of Death.
1/26/2017 c23 Debwood-1999
Why am I not surprised that the Authority was behind everything that happened to Dean? Hunter's always been on a power trip, but they always blow up in his face.

I'm still hoping that you kill Dean-not because I don't like him, but because I think it would make the story more compelling.
1/26/2017 c23 178Dana1
I do have to agree. All the torture in this fic is intense (and this is someone who writes angst and drama for fun). Please no super powers for Roman.
1/23/2017 c21 Guest
Please finish this story
1/25/2017 c22 16penelo14
I just...I cannot follow this story. I mean, there's a point where the torture is being overused and I think that point is almost reached. There's a line where reading a character being tormented goes from angsty to disturbing. The right amount can have the angst feel but relief when the character is rescued and is able to heal from his or her injuries. But too much creates a disturbing feel that the reader just wishes it ended with the relief not being for the character, but for the fact that the torture is over and the plot can move forward.

I'm so lost as to why the Wyatts kidnapped Dean. They were nowhere in this story and now all of a sudden they show up and take him? It would have made more sense if they were in earlier chapters, hinting to Roman that they want Dean or a scene where they discuss the possibility of Dean joining them, with Bray saying he can protect him better. And my brain is not getting why Randy is with them since he didn't join until after the draft and this seems to take place before the brand split, but Randy and Erick were never in the Wyatt Family at the same time due to Erick getting injured and having surgery in October. But take that with a grain of salt. But still, the Wyatts appearing just throws the plot off for me. I feel this doesn't connect with the main conflict, which was Sami being jealous and Tommy out for revenge. Both those men are gone so why are the Wyatts here? They really have no business here, unless maybe Bray wants to brainwash Dean, use his memories against him to punish Seth and Roman. But Roman hasn't done much to hurt Dean, or at all really. Unless you use the time when he became World champion and Dean was an afterthought to him. I mean, could work but I feel it would have made more sense for Bray to mention Dean prior to this than to just throw the concept in out of nowhere without any buildup.

I feel the story could have ended when Tommy and Sami died and Dean copes with the events in the story. Maybe do a court scene where he defends his case that he killed them through self defense, they drop the case and he attends consoling and rehab for his injuries. Then years later, he wins either the World title or the IC title and reflects on what happened in those years.

I apologize, I don't mean to say "you should do this" or that this is not a good story. This is a great story, it just has some flaws, as does every story. I just mention some suggestions that you can choose to listen to. I do love your writing, I like the "Previously on" concept and it works to recap the reader on what happened in the previous chapter without them having to re-read everything over again. And the main conflict was interesting, I just feel adding more conflict is too much, especially when it's not built up upon. I am curious as to what happens next.
1/23/2017 c22 32Debwood-1999
*frownie face* after everything that's happened to Dean, I'm thinking that maybe you should just kill him in this story and put him out of his misery:(

Or... have the Wyatts fake Dean's death and brainwash him to destroy Romie and Seth.

And for someone who doesn't like Bray Wyatt, you use him quite a bit! LOL.
1/5/2017 c21 Ninjoy
I just read the comments and it seems like some people want you to kill Dean.
Well, you do whatever you want but I'll be really sad if Dean dies. xD
I hope they will make it through all of it, The Shield is stronger than that, right ?
12/21/2016 c21 Debwood-1999
Hi, I've been trying to follow this story, but it's been very difficult. It seems like the majority of this story has been Dean Ambrose torture porn, and it's been hard to read, not for the writing (it's awesome, BTW), but the fact that it's been just blood and guts and rape and torment:(. If you don't mind me asking, how is this going to end? I suspect that the story will end when Dean finally dies, proving that nobody is indestructable.

BTW, if you don't mind, I have a PM for you.
12/8/2016 c18 Guest
Awesome to see this updated! I wonder if Sami is literally gonna treat him like a dog like with collars, muzzles, etc. Poor Dean, he can't seem to catch a break! But it makes for suspenseful and intriguing drama. Can't wait to read what happens next and hope Roman and Seth get to Dean before something really bad happens to him.
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