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for Beating the Clock

1/6/2021 c1 3COforlife
Loved it!
5/27/2020 c1 Guest
A very well written story. Top marks, although reading the bit about Alfred really hit me deep. It's been forever since I've read a fic where he only exists as a memory.
11/4/2016 c1 43BenRG
Maybe the time HAS come to pass on the mantle and the torch to one of the boys - Tim Drake would be the best option, IMO. However, that doesn't reduce you to uselessness. The World's Greatest Detective does not need the cowl of a bat or to beat in scum's skulls to be an effective resource to the League or even just to Gotham City.
5/30/2016 c1 LadyRazorsharp
That was great. Very nicely done. A few awkward sentences you might want to tighten up-can you say the same thing with fewer words, or more pointed words? You're doing very well, and your writing will sing if you make sure things are nice and tight.
5/3/2016 c1 Ni Castle
what a great story
I really liked.
5/1/2016 c1 115Classic Cowboy
great one shot! loved the concept behind this as well. Bruce's greatest enemy is the fact he's only human...
4/26/2016 c1 DDLo18
Love how he's able to break through at the end with the help of Diana.
4/26/2016 c1 adiaz2049
Wonderful story, batman always seems so strong and unstoppable. But I forget he is only human.
4/26/2016 c1 6BruDia
it felt like an justice league and BMWW storyline!
can we get more like this one, friend?!.
thank you
4/26/2016 c1 CrazyPhenom
Ahh, the mortality issue. The bane of our existence. Nicely done wheelzsy, its cool to see even that could be overcome.

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