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4/3 c15 redmen6blight
Okay doing the ending of the anime with no feels warning is normally a dick move but you covered it doesn't excuse making Wendy cry so I am torn between wiping my eyes and trying to curse you.
4/3 c2 redmen6blight
I just have one question your not going to Naruto Harry are i mean by this your not going to artificially make him weaker than Natsu throughout your honestly that was one of the things that annoyed the shit out of me with Naruto. Kishimoto constantly put the title character down and made him weaker.I have no problem with main characters being treated like main characters and when you go out of your way to give a nontitle character the spotlight it gets old. I just find that a lot of people forget that balancing main characters is key.I honestly stopped watching Naruto because Sasuke got every single power up for no sacrifice i am just worried you might be doing that here though i hope not
6/24/2020 c11 Guest
So with Cobra... Would his snake be able to become his bonded familiar?
6/7/2020 c15 9SilverLightning26
I really like this story! I hope you plan on continuing it; I'm interested to see the ripples that Harry's presence has caused come to fruition.
2/16/2020 c15 Guest
This is a great story, and has got me looking into fairy tail for more info, how is his storm magic when compared to Erigor?
Please update soon!
10/24/2019 c15 3WhiteElfElder
The most insane guild around it what they should be called.
11/2/2018 c6 Anubis3000
I would make Harry a bit more powerful as he does control basically two elements. Also are you pairing him with Wendy (please do)
8/23/2018 c15 18Ironshot
Great start. Looking forward to the next chapter.
8/8/2018 c15 4jgkitarel
No need to change it more than the additions to those in the scene as it was. That scene was a powerful one and tugged at the heartstrings. Mashima did an excellent job with that in the manga, and the animators and VAs did an amazing job as well.

You did well here. You did very well.

And agreed, marriage contracts are overdone and cheapen the relationships. They were tools that were used to formalize alliances and agreements, showing that both sides had a stake in it. They weren't something that was handed out like candy. Or multiple ones for a single person. Nope. That breaks SoD and is all too often a shallow justification to write an often badly done harem scenario.
7/18/2018 c15 G
Thanks hopefully there will be more
4/19/2018 c15 4Monster King
Great story I really liked it please continue it soon.
4/15/2018 c1 4jgkitarel
Okay, been awhile since I read through this. It's definitely a bit rough in places, but that happens. Besides, I won't throw rocks in a glass house. .

Anyway, Harry went Dragon Force while stopping Elfman and keeping Lisanna from getting sucked into the Anima, eh? How long will it be before he does so again now, I wonder.
2/7/2018 c15 3doraemax
Yup, no need to change things. this is perhaps one of the most saddest moment in fairy tail. it was way up there, on par with any of One Piece's tear-jerker moments.
2/6/2018 c6 doraemax
on the Candy addiction. Oh no! He will be in cahoots with Dumbledoor with his lemon-drops... :P
1/27/2018 c15 Matt
Will you please update your many seemingly abandoned stories like the J.C.A. and H.P. one and the ones from 2016 which you haven't updated yet? I really like the J.C.A one.
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