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for Harry gets some common sense

11/1/2023 c11 Guest
You could have some animal eat her, or a fish. Maybe hedwig wants a snack. Or Hermione is squicked by bugs and crushes her.
11/1/2023 c1 Guest
My brother in Christ. You do not get a gun that easily in the UK. And, the boy wizard has an invisibility cloak. He can 100% sneak in and steal from one of tge few people or places allowed to keep one. A military base or something.
7/10/2023 c24 hunzbookwyrm
Interesting bits and pieces would love to see more
6/28/2022 c19 34Night Raydes
while having the app reading this, all the NF's are ridiculous. Just use 0oo00oo0 or something centralised.
6/28/2022 c12 Night Raydes
prefect, not perfect. Once or twice can be overlooked as typos, but it seems to be whenever you mention them. But otherwise, I'm enjoying these little chapters. Thanks.
10/5/2021 c5 Guest
This gutting Snape or dubaldoor field isn't common since its saying hay come and take the world valdy just slap since into severest and albess
6/28/2021 c15 Guest
Hermione was 12 by Halloween of her 1st year at Hogwarts; her birthday is in September (because she was not already 11-years-old *BEFORE* her 1st year at Hogwarts, Hermione had to wait almost an entire extra year before she could start.
11/7/2020 c10 Kai
Aaand enter conspiracy theories. About evil Headmasters and evil minion Weasels. But honestly, the mere presence of a 2.40 m eleven-year-old boy at non-magical King's Cross would've been a violation of the statute of secrecy. Hagrid NEVER entered platform 9 3/4 through the portal. And therefore could not know where the portal is nor, indeed, that there IS a hidden portal. Logic dictates that there is one, but with magicals... So Dumbledore KNEW that Hagrid COULD NOT tell Harry about the portal.
11/7/2020 c2 Kai
Well, in canon Harry did not get away. But why he never sued Lockhart over losing his bones still puzzles me after so many years. I'd expect a court to demand a real explanation why he, without any medical knowledge, felt capable of healing someone and then injuring him even worse. An explanation he obviously wouldn't be able to deliver, and some excusing mumbles wouldn't be enough to satisfy the court. Oh, the settlement would be opulent...
8/10/2020 c21 Ida
brilliant. absoloutely utterly brilliant!
7/29/2020 c8 Guest
"It's logic."
"What's logic."
I died.
7/28/2020 c15 Bronze
Ya, like that place is actually gonna change! Hermione doesn't realize it yet but as she's not a Pure-Blood inbred moron slowly breeding their magic away, she doesn't matter to the staff. Now if EVERY Muggle-Born and Half-Blood were to withdraw form Hogwash School of Inbred Morons there wouldn't BE a Hogwash anymore! There simply aren't enough Pure-Blood children to keep the place open. And thus Hogwash staff will guard that secret at all costs! Likewise the Economy of the Magical World of England would collapse if those same groups chose to attend school in some other country. Another aspect that the staff and the Pure-Bloods don't dare let those two groups know is just how dependent they are on them to refresh those same Pure-Blood lines with their blood. Pull those two groups out and the inbreeding will show up much sooner.
7/26/2020 c10 Bronze
You can't be that dense! Fumblemort sent Hagrid to show Harry around the magical as he wouldn't do a very good job of it. McGonagall has been doing it for many years and knows about the Potters. She would also be sure to show Harry how to got on the platform. That would allow Harry to avoid the Weasleys making a fuss on the muggle side. She also make sure Harry got the muggle-born packet instead of the Pure-blood one. She make sure he got a new trunk not a used one. She might even tell something about his status in thee magical world. All things Fumblemort seems not to want Harry to know.
7/9/2020 c8 MasterKogha
I sure hope those walking sticks aren't Corona sticks full of Covid 19.
7/9/2020 c6 MasterKogha
Would an 'electric' fence work like what dogs have?
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