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6/13 c14 lorelaigilmoreismyspiritanimal
i just found this story and i'm honestly not sure how that happened bc ive been searching for a good luke and lorelai story for a while now, and this story is amazing! i cant wait for the next chapter!

6/8 c14 13k2912p
OMG I'm so happy you're posting again! I really love this story and can't wait to see where it goes.
6/4 c14 sixteengrace1600
Thank you, thank you, thank you! You made my day, I am on my 3rd or 4th reading of it and am about to go back and reread the preceding chapters to savor it altogether. I am the oldest daughter of five children and not so rapturous over babies but you make them so glorious with Luke, I'd consider it ... well, with Luke anyway!
I am really looking forward to getting these crazy kids fixed and back together, thank you again for an interesting and thoughtful story.
6/4 c14 Nancy
Lorelai and Luke with their twin baby boys is a magical and beautiful picture! So sad that (at this time anyway) it is a mere fantasy. Luke and their future is ingrained in Lorelai's head and heart even in her subconscious. Then, the reality and her pain. Liz gets on Luke's case pretty good - good for her! The "but", "what if's" don't really matter in Luke's defense right now. He let it happen (for a good cause, He thinks!). Glad that Luke is preparing for his appointment with the lawyer, that April left a message for him, and that he left a message for Lorelai. Wonder when she will get it? Lorelai's hurts are very painful but do not seem lift threatening - GOOD! How is Luke going to find out about Lorelai being in the hospital? Thanks. More soon please. (please try for sooner than your usual)
6/4 c14 profdu
It's always a good day when there's an update on this story. And Liz did what I expected. I miss Billy...
6/4 c14 43DSLeo
You had me baffled and hoeful and then disappointed and hopeful. My heart! *clutches chest*
6/4 c14 KnightInShiningWhatever
Amazing chapter! Love how they’re finally getting somewhere and Luke finally stopped feeling sorry for himself and got his head out of his ass. Progress, we love to see it! I’m super excited to read the rest of it!

Your writing is great as always, thank you for the update! Can’t wait for the next chapter!
5/19 c9 disneygal18
I love the story. It's is well-written from the point of view of how the characters are presented and their interaction. I only wish that it had fewer grammatical issues and fewer unnecessary words (mostly adjectives)that just take someone out of the flow of the storyline. I think that a great beta would take your story from really good to great!
5/15 c13 profdu
His writing remains excellent. Looking forward to new chapters and hoping that Lorelai will be alright. Will Billy take care of her?
I hope Liz will alert Luke about how possessive Ana is.
5/15 c13 naughtybynature
Wow! A cliffhanger! I have been invested in this story, even before the rewrites. When I started re-reading again, I came to a suspicion about who Billy might be... and I can’t wait to see if I’m right. This chapter was fantastic! Lorelai’s realizations about how Luke might be feeling with adjusting to being a parent. Hopefully, Luke pulls his head outta his butt and sees that he’s on the verge of losing the best things that’s ever happened to him.
5/8 c13 KnightInShiningWhatever
Noooooo this cliffhanger! Also Anna is a terrible terrible terrible human being and I despise her, but I am curious to see how this situation will go and to see Liz’s reaction!

Another great chapter and your writing remains amazing! Can’t wait for the next chapter!
5/8 c13 Cindydaly
OMG! This was a great chapter! I hope Lorelai is ok, and that she will let someone be there for her.

And Anna! What a bitch she is.

It seems like Luke is finally getting a clue, but he really needs to stand up to Anna.

I really hope you continue this soon!
5/8 c13 Nancy
Very good chapter. Luke, finally coming to grips with the devastation that has become his life: horrible, horrible nightmares, immersing him body and soul into deep despair. Finally he truly understands the depth of demoralizing sadness that had overtaken Lorelai. Liz - a little wacky about TJ - are TJ and Liz over? Then Anna - what a witch; she has the ultimate jealousy ever about Lorelai! "Lorelai this," "Lorelai that!" (good for you April) But Lorelai, taking her walk - seeing the best view ever of Stars Hollow - seems to think that she just has to step back and wait for Luke, that she no longer deserves to give her input. That scares me because that WOULD NOT BE Lorelai. Treacherous return to the fabulous house that Emily says is "owned" by Luke and Lorelai - a wonderful, thoughtful gift, but will it ever be? I admire Lorelai's courage/determination to get back to the house, put Paul Anka inside, and then drive herself to John Skinner hospital! But, where is this hospital - in Stars Hollow, hopefully because then there is a big chance that Luke will know and can help her - can reassure her that he is truly, deeply committed to their relationship and their future together. I had hoped that Lorelai, from her perch on the bench, would be able to see Luke drive to "their" home and go inside and stay. But, that didn't happen. Glad that she was able to make the drive, because nobody would have found her (for a long time) on the trail. No idea how serious Lorelai's injuries are, but I hope for a full recovery. Thanks. More soon please. Where is / was Billy during this?
5/8 c13 Michelle
I’m so glat to see a new chapter of your great story! Update soon and Happy Mother’s Day!
5/7 c13 bbscotch08
ooh poor Lorelai! great chapter! happy mother's day to you!
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