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5/12/2017 c14 Bunny10345
This is an amazing story that was put together perfectly,I hope it doesn't start to blend in with all the other Harry Potter fanfics when he goes to hogwarts...also plz make sure harry keeps using his earthland magic even when we is in hogwarts,don't let him slack . great story.
5/9/2017 c14 1Pushi19
Update please
5/9/2017 c14 Flame Wolfe
I like the chapter keep up the good work! hopefully you'll bring another chapter soon!
5/9/2017 c14 1buterflypuss
good chap
5/9/2017 c14 4jgkitarel
A lot of the new magic council's animus towards Fairy Tail stems from the fact that they, Blue Pegasus, and Lamia Scale decided to take on Oracion Seis unilaterally, and thus making the council seem weak. Also, they actually had a good reason to be worried that the elimination of Oracion Seis could have destabilizing consequences, as the elimination of one of the leaders of the Balam Alliance meant that the uneasy peace between Dark Guilds and Council Guilds was over.

They had a very real and justifiable fear that a war was brewing.

I like how Lahar is less than approving of the new council. He will follow orders, he is a professional, but he is also willing to use loopholes, such as Cobra and Harry having a deal. His decision to make Harry responsible in being Cobra's minder and that his behavior is now Harry's responsibility is a good one.
5/9/2017 c14 5llLittle Sll
Soooooo, is Cobra a good guy now?
5/8/2017 c14 5ShiroHollow96
Love the chapter! So whom will Lucy be paired with? Laxus? String? Cobra? Will Cobra join Fairy Tail?
5/8/2017 c14 3MAJORMATT1234
glad to see a new chapter getting pumped for the wendy/harry pair
4/18/2017 c2 david.teague.3950
Hey Hellfire I have a question for you involving this story. With Harry being a Storm Dragon Slayer and having control over wind, couldn't he whip up a wind like tornado, have the wind spiral at such a velocity that it could potentially suck out the oxygen in an area like that effectively making his own vacuum? I obviously don't mean him being able to do it now, but eventually.
3/28/2017 c13 1ShulkXMelia23
To be honest your story is not bad but you put in your summary that Harry finds out he is not from the fairy tale world implying that there is going to be interaction between his original world and the one he now calls home well here we are 13 chapters in and I feel like this is a fairy tale fanfiction with an oc that just so happens to have Harry's first name

Now again your story is not bad I just feel you are taking a long time for Harry to find out he is from a different world that being said I wish you luck
3/27/2017 c13 LoneWolfsRage
Yes now two more and we'll have a complete set. Gotta love dragon slayers
3/27/2017 c13 4jgkitarel
How they track scents? Yeah, let's go with that, since I don't recall the manga or anime explaining it. It explains how they can, but I also liken it to them having sensitive noses as well. Tracking the magic gives them more range, but they can track normally as well.

Dragon Slayers have draconic senses, save for one, as humans are better in that department, taste. Dragons are carnivores, and thus have a less sensitive palate than a human, as carnivores are not exactly choosy eaters. Omnivores and herbivores are, as many plants are toxic, and our taste buds are usually our first warning system if we don't know that its toxic already. We're not partial to strong tastes, especially bitter ones, for that reason.

Children have a more sensitive sense of taste, btw.

Now, this story isn't bad at all. You have a stride and a voice that's found. You expound in some places, not assuming we all know the details, which is good. Next chapter is going to be a gut punch for a couple of them, I take it, once they learn the truth about Cait Shelter.

I take it that you're going to use Arcnologia's attack on Tenroujima as the catalyst to send them to Earth? Well, makes as much sense as Fairy Sphere keeping them all in stasis for seven years.

Of course, Erza, Lucy, Gray, and the Dragon Slayers will notice they're on a different world pretty quickly. And I doubt that they'lll be happy about it. Hmm, wonder how Harry will be justified in being there. Who will he support?
3/27/2017 c13 1buterflypuss
good chap
3/27/2017 c13 3PersonaQeminod1
Wonder what going to happen next with some major changes here. Also like to sak where this stroy well go into too like is Harry going to be smarter when coming back or any way he in a marriage contract in his world?
3/27/2017 c13 Flame Wolfe
I really like this chapter keep up the good work!
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