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for Twelve Days, One (K)night

8/26/2018 c6 1cassthemermaid
Loving this story so far! I hope it'll be updated soon! :)
5/8/2018 c6 7darveysoutlawqueen
OMG! Please continue!
8/6/2016 c6 EmMNarang2513
I love this story so much. I think it's shows your creativity to place #Darvey back in a time where social constraints were so heavily placed on a woman's freedom but also on how men & women were allowed to deal with each other. Seeing characters beginning to assemble was a great touch, for the "big day", & helps to increase the suspense. I really liked that Harvey concedes control to Donna so that she may face King Hardman with the newly found evidence & of course he destroys it. I hate King Hardman just like I do in the show.. Interesting development to know that Tanner's involvement might not be so voluntary. That's great food for thought. Most of all I love the interaction between Harvey & Donna where they are aware of the other & they look but try not to touch *tears* ..,,, just like the show *gulp*. Thanks so much for posting! Can't wait to see where you go next. xo - em
6/11/2016 c5 1gerllss
omg. what a cliffhanger! i think Harvey found something.
6/9/2016 c5 1annnahatcher
I love this chapter soo much. The fact that I hate Hardman isn't a surprise to me *tries to breath*
Bc he is an asshole and you project that beautifuly in this story lmao. I also loved the fact that Harvey is totally nervous and desperate to help her.
Can't wait to see what happens next! xx
6/6/2016 c5 Guest
Love it
So romantic
Great to have something different
Hope for some heroic harvey that is getting hurt while saving his girl
Am a hopeless romantic
6/5/2016 c5 EmMNarang2513
I love that despite the setting of this story I still have the same reactions to all the Suits characters. I hate King Hardmann & I love Princess Donna & Prince Harvey. I also love how desperate Harvey is & the key to Donna's freedom is riddled with guilt on his part for declining the original marriage proposal. You're really doing an amazing job telling this story while keeping the essence of the Suits world. The fact that Donna's parents didn't die the way she was told has me on the edge of my seat. I can't wait to find out more. Thanks so much for posting! xo - em
6/5/2016 c5 Guest
OMG you need to update this everyday for me to be happy ! :) :) :)
5/16/2016 c2 9Trepidatious.Musings
The betrothal of my beloved niece, Princess Paulsen ... to Lord Mitchell Wykeham." -NOOOOOO I'm screaming and laughing omg this is just like the show; I think I'm about the get lucky but BAM! A bomb is dropped!
Well, this was a beautiful update. I loved the description of the dance, the feelings it gave me. It made my hear melt, truly beautiful! This is my current favorite crack fic!
5/16/2016 c4 Sukanya Mani
Hi Maya,

the story kicked in beautifully well, just when I was engrossed deep into the Darvey romance - me being the visual person I am, it didn't sink in it was just a dream, is Maya following suit with the creator of Suits?.
Loved every bit of it .
It was a good follow on from the previous episode of him taking consensus from her parents.
The library scene was great. "The woman who gave birth to me" was just too perfect.
wedding plans, church announcement were all spectacular. Liked the choice of names Soloff & Hardman. Brilliant xx
5/16/2016 c4 EmMNarang2513
Oh my goodness. This chapter is chock full of absolute delight. There are SO many sentences & paragraphs here that I would love to highlight just for their construction alone but that would mean highlighting most of this chapter. For instance "Their eyes still locked he waits for her to object, she merely waits for him to carry on." That is perfection! I also loved how you incorporated epic scenes from the show like how he is walking away & still kind of looking over his shoulder at her. This is all to say that I loved it & eagerly look forward to where you go from here. Thanks so much for posting! xo - Em
5/15/2016 c4 Onyxcareles
This is so so good. Their bond is so strong, they are made for each other. Again just love.
5/14/2016 c4 38lafantomette
Ha How lovely! This chapter started sooooo hot...and it also ends on such a high note! *hearts eyes*
I love that you were able to mirror their working relationship from the show.
5/7/2016 c3 1gerllss
i need an update. hahaha.. this story is so perfect. thank you for writing this one.
5/4/2016 c3 cadalways
This is so well written and interesting. I can't wait for more. I love them in any universe/version. That's it! Thank you 3
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